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Aamir And Rubina

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hi my name is Robeena. I was born in America I am 22 year old.My grand parents came from Pakistan.My father is a very successful business Man. have a brother,one sister who ran away with a American guy,one older brother is married, one is year younger then me,his name is Amir We have gone to Pakistan few times and really liked it. Since I am born and raised in America I feel and act like Americans, I had two boyfriends in the past.I enjoy sex very much. I can not wait till I get married to have sex. My brother name is Amir. He is absolutely gorgeous. He is six feet, two inches tall and is all muscles. He is rock solid. He works out a lot. He is very confident person.

He is very terrific person and knows how to treat a girl. Let me tell you I HAVE HOTS for my brother. Whenever our parents are not home, Amir brings his girlfriends at home. Since his room is next to mine, I hear the noises when they make sex. That time I lay in my bed and Imogene and wish that it were me who was getting fucked by Amir. I am average,I am average height, and about five feet four inches.I has shoulder length hair. I am not too thin and not to fat. I do have nice sets of tits. They are 38D,and my dad thinks I have the pretties smile. I love Halloween. Last year my parents were going away to visit my One uncle in Canada.

So me and my brother Amir decided to have a Halloween party at our home. Amir and I were sitting at the kitchen table, discussing the party, when he brought up my friend Tracey. “Did you invite your friend Tracey?” he asked. “Of course I did. You know she is my best friend. Why you ask?” I asked him. “I have kinda have hots for her lately. I thought I would make a move on her the night of party” he said. “As for as I know she is coming” I said,trying to hide the jealousy I felt that very moment. “When you talk to her ,try to get her to wear really sexy costume” Amir said. Ok I said. “Thanks sister ” he said and he reached out and gave me a kiss on my chicks. I saw my fried Tracey a few days later. I asked her if she was coming to party and what kind of costume she was wearing. “Well, I thought I would be Catwoman,from the Batman movie. What you think? She asked. Yes it will be a nice costume I replied. “Nice. That’s not exactly the kind of reaction I want from that costume. What’s wrong,Robeena?she asked. “My brother has the hots for you and I am jealous” I snapped at her. I realized what I had just said,and I was absolutely mortified. I could not even look at Tracey in the face.What could she possibly be thinking of me? There was a silence for few seconds,and then Treacy spoke. “I was wondering when you were going to tell me,” she said. I looked up at her ,my mouth dropped open in shock. “You mean you knew? How could possibly know?” I asked. “I figured it out awhile ago.You are my best friend how could I not know.Beside if I had a brother like yours, I would have the hots for him too, she said with a giggle. “Is any body else knows” I asked. “No, don’t worry every body is clueless” she answered. “You really don’t think I am crazy?. I asked. “No, I don’t think you are crazy.

In fact “I am going to help you” she said. “What do you mean?” I asked. “You are going to fuck your brother,and its going to happen on Halloween, at your party, she exclaimed. “Now I think your are crazy” I said stunned. “Robbena, you admitted you had the hots for him,so why not go after him. No will ever ever have to know,and I swear I will never tell” she said. I thought about it for a moment,and I trusted Tracey .She would never tell if she gave me her words. “Alright, lets do it . But what’s your plan?” I asked. “you tell Amir that I am going to wear the Catwoman costume. I will flirt with him all night and let him think I am interested. I will tell him to meet him at the end of the night in his room, when every when leaves. Then you and I will switch costumes and you meet him in his room. It’s a piece of cake, she said. “He will know its me when I come to his room,or talk ,” I said. “I will tell him to leave the lights off and you to try not to talk. Just go in and start fucking, she exclaimed. The two of us just burst out laughing. We spent the rest of the afternoon finalizing our little scam .I could not wait until the party. The day went by pretty quick, and I was anxious for Halloween to arrive.I mentioned to Amir about Tracey wearing the Catwoman costume. He was very pleased for her choice of costume. I hoped that our plan would work. I got wet panties just thinking about fucking Amir.

So finally Halloween came. I had all house decorated. It looked great I had all place looking like a haunted house. I had decided to dress as Morticia, from the Addams family show. I looked really pretty kool in it. Amir Had a pirate costume. He had tight black pants,With boots,he was wearing white silk shirt. He was really looking handsome. At 8.00 pm our friends start coming. And our house was full with people pretty soon. When Tracey showed up , Amir quickly started paying attention to her, I watched them as they laughed,and danced. I was getting very jealous. Treacey really looked hot in her dress. Amir was not the only one who noticed her. I was in the kitchen getting some more food for the table when Tracey came in to the room. “Our plan is going great, Robeena. I did just as we plan. Amir thinks I am going to meet him in his room at the end of party” she said. The hours did not go by fast enough, but finally the party start dying down at 1.00 am. When every body was gone Tracey and I went to our parents room and switched the costume. I gave her a hug as she was leaving. “Thanks for helping me” I said. “fuck the rest of night away” she said with a giggle. I looked in the mirror one more time. I actually looked pretty good. The costume definitely showed every curve of my body. I put the mask and headed for Amir’s room. When I got to his room door was open. I steeped in and immediately noticed the light was on. Amir was laying on the bed. “I know you said to have the light off, but I decided to leave it on, Is that ok?” he said. I shook my head, turned off the light. I left the room momentarily, and came back with two candles from the party. It cast a dime light in room but not enough for him to see me. “Candles, that’s cool. I like that” he said.

