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Aditi Loves Younger Men

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I will have to tell you this – I got married when I was 20 years old and like they always say my husband was just the opposite to my sluttish nature. He is very composed and extremely religious undersexed guy- his name was Ashok and was a simple clerk in an office. After marriage we shifted to the same place and were back to the same house again where I used to stay during my younger days. I was 30 years old at this point in time. I had a son through this marriage, my parents after my father’s retirement had moved over to Hyderabad and all was okay with them. My sister was now in the Gulf what with her husband having got a nice cozy job out there. I took a while after coming back to Kakinada to realize that the missing thing in life was not always far way but very near to you and we found it out – we moved to the house which had me in my life – a sex yearning slut. Our landlord and his family are very good and helpful as well. They also happy to see me again. Their eldest son was now back to home along with his family. His son Sunil was now a grown up man – 19 years old. I could not believe my eyes that he was so sexy looking and very attractive- masculine figure, nice biceps and of course nice aquiline features- he looked an Adonis. It was summer time and there was another boy with him – it took some time for me to find out that this guy was also 19 years old and was Sunil’s friend and his name was Venkat.

This guy Venkat came here for his education and stays with Sunil as a paying guest. I found them very close friend. Both friends were extremely talkative and made me look oldest and prudish while I would overhear their conversation. Dressed in traditional yellow cotton sari I looked very innocent and extremely down to earth and of course with a vermilion bindi on my forehead with a mangalsutra beaded necklace dangling in my neck- it was all nothing but erotic lust bundled well and waiting for chemistry to develop. I usually would go into the back yard – next to the ‘erstwhile cowshed’ and now’ bathroom’ area, which was well lit up during the day and would clean the vegetables, rice and of course wash my clothes. Most of the time the owners’ women inmates would join me but sometimes I also would get the company of the men – those who smoked. They would come and smoke just behind the toilet, create an ash ‘mess’ and go away. Sunil was a smoker and doing his B.Com and certainly along with his friend Venkat- they both together excited me a lot, what with a roll once in a fortnight which Ashok would provide me with – I had practically become a celibate. My old acquaintances were there – like Rajen and others but then he also was married now and would not like to take ‘chances’. My head would spin when the ‘good old’ days would reflect on me. Aaaah how it was those good old days. I had to do something about all this and found it difficult to get my mind and thoughts away from these two young guys. As if they were reading my mind, one day while they were smoking I heard them talk: – “Aditi kaki ke dekhte ki sundor, r ami sure je Aditi kaki randi der theke onek besi masti dite pare. (Aditi is extremely beautiful and I know that she will give pleasure, which even a paid whore cannot provide)”, said Sunil. I had just come with my clothes and obviously they were there before me and never heard me coming and I was all ears.

Venkat, “Haan, maal tar gotor dekhechi, ki bhora bhora, mai gulo ki boro boro r ki sundor. Magir pod ta ki darun re. Amar to sopno Aditi kaki ke choda”. (Yes she has such a nice and fleshy figure. Nice and big boobs she has. And her ass is also great. I dream to fuck Aditi kaki). “Then spread the net, let us fuck her. How do you know about her, ehh get me this pussy man, you know I am still a virgin and in my college there is my classmate Rupa sexy bitch, giving herself away to a guy in the classroom tables during the nights. I must release the frustration that she is not getting fucked by me, but tell me how do you know that this one will spread her legs?” Venkat was still a virgin though he was 19 years old. “Bugger, don’t tell anyone, Rajen and Bashir, the neighborhood uncles used to enjoy her when she was not married in the same place some years ago. Now see, she behaves like a celibate but in real life she is a bundle of sex”- Sunil seemed to have picked up lot of news around me. In a few minutes they came out of the smoking place and were surprised to see me. I gave him a stern look and continued with my job of washing my clothes. Sunil went tottering towards his house and could not see straight, all the while kept straining back trying to get a glimpse of my facial reaction. I was not keen to give away anything, least of all – any hope that they can get me. I decide to let them play around with the thought for a while, I wanted to have them both together and that too, ripe and juicy cocks. WOW! Was I sexy! They never knew that I too enjoyed every second of it. Only if they knew that they were to fuck a sex craved slut very soon and she in the past had a price tag on her cunt and ass and mouth. Today was a bright sunny morning, my husband left early for his work and my son had to go to my sister’s house. My sister was in town and she wanted to spend sometime with the toddler. My sister came at 11 am sharp to take him and kept imploring upon me to go with them but I incessantly made it clear to her that I was not well and would like to remain at home. After sometime I took my bath and wore a pink shalwar kameez dress that fitted tight over my nice figure. My boobs were prominently seen and nipples were clearly pointed out over the transparent dupatta and that invited every male’s attention.

