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Aatish Nay Kiya Reeshma Ko Behal

  • desipapa
  • September 11, 2015

I am Back Again. I am Reshma Patel from Anand (Gujarat), the milk city of india. So after published my true Story “PUNJABI BOSS KA LAMBA LUND” I got thousands of e-mails from india and outside the country. But i strongly recommened that i want that guy who is very near to me. I got hundreds of e-mails from Gujarat.

He desire to meet me and then we chat with each other many times and also talk on phone for confirmation. After i satisfied bye each other he want to meet me. As many u peoples knows me in Anand, we decide to meet in Krishna Hospital, Karamsad (Gujarat) I know very well that is was monday and at decide time i am there. I got his bike No. so i easily recognised him when he came. We both go to restaurant and take fast food, cold drinks. He was looking mind blowing in Black Skin Tight Jeans andsame colour T-shirt and black gogales he was look like Salman Khan ofcourse he was smart and stronge enoughto fulfill anyone’s demand. I am in Nevy Blue T-shirtand Off White Cotton Jeans. He is just 21 yr. old with5 8″ tall and 64 kg of weigh fair skin, with blackeyes and brown hairs. While after fucked by my boss Guru and that Pathan Watchman i am getting fan but maintain my figure. In that hospital campus we both behavour like a couple. After taking fast food he said now what is the program ? And he smiled i said why intoo much hury lets go on long ride b coz it was 10.15a.m. we went on long ride and when i get some lonelyless i try to push my hands on his manhood. we go uptoBandhani Chowkdi and i said now pl. get back.

He turn the bike and we back to hospital, i saw easily that hewas need me badely.So i said don;t worry my friendsroom is empty, we go there and we reached V.V.Nagar (Mota Bazar ) Gujarat.He park his bike near thatcomplex, and we reached that room by lift. I open the door and we both entered in the room and i locked thatdoor again it is a big room i said pl. seat here iwill give you water but he said i dont want water iwant you only. So, i said ok. baba. Come in bed roomand i am also coming he went to that room and i go to bath room and changed my cloths and wear two piece nighty. Open my hairs on my shoulders i slowly got tobed room. Aatish TO MUJHE DEKHTE HI RAHE GAYA. MEINBOLI KYA DEKH RAHE HO ? TO USNE HAHA YEH KHOOBSURATBADAN KO DEKTE HIS METO GARAM HO GAYA HU ! MAIN BOLITO KISKA INTAJAR HAIN MAIN TUMHARE SAMNE TO HU !Without waste any time he come near to me as he was 21yr. so i imagine that not many times he enjoy sex.Main Uske Garam Sason ko Mahssoor Kar Rahi Thi. then i go near the bed and seat down there. He is still standing there., I said come on RAJA and he coame nearme slowly. We both are getting excited.

I slowly putout his belt and then open his pent clip and zip andslowly MAIN USKI PENT UTARNE LAGI . as he wear Skin tight Jeans so i have to do more pressure to take it out. I am able to remove his pent only half and what isae a bunch of hairs on his both legs and i take myface near his underwear take out my tounge and rub in his understand, i got a wild smell there. we both getexcited i remove his undies and what i saw……..OHMY GOD…… A REAL HARD COCK IN FRONT OF ME……..MORE LONG THEN GURU…. around 8 inches longtoo hot to handle . A very long and thick cock withlots of hairs. He give me his lund in my hands and order me to suck it. I am ready so i open my mouth and slowly insert his lund in my mouth he jerk his lund to insert more in my mouth. although it is not get inside half i slowly start to do in and out USKE LUND KE BAJUKE BAAL MERE MOUTH ME JA RAHE THE…. DHIRE DHIRE HUMDONO MASTI ME AGAYE…..WO BHI JORO SE ZATAKE LAGARAHA THA.. DHIRE DHIRE USKA PURA LAUDA MREE MUHEMEGHUSE GAYA AUR MEIN CHUSNE LAGI. WOBHI MERE BAALPAKADKE JOROSE ZATAKE LAGA RAHA THA..