I slowly walked over to him. He took my hand and I sat next to him on the bed. I was so nervous, my whole body was shaking. He leaned in and softly kissed me. He slipped his tongue in my mouth. It was better then I expected. Our arms quickly went around each other,as the kiss got more passionate. He removed his shirt, and I ran my hand over his chest. I wanted to feel every part of him, every tight muscle of his georgeous body. I stood up in front of him, and slowly peeled off my costume. His hands quickly reached up for my tits. He fondled them, pulling and pinching my nipples with his fingers. He took one of the into his mouth, and sucked on it. I could feel my pussy oozing. I was getting so horny. After feasting on my tits for a few minutes, he licked and nibbled his way down my stomach. He squeezed my ass cheeks and ran his hands up and down my legs. “Your skin feels so soft, and you smell so good,” he whispered. He turned me around, and I laid back on the bed, spreading my legs open for him. He kissed the inside of my thigh, and I giggled because it tickled. “Your pussy smell so good,” he said. He spread my lips, to expose the entrance to my love canal. He blew softly on my clit. His hot breath sent chills through my body. I could feel his tongue exploring every crevice.

By now my juices were gushing into his waiting mouth. He lapped and sucked on my clit, and I began to let out soft moans. They became louder and louder as I got closer to an orgasm. He inserted a finger then two into my cunt, as he continued sucking on my clit. Within minutes , I was exploding with an intense orgasm .Amir lapped up every bit of cream. “Ummmmmm, that was so good. Your pussy juice is like sweet nectar, baby,” he said. He reached up to touch my face, and I realized that I still had on the mask. “You must be real hot in that mask, Robeena. Why don’t you take it off?” he asked. I froze. He just called me Robeena, and not Tracey. I did not know what to do so I just laid there, not uttering a word. Amir reached over and took the mask off. “Robeena, did you really think I would not figure it out?” he asked. “when did you know it was me?” I asked. “I knew all along, when you and Tracey were talking in the kitchen about some plan I heard some conversation then I asked Treacy what’s going on. First she refused to tell me when I threatened her that she don’t have to come to my room after the party. Then she told me that you have hots for me and you want to fuck me. So I decided to go along with this game and asked Tracey not to tell you any thing. He said with a smile. “Are you mad with me?” I asked. He did not say any thing. He just reached over and start kissing me again. He wasn’t angry with me he wanted me too. We laid back on bed this time me getting on top. It was my turn to explore every inch of his body.I worked my way down and when I reached that wash board stomach, I lowered his pants and briefs. His dick sprang out, standing at attention. It was huge, it was not very wide but it was long. It had to be nine inches long.

I lightly ran my fingers up and down the shaft. I could see first drop of pre-cum appear from his piss hole. I ran my finger over the head taking the clear liquid and putting it in my mouth. I savoured the salty taste. I took his meat in my mouth and took it in slowly, inch by inch, I wanted to tease him. I wanted to please him, and make him feel good. I did not ever want him to forget this night. His rod was so long, I could not barely take it all in. it literally touched the back of my throat. I started sucking on it slowly, then doing it faster, and harder. “Oh baby,yeah, he moaned in pleasure. He grabbed the back of my head making me take it deeper. Within minutes I could feel him tense. He exploded into my mouth, never letting go of my head. I took and swallowed every drop of sweet jism. “You give a hell of blow job, Robbena,” he said. Even though he had just come, his dick was still hard. I wanted that beautiful cock inside of me. I wanted to fuck him, like I never wanted to fuck anyone else before in my life. I positioned my self, till I had completely taken every inch of his manhood. The two of us fucked like two wild animals, like we were on our honeymoon. We were all over the bed. The bed squeaked as I worked up and down. You could hear sloshing noises from my juices that were flowing like a faucet. Our bodies glistened in the candlelight, from the sweat of our bodies. The smell of lovemaking was in the air.

We went at it, what felt like hours. Amir had more energy than I ever imagined. More energy then any of the guys I ever been with. Fucking my brother was better then anything I ever imagined. His thrusts were so hard I felt he is gonna rip my pussy apart. But it felt so wonderful. His strong had were cupping my breasts. I leaned over and put my one nipple in his mouth and he start chewing it. “I am almost there, Robeena. I am going to come” he yelled. He held me tight, and came flooding me with his cum. I came too, letting out a loud cry. The two of us collapsed on the bed, totally exhausted from fucking. Amir was the first to speak. “Wow,you really wore me out, Robbena, he said. ” You are not mad at me, Amir?” I asked. “No, I am not mad , but you did not have to try to trick me. The truth is , I thought that you are a hot babe for awhile. I just did not think you would do any thing with me because I am your brother,” he explained. “Well, now you know and I don’t have to trick you any more,” I said, as leaned over and kissed him. “You absolutely right, Robeena,” he said as he held me close.”From now on we skip the trick, and go right to treat” he exclaimed

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