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A True Story Of Veerta And Her Son

  • desipapa
  • November 18, 2015

Veerta is no ordinary mother. In fact, she is the sex slave of her own son Amit. How it happened , read on.
Veerta is married to Anup Mahajan who is employed as an insurance officer. Veerta is all of 52 years ripe and full, a lovely and vivacious lady. She has a meaty pair of buxom breasts and walks with a flabby swinging bumper ass. My father keeps going on tours related to the expansion of his insurance business. He has targets to meet and he is often away from home. Anup is fat man with a mustache and is not very attractive . He is 55 years of age. Veerta and Anup live in Nayanagar Mussourie. They have a lean handsome son named Amit 26 and a sweet long nosed daughter named Teenu 23. They both study in the local college.

Veerta is a highly fashionable lady. In the local circle of kaampur , she is hungrily looked after. kaampur has a big ground and every day Veerta would accompany some Mahajani for her evening round. She likes to wear salwar kameez for the evening stroll. She wears different bras everyday and over the course of time, she has accumulated every kind of bra from roverto cavalli to victoria’s secret. She has a few local ones too but they have got nice sexy prints on them. She also has a veritable collection of panties and thongs and even beachwear. Its strange to find such a gorgeous momma in the neighborhood.

Even though she is the daughter of an army colonel yet she carries herself as a mother goddess. Every evening when she would walk bathed in that radiant glory with nicely applied make up, pouted big priyanka chopra lips with dark lipstick and eye liner, kajal and mascara plus that sindoor on top, bangles on those white leathery arms , she would walk like a sexy motherfucking fairy godmother. There would be many by-passers who ogled at her silently, suffered huge hard ons and there was even one college professor who used to come just to walk behind Veerta just to watch her ass sway with fleshy shift of muscles mass. He must have been young. he must be having hots for his mother. Veerta had unquestionably become the hottest mother around.

In the family too Veerta was no different. Evere since their childhood , they had a very friendly relationship in the family. In fact, Amit was pretty close to Veerta. They would often hug, innocently lie under the same quilt in winters and often exchange sweet kisses but never on lips. Veerta had been very open-minded and did not mind flaunting her semi nude body in front of her children. They had grown up like that.

Teenu too wore knee lenght nighties at home while Veerta went a step ahead and sometimes even let her belt loose to ease herself. Veerta had given both her children ample love and they respected her. Veerta had been thinking of Amit as a kid and she never knew when he had grown up. In fact, he was of marriageable age now. It has long since occupied her mind that she would ask Amit about his marriage plans. He had started waiting for that time . One evening, Veerta tried about talking to his son about it.

‘Hey beta ! I was wondering if I could talk something important to you’ said mother Veerta coming into his room. It had clean curtains and a flower printed bedsheet was laid invitingly. Veerta was dressed in a yellow nightgown with belt in front. She had pink bra and black polka dotted panties underneath and they made their shape enticingly under the skimpy yellow nightgown. The moment, she stepped into the room, Amit watched her sensuously. He was forgetting that she was his own blood mother. She walked and reached next to him. Blood rushed in his cock. He quickly woke himself up and said that what the hell he was thinking. Veerta came next to him and said,

‘Hello, where are you lost. We have got something to discuss. It is relating to your marriage.’

‘What marriage. I don’t want to marry’ Amit said turning away from her but from the corner of his eyes , he was eyeing his beautiful mother’s ripe ass and as he looked up, he saw those tresses fall from her head to the sides covering her massive boobs in front. He was irritated by the subject, he did not know why.

‘Come on son, you can’t stay a bachelor for too long. I think you should seriously look for a girl. Or maybe, if you have girlfriends, you better hurry up picking one. Its time to start your family’ said his mother coming to his front. Her front V of the gown had widened and Amit could see the rotund globes encased in lacy pink bra. His cock rose again. He tried to look away away from the holy place of his mother thinking it to be a sin. His mother touched his shoulder and said, ‘look son , this is serious. you have to get married. Come on, tell me, what you think about it .’

