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  • desipapa
  • September 29, 2015

I am very handsome guy from HYDERABAD, the HI-TECH city of INDIA.i have a very good personality in my friendz.i was not a great fan of reading these stories till I came across an incident in my life which I could never forget.i am 23 now and 65kg in weight n 511″ in height,very fair in complexion n athletic by father is a leading businessman in hyderabad,we even had our office branches at pune,gwalior n also at beedar.our company is a well-known company in india. Now I am going to tell u a real story of mine which happened a a couple of years ago when I was in third yr of my Btech in shadan engg. College,a college near from hyderabad.I had a very good friend of mine who was with me from my inter was completed from Ratna Jr College ,Narayanguda of hyderabad.

My friend who was also a good looking guy just planned to join movies.he was a telugu guy.then there was a famous upcoming director who gave my friend a break n let him join the movies as a hero.Even I was asked by the director to join him but it was me who said no to him as wanted to complete my studies first.I have given my friend one lakh rupees for him to join the movies every one knew that at that time.NOW ITS THE TURN OF THE BUEATY TO ENTER N THE BEAST IN ME TO COME OUT.i am generally crazy about grlz.she was a sexy girl who was a daughter of a famous personality in the film industry. She was around 21. She was from bombay a student of B.C.A. in some college there. She was 56″. She was a beautiful young girl. She had very thick nred jucy pouting lips that suited her colour.she was very fair in complexion, and had very good soft and shining cheeks.

Her face was as good as her figure.. Her skin was quite fair and soft.she had good attractive figure like 36-26-36. She maintained a pair of well developed breasts. She used to wear modern n even traditional dresses. In the very first look I felt she was made for me n I missed the oppurtunity to act opposite to her in the movie.her breasts very meticulously n sheused to give a lift to her breasts with her bra, as her breasts looked quite bulging and protruding outwardly. Generally she was a very calm n sharp grl with big eyes looking at me when I was pretending as if I was not looking at her. I always have a habit of wearing googles so that I can look at grls n enjoy them without their notice n let them enjoy looking at me. When there was a photo cession she wore shirts of fine thin fabrics. So, her breasts always looked well shaped round and conical. She always took a lots of care 4 her breasts Undoubtedly as an actress she should do that. She was very much concerned about her look . She knew how to keep her breasts in such an attractive size and shape, and that is why she had maintained such a prolific pair of breasts. It seems even she had a bit knowledge of modelling too,the style of her walking was such that breasts bounced freely n her back also moved in the same rhythm. She used to make some deliberate actions as well as movements so that her shapely breasts swung and vibrated with rhythm.

Those made her all the more attractive and sexy she used to wear high heels and walk like she has been walking after taking the award of best actress.. She altogether looked very attractive, gorgeous, stunning, sexy and a proudfull girl.thats what I like I LOVE TO DEAL WITH PROUD GIRLZ. I JUST LOVE THEM. SO,now stars the real exitement .after a few weeks we were in such a position that we both used to crack jokes n laugh n sometimes I even used to touch her breasts by mistake.One day we all friendz along with her decided to go on a drive as she was new to the city.i had to get my car 4 that.there were 5 of us including her.she said she would sit in the co driver seat beside me,as I was driving my car.i remember one thing which the director had told me tht t “the heroin would not do any lip to lpi kiss scene in the movie.” That was the point where me n my friendz had the betting. I said I would do that to her.when I was driving the car on the way to “THE SECRET LAKE” a very good place near hi-tech towers at madhapur.My hand and fingers touched her thighs when I was changhing the gears.she was in salwar suit . It was my deliberate action just to find her reactions. Oh, her thighs were hot and soft. She did not react to that.i again did the same thing. Finding no protest from her part I rested my hand upon her thighs . I rested it there for few minutes. I was feeling the heat of her smooth thighs on my hand.