Around 10 to 15 minutes we are in that position suddently he said Reshu plz. take it out i am cumming, i dont care and said i want ur semen in my mouth pl. give me and he load his full semen in my mouth. My mouth is full ofhis semen. It is too saulty he take his lund out of my mouth. As he getting tired so he went and sleep on bed, idrink his all semen and get up and sleep with him. islowlt his t-shirt and banian. His chest is with light hairs and hie is looking too superb MAIN USKE BALOMAIN MERE HAATH PHEREN LAGI WHO BOLA MUJKO NANGA KARDIYA AUR TU SALI KAPDE PAHANEKAR PADI HAI AND MUJKOKHADA KAR DIYA REMOVE MY CLOTHS we both are now fully naked now he said i want to suck ur bhose ( pussy ) helaid me down on bed i sleep on the bed and he set nearmy pussy and mere dono pairo ko open kar diya it waspaining but he dont care then his tounge is running on my legs and then finally he spread my legs more wide. And with his two hands open my pussy lips and inserthis tounge OOOHHHHHHHHH. AATISH PL….DONT DO…… ITIS PAINING…….HE REPLIED SALI RANDI JAB WO PUNJABIKA UCHAL UCHAL KE LE RAHI THIS TO PAIN NAHIN HOTA THA? and he start even more harder and wild he press myboth legs hard and finally i said oooooh. AATISH ABRAHA NAHIN JA RAHHHHHHHHA. WOH BOLO THODI DER AUR…… white liquid is coming our from my bhose after getting tired he got up and set near me and start to press my boobs in wild fashion.. i request him but he dont care and he do whatever he want. Nowafter some times he stopped.

I get up and try to go tokitchen he said KAHA JA RAHI HO…. MERI RANI.. IREPLIED PANI PINE.. HE STOPPED ME AND said come drink my fresh water and insert his lund in my mouth andstart to pass urine in my mouth.. it was too much hot and saulty too. i drink all his urine and then he said..AAB MERI PYAS BHUZAO…I understand his meaning heo rder me to sleep then come over me he is too heavya nd slowly he touch his lund near my pussy whole we both are getting mad and after a stronge JERK hei nsert his half LUND IN MY BHOSE…OOOOOOH…… PLZ.TAKE IT OUT….. TO HARD….TO. HANDLE……PLZ.AATISH BUT he dont care for my pain. and in seconds tronge shot he insert his full lund in mybhose…….as i was fucked in future so my pussy Lipsare little wider. I take him in my arms with my bothhands now he start to jerk me very hard..streatch myhairs and my nipples tooo.. i got mad by his everyshot..ohhhh pz. fuck me hard……aur jorse… phaddal meri bhose……….i am moaning….. he is alsoin superfast speed.he jerk me very hard and wild likea dog also suppert him with his every shot. he fuck memore then 20 to 25 minutes. now suddenly he increseds peed and the whole bed is dancing after a mindblowing super fast shot he insert his pura lund in my bhose and flow the liquid in my chut. My chut is getting fll of his cum. he sleep on me for some time and then go down.

His lund was wet by the semen i getup take his lund in my mouth and clean it. and getnear him we both take some rest and then got o takefood. After coming back he fucked me in Doggie style andalso in Chair style and make my pussy loose at thatday he fucked me more then 4 times in different position in 5 hours. then go back to baroda. Still today we are in touch through mails and phoen. ndwhenevern he want to fuck, he come here or i go thereat his friends room.. some time come here for 4 to 5hours fuck me and go back to baroda. Any Boy / Man / aged man / middle aged man who want tofuck me hard, can contact me i will try to give allenjoyment to him by my sexy body. Also if you want to know that this story is right or wrong u can free to conatct to AAtish Patel on aatish_patel2001& lonley ladies, divorsed femels, married but not satasfied female girl who want to loose their varginity i will just prefer that girls who want to loose their varginity should try on aatish, mom’s and all ladies/women & broad minded couples who want a man in their act or another couples, from gujarat can mail aatish if they r not satasfied with their partners & who want real fuck can contact him.

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