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Aarchi – My Darling

  • desipapa
  • August 30, 2015

Hello boys and girls and special hello to my beautiful and hot bhabis and aunties .Thank you for giving your time for my story .This is your friend Vikash Rathore from the living city Ahmadabad , Gujarat. Mail me if you like this story at .I am doing my third year at a collage in Ahmadabad . I have very normal physique and looks , But i am good at my studies and am a man at peace so i got a good reputation in school and collage This story is a mixture of sex story and love story for getting your interest in my story .

This story is long so I am building a plot so you don’t get bored reading it ahead .I am staying in ahmedabad as a payee guest instead of hostel because I don’t like hostel .This story contains two girls but i had sex with only one . Her name is archna . I call her aarchi . She is studying with me in my collage in same year, same class. When i was in 12th i was studying at surat , there was a girl named hina . She was real glass beauty i was in love with her . she also loved me but when i get admission in ahmedabad and get very far from her and it got very hard to meet her so she break up with me giving the reason that if i cant meet her and talk to her i should leave her and give her a chance to get another man who can talk with me and be with me 24 hours . When she broke up with me it got my heart broken i was very sad and i got my faith away from true love . Because of this incident i stopped to looking at girls because i believed that they all was like hina .

I tried to convince her that how much i love her but she never realized how much i love her after some time i get knowledge by our common friend that she was in a relationship with some boy and she just used me to get reputation as a toppers girlfriend and she told my friend that many guys like me loved her but i never care about them . Because of this incident my faith on love got away and get my full mind to my studies .

In my collage there are many beautiful girls was around me but i now had no interest in them . after 4 months there was collage exam which i topped , one girl named rutvi proposed me but i very badly scolded her and said her that bitches like you just use boys like us to get in lime light you never care about our feelings the scold was in front of the whole class and was that bad that she told her boyfriends to hit me but they where my good friends and they know that what was happened to me so they told the whole hina story to the girls . So rutvi come to me and said sorry and i forgave her after this we two have been good friends .

Because of my simplicity girls like to chat with me because they know that i will not bring any kind of flirt in chatting I always treated them like sisters and they to did the same . I sit in my class behind archna and archna sit in right side of rutvi . archna was like me just talk to me if something needed in studies . when she asks me about some study she cant give me direct look in my eyes but when i was saying the answer and doing my work at the book she stares at me but i never took this in wrong way because she was a good girl . she was an angel beauty i got feeling towards her but never showed it . i now think that when god got bored from his regular work he created her . she was fair with lovely cute looking eyes and pinkish lips and a great body . when she walks her body moves with the move that got many guys out of their mind when she smiles its look like some 3 or 4 years baby is smiling . she was getting proposed minimum 1 time a day but she always said to boy that be my brothers or be my friends but never try to be my boyfriend . even 2 or 3 of my friends proposed her but it looks like she was not interested in all this . one day in class me , my friends and the girls were talking and the train of our talk on the station of love so i said them to cut the topic so rutvi commented that ” will you never love someone in you life ” so i answered that you all know why i dont want to . so rutvi again commented that you are like our good bro and asked to all the girls that i was their bro all girls said that i was their bro but suddenly i looked at archna she was just looking at floor and not answered the question but i not took it seriously and thought she was thinking something else .

After someday, rutvi said that some girl from our class likes me i said to her that go to that girl and told that i said her to go in hell . i asked her who she was so i can scold her but she didnt told me the name . on second day i came very early and was seating in class after sometime archna came she was looking sad so i asked her what happened but she give me a bad look . i dont took it seriously in thought that it would be some personal problem which she didnt want to discuss with me .in the recess as often girls and we were talking so my friend asked the girls why aarchna was sad so rutvi replied ” looks like madam got in love ” . aarchna gave rutvi very bad look stood up from there and got away from us . after some time our final exam was coming and after that we have have a vacation for 3 months . on our first paper rutvi told me that some girl from our class loves me and afraid to told me i told her that tell her that if she wants my answer to her proposal she herself have to come to canteen tell me .