I had applied dark, red lipstick making the lips really inviting for a deep hot kiss and I was wearing mangalsutra, a sign of marriage, that was resting right on my bust and moving as I would breathe. On purpose I had not tied the hair and they caressed my back and shoulders as I swayed the hips from side to side and that is when spotted both the guys looking at me through their window. I was outside in the front courtyard drying the hair and while I turned, could sense them looking at me, then I walked to the couch in the courtyard and then sat on it with my legs crossed. My kameez rode up and they could see my fleshy thighs over my salwar. I went inside the house of course after having given them ample time to see me complete and I was sure that they noticed one prominent ‘invite’ in my overall dress demeanor. I was not wearing any bra and panty and it was very clear, as both the kameez and the salwar were very tight and pretty transparent. I was on the charpoy and deliberately kept the door open – my worry was with the women in their house coming to know, other than that I had no other worry. Least was of my husband- in fact till date he did not even know that the child in hands was not from him, from his friend, anyway I felt extremely horny as I lay on the low charpoy. Sighing, I pushed the milk glass and the pornographic magazine, which I was reading away, when I saw both of them closing in on me. I had a faint smile cross my lips but quickly composed myself and blurted,” What do you want, no body is at home, go away”- trying to cover my near to naked bosom with the help of the useless dupatta. Both of them had come prepared, very courageous, they closed the door from inside and put the fingers on their lips at the same time asking me to keep quiet. And in no time Venkat was naked with his cock – succulent, straight and very virile around 6″ in length in that torrid state and brought it near to my mouth while I was still on the charpoy and half lying on my back. He had shifted his hands from my forehead and was now cupping my face while showing his prick in all its glory.

I felt frightened and at the same time could feel my cunt juices begin to flow. I uttered in a low voice coming out in gasps, “Please amake chere dao, kichu koro na amar sathe (Please don’t do anything to me, kindly leave me”). Venkat smiled at my predicament and started to rub the cock on my cheeks said ” We will leave you very soon, just take this in your hands”. They were well aware of the effect pricks had on me. They had the patience to cajole me into submission and enjoyment and I replied in a trembling voice, ” You will surely go away if I just take it in my hands”. Saying I extended my sexy long fingers with the wedding ring still prominent and quickly Venkat took my hand and made it hold his throbbing prick. Sunil was watching all this and quickly came from the other side holding his naked cock and suddenly asked me to open my mouth. I was already transfixed at holding this amazing cock of Venkat’s and did not expect this from Sunil who went on to say, “Amar bondhur dhon ta hate nie kemon lagche go? Ekhon amar dhon ta choso r or ta nie khela koro. Or dhon ta nie khelte to duto haat dorkar nei. Borong dui hath die amader duto dhon nie khelo. Aaaaah khanki magi, kotodin dhore tomar gud marar sopno dekhechi go Aditi kaki…” (How is my friend’s cock in your hand, anyway now suck my cock while you fondle his dick freely. You do not need to knead his prick with both hands, use the two hands on both our pricks, you slut, Aaaaaah how long I have been thirsting for your cunt Aditi kaki…) exulted Sunil. I went cold and seeing no response from me, Sunil took hold of his prick and rubbed my lips and cheeks with it. I opened my lips and he put his prick into my mouth.

