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  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I am an engineer with an MBA post graduation, born and brought up in Bangalore,  but my parents who had retired, left for Kerala when I found employment in 1992, and our first floor was redone and rented out. I never saw the occupants for over six months, as I was up early for my daily exercise went for work and usually returned home late, but my old maid who also worked upstairs, used to talk about frequent quarrels between husband and wife and their in-law, whenever they came visiting. One day my dog Cesar, chased a cat up the stairs and the clumsy fellow, fell of the parapet and broke his leg. I was called up at office by my maid and rushed home to find my dog howling away but consoled by a beautiful girl.

Even in that state of distress I could not help notice her features, she was small, maybe 5feet and 3 inches, compared to my 6 feet plus, slender and her beautiful hair was knotted into a pony tail and my guess is that she could not have been over 22 years of age. She said, “Hi, I’m Divya, your tenant up stairs, I usually play with Cesar, look at what the naughty fellow has done today” “Hi, I’m Abby; it’s a pleasure meeting you” I introduced myself and added, “this dog gets into all kinds of problems every day, I guess I have to stop him from watching superman on TV”. She laughed away, and believe me even her voice was seductive. We did not talk much. I called an auto and took Cesar to the vet who plastered his leg and I brought him back. She was waiting for us, and came running to meet us and I could not help staring at her heaving breasts that had a mind of their own and she blushed at my undiluted appreciation. I looked at her more closely now that the crisis was over, she was really beautiful, sparking white teeth, red lips and dreamy eyes; her loose shirt looked as if it was fighting a losing battle to properly cover her prominent and pointed oversized breasts and her shirt tapered into her small waist to flare out again into beautifully rounded hips. She had trousers on, which covered her voluptuously curved thighs, and her smooth legs flowing into small dainty feet, made me horny and I wished she belonged to me rather that some body else. She came and fondled Cesar in my hand and her fruity perfume and her proximity made me giddy with desire and for a moment I wished it was my leg that was fractured. It took me great efforts to act normal. I gathered that she was a graduate in computer science from the US and her husband was similarly qualified but from India and employed at a famous IT company in Bangalore.

She told me her dream was a Ph. D, but this arranged marriage had closed all her doors. I told her my family details and my ability to make fun and humor had her rolling in laugher in no time. We became good friends and both of us made attempts to see and talk to each other at least once a day. Over the days, she confided in me that she was not happy being married as her husband was never available and snapped at her always for no apparent reason and she had strong reasons to believe that he was seeing somebody else. She openly admitted that she preferred my company to that of her husband, who acted like a zombie once he got home, only to react in shouting and throwing things around. Thinking this as a cue to get close, I tried several times to get physically close to her and I also could see the naked desire in her eyes, but she always playfully pushed me away or just stopped me. It was very frustrating and finally I gave up and just enjoyed her in my dreams, but I could not avoid the constant erection, whenever I met her. She frequently touched me and complemented me on my excellent physique and I did not lose an opportunity to praise her beauty and vital statistics that always brought out the blushes and her eyes always twinkled in pleasure. One day early in the morning I heard screams and sound of furniture being thrown around and I came out just in time to see her husband getting into a car and driving away.

I ran upstairs but she refused to face me and asked me to leave her alone. I went to office and in the evening returned early unable to hold my curiosity and was told by my maid that Divya had not eaten anything the whole day. I went upstairs and walked into the open house and confronted her like a professor in her bedroom, “These things happen you know, it’s alright, forgive and forget” She replied sarcastically, “really, what things?” I said, “Marital fights” She replied, “Abby, we are incompatible; our interests are also as diverse as day and night and I have no intentions to be a slave, I’m leaving” I enquired “what?” She replied, “Never mind, I don’t want to discuss this further, but I have decided to divorce him and go back to the US and that bastard has finally agreed to do so for cash, can you believe it, I was only his servant all these days.” She continued, “I have decided on something that I should have done long back” and so saying she lunged at me and literally wrapped her legs around my crouch that pushed me down on to her bed. She bit into my collar and rubbed her pubic mound on my crouch in a rhythmic but expert manner and her soft mound slipping on and off my bulge, was excruciatingly pleasant. I grabbed her in a bear hug that flattened her pointing breasts and I could feel her hard nipples grinding into my chest and she gasped in pleasure. She lifted her tiny head and moaned loudly and whispered hoarsely, “take me you giant, tear me apart, I want to dissolve in you. Please, Abby don’t agonize me any further, just make love to Me.” and fastened her soft dewy lips on mine. Her saliva was flowing into my mouth like an open faucet and our tongues were twisted into each other like the frenzied mating of a cobra. I turned to the side and broke the long kiss and with saliva dripping all over, moved my mouth to the nape of her neck.