After my paper got finished i came to canteen . our canteen is at third floor and it got a balcony . i was standing at balcony waiting for the girl because i just want to scold her very bad . but to my surprise aarchna come and stand in front of me and get silent . i told her that please go downwards someone was coming and its a personal work . she replied that no one is coming . i said “what” . she just said ” i love you vikash ” and looked towards ground . i got angry and started scolding i said ” bitch you girls dont got any sense or feelings you just want our reputation and money . i said her very bad words . she started crying and told me that she really loves me i asked me why would you love me i am just intelligent . i am not good looking nor got very much money . she replied with tears in her eyes and chick ” i love your simplicity and polite , i will do anything to make you happy . i was in very bad mood and told her ” anything ? ” she said yes . i told her jump off the balcony . she said what .

I said if you truly love me jump or get out from here bitch . she moved backwards and said if it will make you happy its ok and get towards the ridge and climb up on it and was going to jump . it was like she jumped but something hit me on my heart i thought the girl who want to die just for me how much she loves me . she was crying and going to jump but i suddenly pulled her with my both hands and slapped her hard . she was just crying . i hugged her very hard and said sorry archna i love you too dear . till now she was crying and hugged me and said i truly love her and never leave you please dont go away . i said i am hear dear i will not go anywhere .

I made her calm she was in my arms from the last half an hour she made my shirt wet she then look up in my eyes she was looking real beauty like a small baby she was all red because of all this and there was a scratch of my slap i kissed her on forehead she got shy and looked towards the floor i told her that i love her but i dont want to show this to someone other than you so please dont tell any one that i love you . if you tell this will be over she told that she will never told anyone about them . she told me that it was being late my friends should be waiting for me i said ok and give her final kiss in chick and told love you she replied i love you too .she went toward the main get and i get out by the back gate so no one would know . on the second day rutvi and others dont want to talk with me i asked archna in alone why every one was bad on me she told that rutvi had seen me when i was getting out of school she seen me all red and your slap mark she asked what happend i tod her that i said i love you to you and you scolded me and slapped me .

I said its ok but never told anyone i love her . so it was final that we cant meet in front of class . one day she told me ” please come early in collage i want to spent sometime with you ” i said ok because all students and teachers come at 8 am and she told me to come at 6 am . when on the second day i came early but she reached early than me and was seating on her activa i parked my bike in there and came near her she looked all the side checking if any one was there and hugged me tightly i did the same . i said her lets go inside because parking was in front of gate . she held my hand and walked with me .when we get in i sat on the ladder steps she sat in my lap took my hand and get there around her waist and close her eyes i asked will you ever leave me she kissed me on chick and said never .

I didnt get any bad intention towards her but one day we were sitting in collage garden early in morning and it suddenly started to rain we ran with our hand in hand when the building came i got in and pulled her in she just got pulled and get on me she was all wet water drops was on her lips she was looking lovely i pulled her head towards her and bring my lips toward hers and looking in her eyes and said ” can i ” she closed her eyes and said yes i put my lips on her and kissed her very softly it was and amazing feeling . devil inside me got awake i started to smooch which she gave response but suddenly i came in sense i pushed her back and made her away from me and said sorry . she said she know that you will not go further because you love me not only my body and came near m and give me a hug and said i love you dear i said i love you too aachi she said what is this ” aarchi ” .

I said i like the word , you dont like it she said i like it even if you will say me bitch i will like it . i said i will never say you like that . i hear sound of vehicle and said her go students are coming . we were very physically near each other but we restricted till hug and soft kiss .but it all got changed in one night . our collage organized a tour we all were going . me and my friend sat behind rutvi and archna . rutvi and my friend was in love so my friend made me sit there . at night bus was going all other than me , my friend , rutvi and archna was sleeping it was 2 am in night . my friend told rutvi ” tell archna to sit with vikash i want to sit with you she replied archna will not agree .