When he saw me eagerly sucking the prick, Venkat removed my hand from the prick and brought it near to my face and asked me to suck his cock also at the same time. They had seen a blue movie the previous night where a Spanish girl had taken two cocks like that in her mouth. I was flabbergasted and stretched my mouth wider and was surprised that both the cocks nestled pretty comfortably in my mouth. I was filled with two 6 inches of stiff meat- live and kicking. They both also knew that I would love to get fucked by them. Slowly, I slid a fingertip into Venkat’s asshole as he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. He moaned and squirmed, grinding down into my mouth, his buttocks writhing and pumping. His dark cock slid in and out of my mouth alongside Sunil’s, that was not very active inside my mouth at this point of time, I began to finger-fuck his butt for a change, moving my fingertip in and out of his asshole. His cock sputtered pre-cum gunk into my mouth. I sucked it lovingly, my tongue moving greedily, wanting more. With a loud moan, he let himself go, gasping in relief as the fires poured out of his balls and cock. Sunil shot his gunk into my mouth. Venkat was still solid inside and the sperm spewed by Sunil mixed with my saliva was all over Venkat’s prick.

Venkat grabbed me by my neck and pushed his cock further in. “kemon lagche amar dhon ta, sona amar? (How do you find my cock- my love)” he asked. Later I understood that Venkat was actually from Dehradun where he had done his schooling. My response was to continue busy sucking him and only gurgled in response. He knew that I loved it when my hands started massaging his balls. He withdrew his prick and asked me to lick his balls, which I immediately started doing. Venkat now wanted to see me fully naked and told me “Tomar kapor kholo, ami tomar dudu dekhte chai (Remove your clothes- I have to see your boobs)”. I did not have to oblige, Sunil was waiting to do the rituals, he had a huge scissor in his hands and right in front of both of them, he cut my kameez from neck to waist in seconds and I was naked from the top. To drive the point hard, he made smithereens of the kameez. After that he took the scissor to my salwar and gave it the same treatment. I was totally nude and seeing my milky globes getting free, Venkat and sunil immediately latched onto them and sucked and bit vigorously. They both took each one for them. I screamed in pain as they were too rough kneading and biting my breasts. I had lost all my inhibition now and was very feverish, I was about to get real men fucking me after some 2 years and did not care a damn what this will result in – outside the house of course. I just lifted Venkat who was still very hard from my bosom and “Come on Venku, fuck me,” I muttered like a gutter whore. “Fuck my cunt, lover! Fuck me hard!” I called Venkat because he was stilll a virgin. Venkat’s cock was fiery, burning, throbbing. He moved between my legs on the charpoy, his cock-head at my dripping cunt-lips and paused. The heat of his cock made my cunt tingle. I pulled my cunt- lips open in wanton invitation, exposing the soft, wet bright flesh of my inner pussy. “Fuck me, lover,” I repeated. “Fuck me like a whore!” I knew that he did not know that I knew he was a ‘virgin’ and this excited me more than anything else, he was the first virgin dick in my life. I was going to enjoy him and he will never forget me, after all you never forget your first love and first fuck. Venku held his penis in one hand, pressed it to my cunt-lips and flexed his buttocks, my cunt-lips unfurled in a ruptured welcome and he gasped as my hot cavern enveloped his burning prick, my mouth tore open in a soundless gasp. Slowly, he pushed in further still. My cunt was hot, steaming, as tight as a vice. He drilled in steadily, going in to the hilt, burying himself in side of me. My feet rose, curling about his hips, my arms about his thick shoulders and I drew his mouth to mine in a deep, longing kiss.