She turned her head and licked my ears in a long drawn out motion and I almost ejaculated with the sensation, as a shiver escaped me and went down my spine. She then bit my ear hard and I gasped with pain. She ripped my shirt off and got over me and started kissing my body with an animal vigor and I had trouble holding on to her as she massaged her smooth and soft body all over me. She then held my hands and gently placed them at my sides and I sensed rather than heard her to lie down quietly onto the bed. She clambered over me and started kissing me and biting me alternatively all over, concentrating hard on my nipples. I was totally engrossed in the proceedings and watched her like a zombie and realized that she was having sex after a very long time. With her saliva all over my body drying, I shuddered again involuntarily and she gave me a wicked smile and yanked my belt clasp off and zipped me down. My manhood had pushed my underwear into a grotesque shape and she stroked me gently, tracing a finger around my bulge. I groaned and moved involuntarily and she again motioned me to lie down quietly. I lay down impatiently and watched her in total fascination. She kissed the wet portion of my underwear which was drenched at the tip with my pre-cum and slowly as if performing a ritual, pulled my jocks off in a sensual motion. My thick penis reared up like a snake disturbed, smacked her face and stood out in full view, the veins around it distended and the pink tip slightly exposed with drops of viscous pre-cum oozing out. I could see her look of disbelief as she looked at my long and thick manhood and she smiled in appreciation and wrapped one of her hand around it, hardly covering it; she then used both her hands to pull it towards her mouth and the dripping viscous pre-cum lubricated and slipped her hands off my penis.

She exclaimed, “What a beauty, it is sooo big, strong willed, thick and angry!” “Please don’t hurt me, you ugly big fat bully” she said and kissed the tip. Ohhh, her warm breath itself was too much for me and as she nibbled and then struggled to encompass the head of my member in her tiny mouth, without warning I detonated, one after the other as her tiny teeth raked my member. Surprised she moved her head off and I continued to spray all over her face and neck. Semen was everywhere and dripping off her chin. With a broad grin, she put her tongue out and licked the fluid that had leaked out and then systematically started licking in all that was sprayed on me, while massaging my testis sack. There was no difference to my hard on. It was as if the whole episode was a trailer for things to come… She took my distended member into her hands lovingly and exclaimed, “oh, you are so rough and tough with all your muscles but you skin here is so soft, like silk and so saying she rubbed my penis lovingly all over her face and rolled each of my testis in her mouth and then stuck her tongue out a little and started rubbing it hard on the exposed red tip of my penis and rubbing hard on the small slit on my penis, ohhh the sensation was exquisite, but finally she settled down and with her tongue she tried to push my foreskin back. She then opened her mouth wide and took me in again, this time she kept the whole of her tongue on the underside of my penis and in a slow waltz, moved deeper and swallowed more and more of me with each stroke, while she massaged my seed sack.

She started bobbing her head faster and faster and her copious saliva was making a puddle at the base of my dick, and I could feel myself going deep into her throat and her deep suction that had hollowed her cheeks, made highly erotic noises, and the ensuring sensations of pure pleasure almost made me lose control again. I could not keep myself quite anymore and moved my trembling hands to her silken hair knot, loosened it and started stroking her head, cajoling her to go on, while thrusting my hips into her waiting mouth. She gasped for air, lifted her head and told me, “Darling, I have never seen or eaten anything big like this. It is beautiful, you are so tasty and I can go on for ever. Today I am the luckiest girl alive, and I cannot wait to have this monster between my legs” I placed my hands on her blouse, over her twin heaving breasts and their size was such that I could only hold about half of them in my palms; I massaged them and then opened button after button impatiently to reveal a lacy white bra, socked in sweat and I could see the outlines of her nipples surrounded by a darker areola, trying hard to attain freedom. I slipped the bra straps from her thin shoulders and the twin beauties, swung apart and down and her one inch long and hard nipples caressed my stomach. I pulled her small body up roughly, by holding her soft arse cheeks and digging my fingers deep into her butt and feasted my mouth on her long nipples, oh it was heavenly, her rock hard nipples and her soft mammary were covering my face and suffocating me in pleasure and I sucked and feasted on them like candy. She pleaded, “Gently darling, your rough hands and lips are killing me with pleasure”. I continued to massage her breasts slowly and while biting lightly on her nipples moved my hands all over her body, sliding both my hands full length across her waist to finally reach her trousers. I pushed her down on the mattress and removed her trouser buttons and yanked it down and she opened her legs in anticipation. Her thin and transparent panties were completely drenched in her juices and the fabric had totally gone into her crack, exposing her curly black nest and the pink and purple pouting cunt lips. I pushed my face into her humid mound and with my tongue, split her like a ripe fruit. She screamed and locked my head between her legs, as she climaxed suddenly and involuntarily tried to push me off but I continued sucking and licking deep into her cunt with renewed vigor. After some time, whimpering and pushing her hips into my face, she slowly released the pressure of her legs and taking this opportunity, I pulled her panties down to her knees, without lifting my head. It was a beautiful cunt, pouting out of her curly pubic hairs and pushing out; firm on the sides and her clitoris was partly visible, covered in soft folds of skin. I dipped my tongue again deep into her cunt and gently licked her stiff and lengthy clitoris in a circular motion and each time I sucked on it she moaned as if I was already pumping into her and she lifted her hips and pushed my head into her cunt to rub my face harder on her cunt. With a loud aaahhh, she exploded again and deluged my face with her come as she painfully raked my head with her long nails. I kept on going and she came again and again. My face and hair was covered in her come and the whole room reeked with the smell of raw sex.