He told please try janu . rutvi told archna ” can you sit with vikash i want to sit with my bf and then asked me the same i said its ok if aarchna dont get any problem archna said to show that there is nothing between us ” somebody will see ” rutvi said get a blanked on your body nobody will see you .then aarchna got beside me and get blanket over me i held archna’s hand he told wait till rutvi and her bf sleeps . we sat for half an hour like that than archna checked and said rutvi and her bf is sleeping . i pulled the blanket on us and kissed her on lips our kiss converted in smooch but i dont want to stop it . aarchi was moving her hand in my hair and i was caressing her from shoulder suddenly driver put the breaks my hand got slipped and aarchi’s one breast got pressed by my hand it was a hard press she moaned ” ahhhh ” . i immediately took my hands off her and took my mouth off .

We can hear each others heartbeat they were very fast and loud . i said sorry and looked towards the window as i was sitting on window side . aarchi said its ok it wasnt your mistake . but me or her cant make eye contact i was felling bad but excited and my mind thought how soft her breast was i was fighting with my brain to stop thing like that but it was not stopping . i cant make a eye contact to aarchna in entire tour . when we get back to collage at other night and heading towards our home aarchi wished me good night but looking down i too said her good night but cant make an eye contact . on the second day i came on our meeting time at 6 am but she didnt come till 8 pm all the students started to come so i tried to call her but i cant reach to her . i was in worry what should happen and walking towards home suddenly a bike hit me and i was on road my head got hit its was a minor hit but doctor told me to rest around 5 days . first day passed and i was trying to call archi but i cant .
second day and third day pass but i cant call her or go to meet her in collage because my pain in head was high and i cnat move out the house suddenly someone rang the bell i get up from bed and opened i felt like nothing had happened to me because it was archna standing .

She came in and slapped me hard and said where the hell you have been from past 4 days . do you know what was it like 4 days without you ? you didnt feel my feelings . suddenly again the ring bell rung aarchi opened the door . it was my doctor he came in and asked me how was i feeling he checked my head if all is alright because bandages were taken off he asked me is everything ok in your head . i looking at aarchi said ” just cant feel someones feelings ” he laughed and said bye vikash and take care . aarchi was mouth shut and was going to cry and said ” sorry please dear sorry ” . she was looking like an angel i just went near her and hugged her and said forget it she then started to cry i asked what happen she said tis are tears of joy i am very lucky to getting you . i kissed her forehead .and cleaned her tears with my hands.she asked when this happening told her the whole story she asked me did you eat ? i said this is the time for me to go out and take my dinner . she scolded me for eating outside food and asked me if she can cook for me today . i said ok dear.

She got up and move towards kitchen and started to cook it was an hot day she was sweating and took her duppata off i went near and hugged her from she said its very hot please do something i blew wind with my mouth on her forehead she said thank you dear . i started to blew wind towards her neck and saw her see closed her eyes i got bold and blew on her upper chest which was open because she had her duppata taken of she was breathing hard and moaned ” ahh ” and my eyes got on her breast which was going up and down i made her stand towards me and held her hands behind her waist and started to kissing her she got bended because of kitchen line and i was on her and kissing her hard i started to smooch she was giving response too i freed her hand which she get around my neck and head i started caressing her back .

Sometime my hands were touching her ass but she didnt wanted me to stop . suddenly her cellphone rung and we broke the kiss she was breathing heavily . she made her self free by pushing me and made her self calm and pick up the phone it was her father he told her that they were going out of town because his friends son was marrying and asked her if she wanna come she looked in my eyes and told hm that he have work in collage he said that we all are going we will call rutvi to come and stay with you for 2 days she said ok and cut the call .she said me to eat i told her that you will feed me she laughed and its ok baba lets eat . i sat on ground she sat beside me and feed me after that she was going and i pulled her and kissed her and asked who will make dinner for me she said come to my house tonight i said but rutvi will be there she said she will go to her bf’s house so there is no danger . i said ok .

