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Aarti Ki Chudaai

  • desipapa
  • September 19, 2015

Hi, this is Aarti 22 yrs old and here i’m going to share my own real story with u people. I happened almost 2 yrs ago when i was 20 and started working as a receptionist in a 3 star hotel in Delhi. As I was a receptionist so I have to look beautiful and look sexy too. I got this job all because of my figure which that time was 34-24-35 and my boobs wear quite firm and i rarely wear bra then in summer as I get rashes wearing them and without wearing bra I look more sexier as my bf said so then. I have been told to wear western dress on mormal days preferebly skirt which should not cross my thigh area and can wear a saree on special occasions. I lost my virginity to my cousin who fucked me when I was 17 as I had a crush on him but then he left for US and I can not get fucked again.

Although I had fucked with my cousin and bf before but I did not get that satisfaction which I want or looking for so here after 6 month of working I met my dream man who is also my life partner now. He is quite tall handsome and have a very wide chest and manly looks. Infact I start dreaming about him and getting fucked in my dreams instantly. It happens after 3 days, I was going upstares and he was following me as I was on the verge of moving to first floor I falls towards the back and fainted and when I open my eyes I was in his lap and his hand was inside my skirt as I have to wear skirt according to the dress code then he take me to his room and there he put me on his bed then we began talking like friends and almost daily we bagan having lunch together. He was working at some other place but has come there on official trip so he told me that he has to move back after 2 days and want to gift me something.

The next day he brings a saree for me and ask me to wear it and I told him I can not wear it now, but will def wear it up tonite as I invited him for a dinner after I get off from my duty. I go back to my house shave my pvt area and underarm and waxed my legs and wear the saree with a blouse which was quite deep cut and when mom asked me where I was going I told her that I had to attend a marriage party and she asked me to wear some jewelry, so I put a pair of thin payal and diamond earrings and when mom asked me to wear something in nose too so I put a pin in my nose and put a dark red lipistik and I didnt wear any bra or panty either which I wear almost daily. and keep my hair open. when I reach there he was waiting for me and he said u look quite sexy today, can I kiss u and instantly I said sure. and In no time he was kissing me first soft then very hard. and I dont know what happened we go on kissing for almost half hour and I was feeling quite hot as my nipple were quite erect and feeling wet down there which I shaved that day. then his hand moved toward the back of my blouse and then he began removing my blouse and I did not stoped him infact I was liking the way things r going and then he removed my blouse fully and grab my boobs start fondling and then he take my nipple betwen his thumb and fore fingers and press hard, I sighed AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH then he put the same nipple in his mouth and began sucking it quite nicely and fondling the other nipple and pinching it too and I was just feeling too good.

Then he take me in his lap and put me on the bed and remove his dress while i was just keeping my eyes closed. then he removed my saree slowly and petticoat and he came to know i’m not wearing any bra and panty he was get more hot began masaging my thighs and then he start sucking my legs and go up slowly, I just cried AAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEand ask him to fuck me…. plsss now I should tell u in hindi.. uske baad hum dono pure nange ho gaye aur usne meri cleanshaved chut ko khub chooma and meri thighs ko bhi, unke seene ke baal par muzhe apne lambe nails ghumane mein bada maza aa raha tha , fir wo mere muh ko fir chumne lage aur unka lamba danda to ab bahut tana hua tha meri chut ke upar ragad rahe the aur maine pagal huee ja rahi thi, meri aakhen band thi aur bas unke rod ke ghusne ka jaise mein wait hi kar rahi thi. unke hathon mein mere nipple ko zor se dabaya aur fir unka ek hath neeche meri chut mein gaya aur 2 ungli meri chut mein daal di aur andar bahar karne lage aur fir mera hath par apna cock pakda diya wo bahut hi mota tha kareeb 7 inch ka aur fir ek jhatke mein wo pura meri chut ke andar that, jaise hi wo andar gaya meri cheekh nikal gayee OOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MAAAAAAR GAYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE maine kaha nikalo bahar par unhone nikal kar fir andar daal diya aur pump karna start kar diya aur karte hi rahe bahut dair tak aur 2baar unhone apni cream meri chut mein chodi par unka rod puri terah fir bhi tana raha, aise chudaai ke baare mein to maine sapne mein bhi nahin socha tha wo to usse bhi achchi terah meri chudaai kar rahe the fir unhone meri ass hole mein bhi kari, meri to cheekh hi nikal gayee, itna dard to maine pehle kabhi feel hi nahin kara tha par baad mein muzhe maza aa raha tha. I

I cum 3-4 times during that and then we both slept with each other and after i wake up we both went for a bath together and got fucked again and when I was leaving, he said he want to marry me and the next day also gifted me a pair of payal which i still wear sometimes and afer that our parents met and we get married after 4 months and now i am also mother of his baby. When i return home my mom asked me ur looking different as i was not able to walk properly due to 2 hrs of fucking and the next day too i feel the pain as i was not fucked that way before.I think mom was guessing that i had fucked but she didnt asked me anything more. Now I dont need to wax my legs anymore as I got my legs and underarm hair removed permanently. I have started wear a ring in my nose as he like it a lot. and also got another hole in my ears too. Right now my figure is become more sexier its 36-24-36 For comments u can mail me at

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