I heard her whimpering and moved my body up and enquired, “Darling, did I hurt you?” With tears streaming down her face she replied, “Oh, Abby, please stop, I can’t take it any more, it’s too much for me, you stud, I have never experienced anything like this in my whole life” She hugged me and slipped her tongue into my mouth, and rubbed her moist crack and pubic mound on my exposed penis and stomach and sliding up and down, the lubrication of her cunt soon made my penis to slide lengthwise into her crack and she whispered hoarsely, “why did you stop, I want you inside me, I don’t care if you tear me apart with your monster, but I want to feel you inside now, please, please go on. This was what I guess I was waiting for all these days and I moved my wet penis between her legs and positioned it gently at the gate of ultimate pleasure. In anticipation she opened her legs wider and I gave a gentle push. I had hardly moved in but she gasped. She said, “Go on darling, I can handle it, its just that you feel so big and full” Hearing this reassurance. I held my dick and moved it around in her crack, to make my fully distended mushroom head moist and my ministrations on her clitoris and inner folds of her flesh made her shudder and she climaxed again. Her copious offerings and my pre-come had made my dick very slippery and ready for the plunge, but my steel like member was not flexible and was curved upwards and I had difficulty in maintaining my position at her cunt opening. I then adjusted my hips, folded her legs back further and repositioned my penis for the final plunge. I looked down and that is a sight that is still etched in my mind never to be erased. My huge dick and her fully exposed and vulnerable cunt looked completely mismatched and but somehow the whole situation had made me an unreasonable man.

This was a trip of no return for both of us! I only wanted our love making to be as pleasurable as possible to her as it was for me. I placed my penis at her crack again and slowly pushed up till I reached her entrance and her cunt lips parted wide and wrapped around me to give me unrestrained access and I noticed that her long clitoris was touching my thick veins. I pushed again, she winced, and I went in a little deeper and my mushroom head was inside; I then started to rock my body rhythmically back and forth, not going any further, but loosening her cunt muscles and she clasped her hands around me and her nails tore into me and she bit my lips hard, just with me an inch inside. It was body over mind for a change and I pulled and held her frail arms down on the bed and her fingers clenched into mine. I looked into her eyes and she signaled me to go on and I pushed harder and deeper into her cavity with each thrust, and my shaft slowly sank deeper and deeper into her with each thrust and then suddenly I felt my foreskin ripping back as I plunged into the depths of her cunt and I was buried up to the hilt inside her. She screamed in pain or pleasure, I don’t know, raked her fingernails into my hands and tried to throw me off, but my superior strength held her down and I used my entire body to hold her down but I could feel the vice like grip of her cunt muscles holding me in, as if telling me not to leave. I paused in this position for some time. After an eternity, she relaxed her pressure of her hands, sanity returned to her face and she lifted her head and kissed me full on the mouth and pushed more of her saliva into my mouth. I looked down at her heaving bosom and pulled hard at her nipples as she moaned away in ecstasy. Slowly, I pushed in and out a little and her face displayed her satisfaction of me being inside, thoroughly enjoying the copulation to the max, and I systematically accelerated my pounding into her soft and open cunt; Soon she was thrashing and screaming and tore the bed sheets off the mattress.