At night at 8 pm i get in front of his house and called her and said that i am standing in front your house she said i am opening the door when she opened the door my eyes gone wide she was looking angel and hot in frock type blue dress which was till her legs but she wore a stoking on legs first time i think her figure which was 32 28 33 she was looking blue hot . she welcomed me in and give me water when she bent for giving water i first time show her half breast it was kept in white bra .

She saw me but she didnt mind it . she was going to kitchen but i held her hand made her seat on my lap and kissed her chick and said i love you she replied by kissing my chick i love you too . she said me lets watch a movie and turn on the TV some romantic English movie was running the couple was kissing she tried to change channel but remote gone off she taped it hard on sofa . i laughed seeing this she got shy and came to me and hugged me . i said i want to bath she said let me bath you i said no baba what if something happens to me and i will do that to you .

She asked what that ? i said you know . she said shut up janu .i came near her and held her and get her near me and kissed and started to smooch . she gave me same response i get her on the way of shower and was smooching her i now started caressing her back i held her towards the wall and stand her at wall and started licking her under her ear she started moaning ” ahhh please ahhah janu dont stop ahhh ” then i started licking her ear lobs she was breathing heavily and moaning softly ” ahhhh ohh janu ahhh love you ahhh ” i took her hair off her neck and started licking her neck she got very high in this and stretch my hair i said be careful sexy . she was moaning and said ” ahhh sorry ahh sorry ahhh ” i turned her and get to her back and started kissing her and opened her cloths chain a little and started licking there she get hot ” ahhhhhh ” i kissed on her lips from back i put my hand on her ass and press it she moaned ” ahhhhhh ” i started biting her back she said ” aouch slowly dear i am not going an where ” then i started licking her neck and put my hand on her stomoch and carres it and than i moved my one hand to her breast i carresed down her breast then touched her brest slowly she moaned ” ahhhhhh ” i pressed it hard ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” she said ” slowly “.

Then licking her back i moved my both hands to her boobs and started caressing them she started moaning ” ahhhhhhhh press them ahhhhh please slowly ahhh ” i can feel her nipples from her dress they were very hard then i made her face me and started kissing and caressing her back and started pressing her ass .i opened the chain of dress completely and made her dress away from her shoulder and started kissing and licking their . she was trying to hide her shoulder but i held her both hands and let her dress fall from her she was all red on this she just got her bra and stocking on she was being shy and ran towards the shower to find something but there was nothing in shower i pushed her in and close the door of shower and pushed her toward the wall she said please let me go . i get away from her and opened the door and said if you are not agree i will not do anything to you aarchi .

She got hit by something and pulled me in and close the door and came near me and said application granted .and started kissing me on lips started caressing her back and she started to open buttons of my shirt she opened it and threw it on floor i started licking her she started moaning ” ahhh ahhhhhhh dear love me ahhhhh ” bring her under the shower and turn it on in no time she and i was wet her stocking got wet and it was showing her blue panty i got down and kissed her navel she moaned ” aaaaaahhhhhh ” and press my tongue in it she gone out of her control ” aaaaahhhh ahhhhhhhhha aaaaa ” i was licking her stomach and she was caressing my i started coming up and licking the water and came between her two boobs which are big but normal big i kissed there she looked down at me and moaned ” aaaahhh ” i came to her mouth and and kissed her she was in great passion she was biting my lips some time . she was caressing my chest . my cock was rock hard mistakenly she one time touched her hand she looked down and watched my erect cock .