He felt my cunt spasm on his shaft. My hips began to writhe under his, squirming against his buttocks. His cock tunneled in deeper and harder and faster. It was wonderful, hot and hard, throbbing, electric and searing inside my pussy internals and he swung his hips suddenly, moaning as my cunt spas made uncontrollably. I moaned and panted like a bitch in heat. “OHHHHh uhhh OHHHHh uhhh uhhh uhhhh uhhh … uhHHHHhuhhh … UHHHHHHH AHHHH uhhhh AHHHHHH!” I was crying loudly and only then I noticed a new kind of muffling device to keep me off from shouting, Sunil drove his prick into my open mouth again. “Huhhh-uhhhh-HUHhhhh-uhhh-HUHHHH-uhhhh-HEUHHhhh-uhhh … take it! Sunil started to whisper invading my mouth relentlessly with his cock. “Take my cock, bitch! Take my cock! Come on whore, come on come on come on! Chul, Maa ki lodi, maadar jaat raand, chul!” Venku kept shouting, drilling my cunt below- I was in seventh heaven, two studs much younger than me giving me a whale of sexy time. Venkat clasped my legs together and kept them straight pointing towards the ceiling as he grasped his prick and pushed it into my cunt again. He was a blue movie addict I was made to believe, and he used all those learning on me, in this position my cunt appeared to be tighter with legs clasped together and my cunt walls being fully stretched by his prick. My breasts were flapping near his mouth and he bit them at times to make me squeal in pain and desire as I was being fucked. He then moved the finger of his hand under the buttocks to insert it into my asshole as he fucked me faster up and down. I was squealing with desire as I felt myself about to cum and the feeling of an orgasm approaching with the pain of the finger fucking my asshole at the same time were too much for me. I came in waves of pleasure and pain and wailed loudly, VENKAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT FUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”, throwing Sunil to the floor with his cock in his hand. “OHHHH Venku Venku Venku UHHHHH Haan UHHHHH OH MA OH MA OHHH MA OHHHHHH uhhhhh … OHHHHHH … uhhhhh OHHHH uhhh OHHHHH … uhhhh OH ma uhhhhhAHH uhhhh AH-UHAH-UH-AH-UHAHHHHH!” I cried in joy. My breasts bounced up and down, the gold chain flipping wildly on my chest, the mangalsutra slithering this way and that on my body, slapping heavily against my lurching belly. His cock went in deeper and deeper with each thrust. At last he slowed to a long, skewering, rolling push, probing deep, moaning loudly. I whimpered, hoarse- voiced, knowing that he was far from done and was going to score a `triple century’ on `debut’.

We paused to change positions. I straddled him with my back to him, and he watched as I rode him again, his head flung back, my breasts in my hands, buttocks rising and falling faster and faster, his swollen cock appearing and disappearing between the lovely buttocks. During this while Sunil was holding his drooling prick far way from both of us. From time to time I reached to fondle his balls and he moaned in delight, bucking gently under me, making me gasp in pleasure, as I continued to squeeze my breasts in excitement. Leaning forward, I clapped my buttocks together rapidly, squeezing his penis inside of my cunt. Venku gasped in pleasure and joy. Up and down I went, cunt sliding along the length of his shaft, my buttocks bouncing off his thighs. My head was arched as my breasts jiggled and swiveled with the gold chain and mangalsutra flying this way and that. His great dark penis gleamed and glowed as it appeared and disappeared between the creamy curves of my opened buttocks. “Ohh uhhh OHhhhh uhhh OH uhhh OHH *hanh* uhh *hanh*!” I moaned feverishly. Venku’s teeth snared with lust as I exploded violently. I moaned and cried out, my voice muffled by the big gigantic cock of Sunil, who was suddenly standing on the charpoy holding the cock in my mouth. My cunt and mouth convulsed on both cocks, sucking them deep into my vortex and gullet. With a loud cry, Venku rammed into my cunt again and again and again making me for the last time take Sunil’s cock out of mouth and cry out loudly, what with my body jerking and snapping under him. With a loud moan, Venku slammed his hips into as his huge penis burst into my cunt-flesh again and again.

Suddenly, groaning, he jerked his penis out of my cunt and, masturbating vigorously, came hard. I thought he will come inside me but that was not to happen and was left to groan loudly as I felt the sharp sting of his hot cummm on my buttocks and thighs. Venku pulled my buttocks open and spattered some of his sperm on my anus also, leaving me totally messed up and dirty. He had his full of me, and later confided in me that he was masturbating for the last 10 days dreaming of me, I felt sorry for all the sperm he gave up at wrong places, I told him, the best place henceforth would be my three orifices. Sunil wanted to try out some fuck session and I was willing to let him have his turn but suddenly there was a knock- ” Aditi, Aditi”, that was Sunil’s aunt. I waited for a while and feigned asleep and slowly replied, ” Aah I am asleep- will come out soon’. Both the guys went off quietly from the back door

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