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Aarti & Nitin

  • desipapa
  • September 13, 2015

Hi to all the horny girls, women and sex lovers of this universe. Let me first introduce myself to you all. My name is Nitin and I am a 25 / male living in Bangalore and having business. My physique is a bit muscular and I also have a good personality and looks. Let me give you my background about my sex life. I had sex for the first time in my life at the age of 18 & I am really very very horny. After that I always craved to have sex with any girl. I am die hard fan of some aunties in my complex & I am sure one day I will fuck them like any thing.

Frankly speaking from that day I totally believe in enjoying my sex life thoroughly. I am a great lover of sex  and my size is 9” long & 2.5” thick & my dear beautiful babes you will have to believe this” Till date I have had sex with 9 girls out of which seven were my girl friend & 2 were just my friend. Each & every experience has been great in their way but never like this one. Hence this is my first story posted on the site. If you want to have more of my stories u can mail me at Now this was my introduction and the background of my sex life. As I am also a great fan of this erotic story column and I like to read the sexual encounters of people. Stories written by girls, females are my favorite & I request all the females to write their experience as sex is natural & there’s no shame, it will happen with every body. I salute to all the sexy stories written by girls, babes, females. The sexual encounter, which I am going to narrate, happened to me last month with the help of Internet. Internet is of great help in finding sex partners & I love to surf & am always trying to search sex partner, so I had placed my ad in a website where you can find your sex partner from your area, I had placed all the details about myself.

Now my sexual encounter started from here. After some days I thought of checking the mail box where I had placed an ad, as I eagerly opned the mail box I was glad to see that there was a mail for me from a girl named Arati from Bangalore whose age was 28 years and was married and had a 3 year old daughter. She mentioned that she was not at all satisfied with her sex life, as her husband is a businessperson and therefore travels a lot for official purpose. She had written that she was interested to meet me and wanted to have intimate relationship with me and she had given her telephone number. I jumped in joy, as I was getting a chance to have sex with a married woman and I gave her a ring. Arati was glad to hear my voice and we spoke to each other for sometime and I asked her where could I meet her, she told me that she will call me to her house, as soon as her husband goes out of Bangalore. I asked Arati that when would her husband go out of Bangalore, she replied that he is going out of town for 5 days and said that I can come to her house. Arati gave me her address and requested me to maintain secrecy about our affair as she was going to have extra marital sex. Until her husband was there I used to talk to her on the phone to get more familiar. I was eagerly waiting for the day. I rang Arati at 9AM and re confirmed with her "R U Ready” & there I am at 11. Now to my surprise Arati’s way of talking had changed as she said,"Jaan tum jald se mere paas aa jao, ghar main koi nahin hai. Quickly I dressed up and the most erotic thing was while wearing my jockeys was my penis could not fit properly, as I had gained my size.

I could very well make out that my love tool wanted to have sex very badly as usual. I took a taxi and reached at Arati’s place & I rang the bell & with in no time a good looking girl with navy blue transparent saree  with long brown hairs opened the door with smile. I asked her "Arati?" said yes and asked me to come inside. Let me now describe about Arati that she was a Punjabi babe, & she looked stunning with the outfits & with a bit of make up .Arati’s figure was 36-26-36, simply amazing. We then sat on a sofa chatting with each other and in the mean while we were exchanging erotic smiles among each other. I asked her where is your Daugh! ter to which she replied "Maine use saheli ke ghar par bhej diya hai". Arati then accompanied me to her bed room and we sat beside each other on the bed. Now I asked her, Arati tell me something about you sex life. Without saying anything she immediately  kept her hand on my bulge which was visible and kept on massaging it.

Arati was massaging my cock over my pants and we both were breathing heavily. I embraced her in my arms and planted a kiss on her hot red lips and we started kissing then I started kissing her neck and she was moaning in pleasure hhhhhhh, Aaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhh ooohhhhhhh. I then undressed her saree very slowly seeing each & every part of her body care fully, then her blouse & then petticoat and there she was in only black lacy bra and panty which made me go crazy. She removed my t-shirt and my jeans. I was in no mood to waste even little time & started making love with Arati and gradually removed her bra and panty and she was completely naked in front of me. I kissed her forehead, eyes, earlobes, very slowly coz the pleasure you have it in doing slowly is amazing. I then came down to her boobs and started sucking them, girls let me tell you that I am a great boobs sucker & I have the pleasure to tell that I have been complimented by 3 girls of the pleasure they get while I suck t! hem.. Arati told me tum apna underwear kholo na, mujhe tera lund dekhna hai". I removed my jockeys and my 9 inches hard & hot rock long cock popped out. Arati was extremely happy & took my cock in her hands and started rubbing my cock & said,"Tumhara lund bahut garam hai aur lal bhi, aaj to bahut maza ayega.

We started rolling erotically over the bed. Then I again kissed Arati on her lips and one of my finger was inside her love hole. I started pressing her boobs and then I started sucking and licking her nipples and she enjoyed it and became hot. Slowly I started tickling her pussy and planted a kiss Arati yelled "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh mazzzaa aaaaaaa rahaaaaa hai, aur pls pls aur karo na". Now soon we were in 69 position and Arati was madly sucking my 9 inch love tool and I was licking her pussy and as a result her love juices started flowing. Arati said "Please Fuck me, I cant wait any more & I climed over Arati and parted her legs, she holded my tool and guided my love tool inside her clean shaven pussy.

For the first time I was having sex with a married woman. Now my 9” cock was inside her pussy and Arati kept both her legs wrapped around my butt. I slowly started pumping erotically and Arati was moaning in pleasure Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aur zor s! e zor zor se  aur jaldi where as I was in full speed & then started saying phad do meri choot phad do mera pati koi kaam ka nahin hai, tum mujhe chod dalo bahut acha lag raha hai ha ha ha ha ha ha & merely after 15 min of amazing fuck we both cummed at the same time & she looked so relief. I again started kissing Arati on her lips and  again started jerking slowly though we had cummed so badly but I didn’t took out my tool from her love hole & slowly again increased my speed and she started moaning more loudly, what a feeling it was just cannot be described Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa both were pumping very badly and now after another 10 minutes pumping I felt sperms boiling inside & I immediately pulled out my tool from Arati`s vagina and as a result tons of sperms came out from my love tool and sprayed on Arati`s boobs and the rest I sprayed inside her mouth which she drank it. We both were completely drenched in sweat and Arati smiled at me and planted a kiss. We then slept in each other arms for sometime. After an hour we woke up & Arati now started stimulating the area below my testicles and I immediately got aroused again. Then I made her sleep above me and while she was sleeping above me I wrapped tightly in my arms and started caressing her back and her ass. I was massaging her ass and was also giving tight slaps on her ass. Arati was giggling and was enjoying it very much. Arati then got a bottle of cheese spread from the fridge & we both  applied on each other & started licking.

We both were aroused again  for the 4th time and I sat on her and placed my cock in between her boobs and started fucking her boobs & after  3- 4 min I cummed all over her face & even she was dripping a lot. Arati: "Jaan please come tomorrow again & you will have to leave now as my daughter might be back any time We both dressed up and I promised her that I will be back again tomorrow. Next day again I went to Arati’s house to & we had anal sex. Now whenever her husband & daughter is not there we have sex regularly & we have it in different positions. We are maintaining secrecy about our relationship. Looking forward for your comments & suggestions on the story. If any horny girls, married ladies, aunties, bhabhis or any female in & around Bangalore is interested in having sex with me you are free to contact me. I also travel a lot hence you can get me at many places. Secrecy should be & will be maintained. My e-mail id is  

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