i saw her but ignore as i didnt see see again started kissing but this time she was trying to touch my cock . i turned her again her on back and stick her towards the wall and got sticked to her than kissed her on lips from back and started licking her back and neck she moaned ” ahhhhh ahhhhaaaaa “i moved my hand ahed and get them near her breast and moved them in aa circle around her bra and than cupped both boobs and press slowly” ahhhhaaaaa ” and lick her earlob and press them hard ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa ” hen stared doing that she was greatly aroused and put her hands on my hands and pressing her boobs ” aaaaahh hhhhhhaaa hhhaaaaa aaahhhh ahhhhhhh aaahhhh aahhhhhhh ” then i got one nipple and pinched it hard ” aaaaaaouuuuu janu ahhhhhh ” then i started pinching both the nipples up form breast she now started to enjoy the pinching ” ahhhh ahhhhhhhhaaa haaaaaahhahah aaaaahahahhh ” then after some time i turned toward me and started kissing and move my hand at her back and opened her bra her bra lace was on her shoulder so her bra didnt fall i kissed her neck and licking it i held her and made her sit in bathtub and than i sit there bra was going to fall but she helded her i took her legs and get them around me in ewater she made a tight grip around my waist i held her hand by my hands and get them at back the kissed her and lick her neck bite it she was moaning hard now ” ahhhhhaaa ahhhhhhhaaaa ahhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhah aahhh aaaa ”

I then move to her shoulder and and get one bra lace off than i made her hand free she took them around my head i took her bra off i looked at her breast but she hided her by her hands i kissed her on hands and took her hands off this was amazing scene her nipples was soft pink and big her boobs was perfect round she again hide them i kissed her lips and took her duppatas and tie her at her back and made her blind folded by duppata now she cant do any thing i made her half lie in bathtub put her head on ledge and came at her nave and started sucking it she started moaning ahhhaaa aaooooaaa aaaaahaaaaa i started caressing her leg slowly she was on seventh heaven ahhhhhhaaa ooooohhhhh ahhhh aahhhhh then i moved toward her boobs i moved my tongue around her nipple ahhhhhhhahhhhh and carres her thigh then started sucking her one booob and pressing the other she moaned loudly aaaaaahhhhhhahhhhhhhh ooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh aaahhhhhhhahhhh aaooooooohhhhhhaaaaa ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh aoooooahhhhhh suuuuuuuuckkkk iiiiit vviiikuu ahhhhahhhh hhhhhaooooo oooooooaaaaaa i pinched the nipple while sucking aaahhh ahha oooooo and bited nipple with my teeth aaaoooouuucc ahhhh then pressed both them hard ahhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh suddenly she got stiff and streched her body like arc aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh she get her orgasm now i go to her nave and put my tongue deep in it aahhhahahahahhh then i take her out from bathtub and lie her down on floor and go down and started licking her leg fingers she moans softly ahh ahhha ahhh i lick her toe and bite it ahhhahh she didnt get any hair on her body then i strate licking upper words i get to his thigh and licked up form stockings she moaned ahhhhahhhhah i put my one hand near her vagina and nad moved there ahhhhahh i moved her stocking till her knee and started sucking her legs she moaning ahhhh ahhhh i removed her stocking now she was just in her panty i licked her legs and bite there else were ahe just ahhhh ahhhh jjjjaaaaanuuuuuahhhhhh aaahhhhha than i came to her boobs and started sucking and moved my hand to her panty started massaging her vagina up form her panty she moaning hard aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaa ahhhhh aaaaaaaaooooohhaaaa aaaaahhho aaaaaaaahhhiiiiiiii aaaaahhhhi iiiihhhhhhhhhhhaaai i bited her nipple aaaaahhhhhhh then i put my hand in her panty and massaged her clit se moaned hard aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i tore her panty than i made her up she cant stand i opened her hand but not her eyes she tried to open her eyes but i said not now archi she leave it.

