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Accident Become Incident

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hi readers and this is Mithun of course not real name. This is my first ever try to write a story as am a lazy fella still I managed to write as the incident made me do so, I want my co-readers to enjoy the minutes of mighty experience that I had since this is my first time writing I want to keep it short and crisp based on the responses to my email will elaborate my very immediate incident. Let’s get to the story.

I am a basket ball player 6 feet whitish with athletic body and am 25 years old young working in an IT firm in Chennai. Last week while I was playing, a god damn opponent smashed at my back with his elbow and I splashed on the floor causing ligament injury in my elbow ended up doing a surgery. I was admitted in one of the famous hospitals in Chennai at around 6 pm normally in the inpatient ward a specific nurse will be allotted to the patient in private room who will take care of the complete medications, tests, etc.

There was one attended allowed to stay and the visiting hours are between 5 to 6 pm on day one, one of my friend decided to stay with me the whole night as it was a Friday after the doctor has visited me and left, there was a nurse allotted to me who comes in night shift. Since she had to examine me and run some tests, she sends the attended outside the room.

Her name is Shalini oooh man, she was 5’6 with a fair complexion keralate her nurse dress was fitting so close to her curves and her attributes will definitely be 32 28 34. Just by seeing her I got hard on and it was terrible to control as I was wearing the hospital dress alone with nothing inside to protect the bulge. She came close to me and with a smile and said that she want to check BP it nuts be definitely high after seeing her.

I gave my left hand and the right one was injured. She tied the instrument around my biceps and was pumping the balloon to measure the BP while my fingers were touching her thighs due to this I got hornier and guess she noticed it this time as I felt the sudden reflex from her and she just walked away with a naughty smile in her face. I kept seeing her ass moving so sexily while she exits the door.

I quickly went inside the rest room and jerked off the load within 5 minutes came back and started talking to my friend ever second I was expecting her to come again to visit me. It was late night then, she came again, I noticed that my friend fell asleep. She came closer to me and asked if everything is okay. I purposely told that my elbow is paining and got fever too. She touched my forehead omg, her hot hand started spreading the sex vibes in me.

She then took my right hand and said things will be fine. She kept a thermometer in my mouth while doing so I happen to lick her thumb a little for which she reacted by not taking the hand out as she was standing so close to me in keeping the thermometer, I was able to grab her perfectly shaped ass in one hand and I heard a moan out of her mouth. I was in heaven as it was my first time touching someone like that.

She slowly took the hand from my mouth and caressed all my body till my dick and got shocked as it was already dancing in 90 deg. She murmured saying it’s her first time and she want to do things when no one is around and saying that she just planted a kiss in my head and pinched my dick and ran out of the room. I ended up rushing to the rest room again and unloaded thinking of her soft hands, ass and the bare legs that I was able to see when she was standing near me.

The next day my surgery was over and my mom was staying with me that night at around 11.00 pm she got a call that her uncle is in serious condition and may die at any moment, hence she rushed to their place. Before that she called the nurse my sweet angel and explained the situation and asked to take care of me. My dear Shalini came at 12.00. I was worried that I can’t move my right hand due to surgery. She was not wearing.

The first two buttons of their nurse dress which revealed her yellowish cleavage as she did not wear her shoes and that revealed her bare toes till knee. She locked the door from inside and came close to me. She whispered in my ears that “I am a virgin and I was to lose my virginity today at any cost and today I am totally yours” saying that she licked my ears. I was in 7th heaven and my little master is already a monster now. She slowly removed her nurse dress leaving.

A tight pink transparent petty coat through which I can see the back bra and panties and it tempted me too much; I still waited to see the complete show as I know that this is not the end. She then removed the petticoat as well revealing just the bra and panties and her bare thighs were so soft, and shiny and I already started caressing them slowly. She made me naked as it was just a simple task of taking my hospital dress away.

She took my 7 inches rock and asked “am holding such a thing for the first time, will the size be common in all men? So innocently. I said it depends on how they grow it. Later she asked me what to do. I said I need lubrication and wanted her to suck the monster. Though it was the first time she did it splendidly wonderful as I felt like fucking someone as I was seeing her tits jumping up and down while she was sucking, I could not resist touching and squeezing the melons with the bra.

It was so very soft and she started moaning slowly ahhh uhhhgh while I was pinching it. I reached climax in 10 min and loaded her mouth full of cum. She said it tastes like salt barley water and drank it completely. My body was so tired but not my mental lust which want to see her completely naked. I slowly removed her bra and started sucking her erected nipples as I was lying on the bed and she was standing, I sucked like a baby drinking milk and was squeezing her right breast with my left hand.

I sucked and squeeze for almost 15 min post with planted a kiss in her beautiful lips which tasted just like water melon. I tasted it for nearly 15 minutes while I was pressing her boobs with just one hand and this 20 minutes was more than enough for me to get another hard on. I wanted her to go 69 so that she started licking my dick again while I was removing her panty and started smelling her cunt. Omg! The smell was so romantic and the vagina was completely shaven and the moment.

I touch its lips with mine she moaned loudly as this is the first time ever someone touches her private part. I slowly started licking her vaginal walls and for every lick she moaned aahhhh oooohhh uuhhhhh as if am fucking her. I fetched my tongue completely inside her pussy and moved in and out and saw a small jerk in her body and assumed that she is ready for orgy. The moment I put my finger and pushed a bit I sensed the tightness of her cunt and she broke a loud moan and started unloading her orgasm full of my face.

It was tasting heavenly and I licked and sucked with my lips all over her ass and vaginal part and completed drinking her juice while at the same time she kept sucking my monster and I sensed that it is ready for next cum. I asked if I can load it in her mouth and she is very ready for the same as she liked that taste. I unloaded lot amount of my cum again in her mouth and she finished drinking it.

I was so tired and was lying down, meanwhile she started kissing me from top to bottom and fro bottom to top then she when she reached my ears she said that she want to feel me inside her. I wanted her help in making my monster strong again. She licked him swallowed and sucked him again for 2 min which was more than enough for him to get hard on again. This time I first finger fucked her. She came on top of me and then slowly inserted my tool inside.

She cried heavily and I never resisted and with 2 hard pushes I tare her clitoral wall and started pumping inside her vagina with full of blood and her juices, she was literally moaning and screaming aahhh ohhhh Vaiya aahhhhhh for nearly 10 min post which I ejaculated completed inside her again. We both were tired and slept naked in the same position for an hour then she cleaned herself and me and went out.

While she was leaving in the morning, she thanked me with full happiness in her heart and face and said we will meet tonight but that night and the night next to it I was attendees with me so I could not’ make it out expecting her call any time now to enjoy similar fucking sessions outside hospital. Kindly share your comments via email to post which I will share another instance that happened the next day.

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