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Ab Aai Ga Mazza

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Saleha is my friend . Like I need to describe her, but for the record, she’ s about 5’4″, gori chetee (as am I, of course), long black hair, and dark large eyes. Cute. My name is hussain and i am from multan called as a city of saints…

I never really understood that she thought me cute as well, until one day when we were home alone playing Scrabble. I mean, for 10 points, I’ll put down any word. ‘Sex’ just happened to fit my collection of letters, and when I put it down on the board, Saleha giggled.

“Hey, you’re not supposed to know that word. Or anything about it.” She complimented the comment with a friendly wink. She was 1 years older than me, she was 20.

I was taken aback, and very likely blushed. “Well. I um … ” Lost for words.

“I’m only teasing you, I’m sure you must have girls all over you.”(tumhara aga pechay larkiyan larkiyan ghumteee hain). She flicked a stray strand of hair out of her eyes. “Oh, c’mon, saleha, you know that’s not true.” (yeah tum kiya kah rahee hooo)
“Ah well. My turn.” she giggled, and put down some tiles.
‘Fuck’. That was the word she placed. On a triple word score even. How she had the letters is a little something I can thank Lady Luck for. She grinned at me style, and I nearly died. I was keeping score, but had great difficulty adding up the letters’ points.

“Hey, c’mon saleha. No swearing,” I pleaded. I was becoming warm and fuzzy inside. Saleha just giggled, and licked her lips. “What’s the matter hussain? Can’t play the game?”

I winced, as my hard on grew, and marked down her score. I swallowed, and started to put down more letters, when she interrupted me.
“So. Do you?”
I blanched. “Do I what?”
Saleha smiled. “Do you have girls all over you? You should you know. You’re cute.”
I shifted on the carpet, down onto my stomach. The friction of the carpet against my boxers was nice. “Saleha .. ”
“Well, you are,” she replied smoothly, “In fact, if you were in any of my classes, I’d go for you big time.”
I blinked. Where was this going?

“And if you don’t stop rubbing yourself against the floor, I’ll be forced to take over in place of the poor carpet.” She grinned again, but the wickedness in her smile was impossible to miss.

I said one word. “saleha?”
She said two. “Yes, cutie?”
“Um. Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?” In a moment of bravery, I amended that. ” .. I hope you’re thinking?”

She tore off her T-shirt, leaving only her bra and boxers on; she was in her PJs to start with. “I think so, silly.”

I shook my head in amazement, and crawled over to her side of the board. “Well, you’re cute too.” It was all I could think of saying. “C’mon, hussain, kiss me.” Saleha was breathing rather heavily by now. I knew why, and wasted no time in sealing her lips with a passionate kiss. She answered in a soft murmur of delight, and reached a hand down to trace a finger up my thigh, and across the bulge in my jeans. “Take those off.”(uttaarrr doooooo saaaaaaab kucccch).

Like I needed her to repeat that. I shucked out of my jeans, then my underpants. I was past being scared now. This was it. My dick isn’t large, but it’s turned out to be of adequate size. She began stroking up and down it with her hand, and then removed my shirt for me. I was naked.

“You too,” I husked. “Take it all off.” Heh. I was beginning to learn how this worked. She removed her bra, and then boxers, leaving her naked as well. My hand dipped down to caress her tuft of pubic hair. I was getting brave too.

“Can I suck your dick?” Saleha asked. (main isseeee din ka intazara main tha chalooo shuroooooooooo ho jaaaa)

She slid down, and started to lick the tip of my cock. It felt incredible “Oh itnaaaa mazaaa yhhhhhummmmmmmmmmm yhummmmmmmmmm yeah ohhhhhhhhhhhhh unnncccchhhh), yeah, fuck,” I moaned, and buried my hands in her hair to guide her. She stuck my dick in her mouth, and began bobbing up and down on it; wasting no time. “Oh, fuck me faster saleha, that’s awesome .. ” My encouragement made her suck harder, and faster, as she juiced my dick with her silky lips. “I’m gonna come … uhhh .. (main manee phainknay wala houn )” I gasped. Her tongue circled the head o f my rock hard tool, and I arched my back to fuck her mouth as hard as I could.
“Ahuhhhhhhhhhhh …. ” And I came. Hot sticky globs of manee erupted from my dick, into her mouth, and I’ll be damned if she didn’t start licking and sucking, and swallowing harder. A drizzle of cum escaped her lips, and she flicked her tongue out to catch it. She smiled at me devilishly as she licked the last drop from my cock. “So, hussain,! you want to fuck your Saleha now?”

I nodded again, and even grinned, before kissing her again, and sliding my tongue across her face, and down over her tits. Her nipples were hard. I sucked at them for another minute, before, she climbed up, spread her sopping wet pussy, and slid half way onto my dick. She stayed their a minute, just massaging the tip of my cock before I begged her to fuck me.
“C’mon, fuck me.

She started slowly, letting her wet, warm hole ease around my cock, before finally sitting down on me. I gasped. And I thought the blow job was nice. Her pussy was like a furnace of pleasure(aik aisaa anmol khzana jis ka koi namulbadul nahin) – the head of my dick had never, nor still /has/ ever been subjected to such pleasure. And with that, she began rocking up and down on my prick. Sliding her pussy up and down on my cock, milking it. “Am I fucking you right, Can you feel my tight pussy massaging your big dick?” God could I. She was riding m e like a pro, my balls slapping against her crotch every time she bounced down on me. She even leaned down as she was fucking me for all I was worth, to kiss me, to run her tongue around, and across my lips, and then in my mouth. “Oh god, saleha, fuck me. Harder … HARDER …(mujhay aur zooor sa chodooo) ” I was getting close too.
As my dick welled up with incredible pleasure, I moaned, “Oh god saleha, you fuck so well ( aaj tum ! nain mujhay khush kar diya mujhay zindagi kee lazzat dee hai jis kooo main kabhi naaahin bhula sakta.. fuck your hussain.. yes .. YES … ” And I came again.

“OHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK ………” I came in her hot fuckhole just as she writhed on my prick, in a mutual orgasm. My cum splashed up inside her pussy, and I felt my own semen splash back across my balls as she kept humping up and down on me. “Ooooohhhhh hussain…… your dick is soooo fucking nice in me ……. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ………… ” Cum oozed between our legs, onto
my stomach and her thighs. Finally, she slipped off me, and began licking off the salty mess. I was beyond pleasure, but that felt good as well.

After another half hour of kissing, fondling, and me learning how to finger fuck her into a frenzy, I finally rolled over and fell asleep. You know, I really did enjoy fucking the hell out of saleha. Hell, I still do.


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