I continued jacking into her in the rhythm of creation and by now her cunt was soaping with her juices and my pre-cum. With a regular squishing noise of raw flesh sliding against each other, I thudded in and out of her in ferocity and ease, I felt as if I was plowing into velvet. I was now moving fast and in very long strokes that actually pulled my penis completely out of her cunt but I rammed in with high precision and accuracy and her whole body shook violently with my impact and I thudded up to the hilt and I could feel her pelvic bone. She was crying and screaming, unable to cope with the sheer magnitude of the pleasure that we had mutually induced and I knew that this was a fuck of a lifetime for both of us. Her beautiful and fully rounded breasts were swinging to gay abandon and I pulled on the hard nipples one after the other, biting her and licking her wherever my lips could go, both of us caught up in a frenzy of lust. I felt her reaching orgasm not once but many times but I just went on. Both of us were covered in sweat and I was finding it difficult to hold on, but after a sweet eternity I felt a volcano building inside me, and I moved my hands below her body and held on to her shoulders and with each thrust pushed my prick in all directions faster and faster and finally with a loud groan and a heave that lifted her whole body up, I plunged my member to the hilt and our wet and messy pubic hairs were entangled in each other. My feet felt rubbery as I released my payload deep inside her and my twitching member triggered her orgasm once again. I came in a long drawn out groan and the vacant look in her eyes and her mouth formed in an “O” without any sound coming out for a change, told me that she too was in the midst of the mother of all orgasms. I collapsed on her and pulled her over me, still impaled deep inside her and after some time she lifted her head and stroked my head and kissed my face all over, complementing on a job well done. A few minutes later, I rolled her to one side and my semi-erect member slipped out and we touched and examined both our private parts that come only out of the familiarity of sex. She bent down, kissed my half erect dick and said, “Thanks for showing what real sex is all about”.

She then turned to me and said, “You are what every woman craves for, but seldom experiences. I am the happiest person today for taking a decision to make love to you, I can finally say that yes, I have enjoyed life”. She giggled and added, “I now know why women prefer tall dark handsome men; it is an hidden agenda to snare this monster”, and so saying she stroked my penis. She than started weeping in joy for the sex or whether it was from her day’s tension being released, I do not know but I just held her in my arms and rocked her for a long time. I massaged her temples, her face and slowly ended up massaging her soaping cunt with open palms and smiling she kissed me and said, “Darling, do you know the meaning of stop”? I don’t know what it is about her, but my member hardened again and she giggled, “My, my, Abby you are one insatiable hunk, but I also ache for you”, so saying she squeezed my penis and then proceeded to stroke me up and down. I didn’t retort, just held her by her shapely waist and turned her over, and pulled her arse back and found her cunt was wide open and still leaking fluids. I entered her cunt lips, in one motion, and I went into her like a hot knife slicing butter and she gasped in pleasure. This time, things were different; she was more passive as if offering me everything she had. I slipped my legs off the bed and holding her by her small waist, lifted her hips off the bed and started jacking in and out. She was hanging out in front of me, more in the air than on the bed, supported by her palms and the sight of her wildly jingling breasts and the noisy squashing of her soft arse coupled with her sharp moans quickly brought me to the brink of explosion, but I tiring fast and dropped her gently on her knees and started plugging into her in long drawn strokes, that pulled my penis right up to the entrance of her cunt and then pushing in full length, I squeezed and massaged her soft arse and watched my big member being swallowed by her cunt in fascination.

Soon I found her pushing back into me for each of my thrust and we fell into a wonderful rhythm of love, but I found her clenching her fists and anticipating her climax held her waist and drove in faster and both of us came together as we collapsed in sheer exhaustion. We did it one more time that night and then thankfully dropped off to sleep late into the night. An early riser, I got up early and watched this diminutive and shapely creature sleeping by my side and I realized that I had another hard on. Stroking her big and firm breasts gently, I felt her nipples getting hard and I slipped smoothly into her cunt again. Later, while she prepared breakfast with nothing but my oversized shirt on, I sneaked up to her and took her standing, made love on the kitchen ledge, kneading her wonderful breasts, and in all we did it thrice before we broke up that morning. We fucked in all possible position and places almost every day for the next six months and she ensured that we made up for any lost days also, but good times are meant to end and she left for her masters and Ph. D studies in the US. She mails me often and reminds me of our good times together. She’s still unmarried, has a lot of boyfriends, but misses me and our escapades most. I am married now, but we are just two individuals, living together and I genuinely miss the times we had and I hope to find someone like her, to share pure lust and nothing more. I can be reached at

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