While I found that she did not object to it at all, I slowly started caressing her thighs here and there with my fingers under her chunri. Still she remained unmoved and calm. I continued to do so. I observed that she was feeling some sort of stimulation over that region of her thighs. I further moved my fingers towards her crotch. MMMM .then she suddenly increased the volume of the cd system in the car. Then with pretext of closing the window glasses I deliberately touched her breasts with my arm and elbow.she just sighed in her suppressed eyes.but she did not say anything nor moved away even a little bit. I touched her breasts many times in that way. Seeing no resistance from her, I slowly rubbed her breasts placing my elbow on them. She again sighed “….sshhh….uuuuffff….” and looked into my eyes. She gave a suppressed smile. I got the signal from her that she definitely enjoyed it. Then I got out of the car saying I had some problem in my leg n then asked my friend to ride the car .she felt very bad I was able to see the anger in her eyes. For some days even I did not go to the sets I was dying to see her but it was the bett which I need to win so I controlld my self a lot n after a few days I was on the sets she was surprised to c me there n ran to me n said”glad to see u today u r my guest for dinner at my home” I felt very happy about that I thought it was the final day of my bett.i dressed well n went there to her house.for my amazenent I was schoked to see her dad,mom,n her sis waiting eagerly 4 me to come.i thought my plan is completely spoil today.

Then I noticed that they all wrer about to leave to a party 4 which the heroine was not readyto go.her father asked me to say a word to her so that she will go with them ,then I said “if she is not intrested we should not force her she might be tired of her work.” She added s to my wordz n then the dad,mom,n sis left away. We had our supper… we were just lazing around…she offered me a Drink… i immediately said no to her.then she made the first move…. she came and sat very close to me.. I could get the whiff of her Deo which she was wearing and abruptly she came in and kissed me and then it all started… we were kissing vigorously….and I thought it was my win on the bett. Then I thought it was enough but I was not able to control my self n her too. I was just kissing her hard n hard then she suddenly she pushed me a side n slapped me hard .i was shocked by that.then I was in full anger of mine n just started doing wild actions . I pushed her against the wall, her face towards it and told her to raise her hands and hold them with my hand very thigtly. Placing my hand on her belly, I slowly started sliding it up to her tits. She was whimpering, pleading…n was intrested too. Then I unzipped her dress till the top of hter hips her belly with my palm I felt the underside of her tits and scratched her there. She squealed…”eeeooooooooo” I slapped her on her ass..hard. I cupped her left tit with my hand, kneading it, pressing it, the soft flesh under my palm, my fingers circling her nipples, she cried out “uuunnnnnnhhhhh”, “aannnnnhhhh”. Was she liking it?? I lifted my hands and dipped inside her bra n grabbed a nipple between my fingers. She suddenly started struggling, twisting around, groaning…”uuunnggggh”. I almost lost control but I had her nipple in my hand so I pinched really hard…. and she screamed….”aaaaaeeeeeeeeeee”, so I pinched again, harder. I pushed her back against the wall again, got behind her back and pressed my dick in the crack of her ass, dry fucking her through her dress.

I started kissing her wildly n reached to her cunt then the real game started now she too was in mood n tried to co-operate me but I was a fool who was not able to know then she tried to pull her chunri which was under my boot n then fell at the back n was hurt on the head now she came to me n massaged on my injured place n cried out wher I hugged her n even I shud tears n was guilty 4 what I have done to I was lying on the ground n hugged her tightly then she started kissing me geltly she wanted me to make love to her so then I started kissing her her allover her body n opened her bra n started playing with her boobs.n even removed her salwar n now she was only with bra n panty before me n I started recolleting all the audult movies I have seen till now n started kissing her from her legs n took it to her lips n opened her bra n then started pressing they were really warm n very hard as I was the first to press them..i did not even imagine that my frst xperience would b with such a beautiful n a future heroine.she always liked red she wore a red bra n a red panty even in the sets she liked to have all the things of her to b red she started the game she removed my pant n my underwear too n started playing with my dick which was fully straight n was of 8 inches.she 2 was I removed her panty n started rolling my fingers on them as I wont like licking them or letting any grl lickmine . now she started moaning hard aaaaaaahhhhhhhahhhhhhaaahhhhhh…………

Now I asked her to spread her legs n then kept my dick on ther pussy n now she was out of control n asked me to do it.then I opened her pussy n pushed my dick inside and pushed hard then she shouted louder in pain as this was her first sexual encounter n mine too. I told her this would help her as she would have to do all this with the directors n the producers in the industry .. as her pussy was very tight I was feeling difficulty in doing .then after some time she started ciming n me to did the same.then we still had sex for some more time then I felt that she completely bleeded n then she started crying n said u have spoiled my virginality.but she was happy that she enjoyed itt. We started cleaning the room n made it as it was n then after kissing her a lot we left from there n went to my friendz house who were waiting for me n then at the gate I pulled her out of the car n kissed her lip 2 lip as I wanted to prove it to my friendz that I have won the bett.then she left back home n till that time I did not even meet her anywhere.when one day suddenly she came bfore me at the hundred day function of her movie.


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