I kissed her she wrap her legs around me i askeed her wheres the bedroom madam she smiled and said besides the kitchen i started kising her and moved to bed room after entering th bed room i made her sit on bed and tod to her open my pant she moved her hands from my stomoch to my belt she opened in and hit me with it than she opened button of my pant and than she opened the chain but my hard cock came bitween she said to my cock “stay side naughty boy ” and i remove pant compelty i take her soft hand put it on my cock she took it off i said touch it janu please she put her hand back and feel my cock and said its big i am scared its too hard i sad dont fear i am with you than i started kissing her and pressing her boobs she started moaning ahhhh ahhhhhhaaa then i sucking her boobs touched her vagina and massaging her clit she cant bear it ahhhhhhhhahhhhh than i get near her legs an widen them and take my mouth near her vagina and started lickink outer part of his vagina she was out of this world ahhhhaoohhhhahhhhh ahhh then i put my tounge in her vagina aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh i show up she was pressing her boobs i put my tounge more in her aaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh i did this for sometime she was moanig aaahhhhhhaaaahhh and again she stiffends and strecherd and a liquid came out of her vagina i licked it she was mouning and breathing heavily aahhhhaaahhhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhioooaaaa
now i got up and remove my underware and freed my cock its like 6 inch in length 2.5 thickness i get worried that aarchi have to bear it

I then made aarchna sit and take her hand on my cock she held it and i held her hand and moved it up and down she was doing it fine i asked her if she could take it n mouth she said no i said please janu please try she said ok and opened her mouth and enter it in mouth and licked the top with tongue she did it for 1 minute and said please dear i cant do this i said ok and held her up and kissed aher my cock was touching her pussy i threw on bed and get between her legs an started sucking boobs she moaned ahhhahahah ahhhhh i put my hand at her vagina and tried to enter my finger but it was tight she said ouchhh slowly please i than pushed little harder she moaned ahhhhhhhha and my finger get in her pussy was lubricated than i kissed her and asked her are you ready she said yaaaa i opened her duppata now she can see me and my cock i kissed her and licked her boobs ahhhhahhh she moaned now i put my cock at her pussy and hold her hand with my pne hand and hel my cock and put at her pussy entrance and said her ready she replied enter it dear i am waiting for it hearing that i slowly puched my cock in my half cap of cock got in she aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa she said aaa dard ho raha he i pull it back and kissed her and carres her boobs

Then i again enter my cock now my whole cap oh cockwas in she crieed in pain aaaaaaahaaaaaa baaahhhhaaar nnniiikkallloo jjaaan pleeessaaee i kissed her and make her calm andand hels her both hand with my hands put my mouth on her mouth and tell her to take dep breath she did and i ushed very hard in her my 5 inch was in her she cant shout because i kissd her tears were out of her eyes i took my mouth of her she shouted aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh plese take it out aaaaaaaa its hurting ahhhhh janu pleassseee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i kissed her and carreeses her for five minit and than she was calm so i pulled my cock she moaned ahhhhhhhaaa i said how r u feeling she said pain and fun than i begin to strock slowly she starter moanig aaah aaah aaaaah ahhhh aaaah aaaaah ahhhh

Then i began pace she started moving her self with me and moaned ahhh ahhhhah ahhhh ahhha haahahhh ahhhh i started licking her boobs and storking she put her nails in my back but it was fun with her she was moaning ahhha ahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh i was feelling heat of her pussy it was very soft i kissed her she moaning ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ahh ahhhh ahhhh after sometime i took my cock out and told her to be in doggy she said what i said stay how dogs do she got it and came in doggy positin i put my cock at her pussy she said slowly i pushed all at once she shouted and moaned aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa jaaaaaanuuu ahhhhhahhhh then started fucking hr hard she was moanigh ahhhhha ahh ahhh ahhhh ahhha hhha aahhh ahhhh after sometime she got stiff and orgasmed i was also near i made my pace very fase she was crying in joy ahhh aaaaahhhh ahh ahhhh aaahhhh then i took my cock out and cummed on her ass she fall on bed after cumming
i licked her backe she was at peace i came near her ear and said i love you aarchi she replied i love you to vikuuu i asked kissing on her chick will you merry me dear she turned and with joy hugged me and said yes i will then we kissed carress each other and slept in each others arms .

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