Amit looked up in her eyes while from its corners he could see that the nightie neck had further widened and the cut of her motherly breasts was more visible now. He could even see the pink lacy bra strip peeking from one side. He took his one hand up on his mother’s shoulder and said while looking at her eyes where love, selfishness, sacrifice, compassion, longing and lust, yes he saw lust too in his mother’s eyes. His head spun and his cock stirred again powered my more blood discharge due to rush of neurons by the brain.

He was feeling giddy. It cannot be. It cannot be. What was he seeing. His mother wanted him. She was carrying that hungry look. Was this why she wanted to talk about his marriage. He became confused. In trying to be certain about what he was thinking, he moved his hand from her shoulder to her back and then down to her big buttock and rested it there. He was feeling feverish now. His mother still looked him into his eyes without saying anything or any change in expression. He broke the silence and said,

‘Listen Mother. I don’t want to marry any other woman.’ he said while he deliberately squeezed her jugular ass softly like a pillow with his hand hand which he had not yet taken away. His imposed palm could feel the outline of her polka dotted fiery black panty over her maddening buttocks. He waited for her reply.

‘What do you mean any other woman.Which main woman are you talking about. May I know’ she disengaged her hand from her shoulder and moved away from him. Her virtuous self had taken over her again and she cursed herself for what she was doing. It is ok to be fashionable but such sexual proximity with her son. After all, she was his mother. Thinking this, she quickly adjusted her belt and closed her V of her gown . She was standing four feet away from her son now.

‘Mother, I told you I dont want to marry. I dont want to spoil my life. I already have a woman in my life and she won’t marry me.’ saying this he looked at her.

She was quizzed and responded quickly. Who was that girl she did not know about. How could her son be so secretive about his personal life when she had given them the most open-minded upbringing. Suddenly, the jealousy of her son loving anyone other than his mother rose in her. It is always there. A son naturally loves his mother and so does a mother. A son is his mother’s first love. When Amit’s mother found that there is someone else threatening to take her place, she unconsciously recoiled. She was stung by jealousy. She was also bored her routine mechanical sex with her husband.A ray of hope filed her empty heart. She wanted her son now. She had decided in the mind of her minds that she is not going to let anyone break her son’s chastity. She had made him and she must have him now. She asked him ,

‘Who won’t marry such a handsome cute virile boy who looks so delicious.can I be of any help to my lovely son. Tell me who it is ‘, with this she again let go of her front belt and her V again started to show her twin treasures in more light. She was in for the tease now. She must have him, this way or that. But she was knocked out completely as she heard his answer.

‘Its you Mother. I want to marry you and you won’t marry me since you are mother. Since we can’t marry, I will stay single for the rest of my life and worship you. See , how you can help.’ He said and he could not stop his eyes leaching at her mother’s boobs which were now getting fully visible encased in that pink lace. He started drooling like a dog as he saw Veerta’s massive melons which his mother slut was displaying vulgarly. Her front belt was swung on one side. Her gown had completely opened up from the front after rustling for a few seconds. Now her pink polka dotted black panty stared his son right on his face a few feet away from cock which was coughing blood inside now.

‘What did you say’ , she cooed in disbelief and sheer premonition of mating with her son. Her face went Crimson with motherly joy as she heard him and her pussy twitched inside her polka panties. Aghast, she Wondered again, ‘ you want to marry me. Marry your own mother. oh God ! Stop cracking jokes or are you serious. What do you want to worship. Me . Come on, stop it. Tell me who it is. Stop teasing your old mother’

‘ Mother, I am telling you the truth. I want you to be my wife. I want to marry you and be your husband for the rest of your life. Tell me if you agree otherwise I won’t marry with anyone.’ He said walking to a side and standing at the window.

Veerta had been stupefied. What was her son saying. He wanted his mother as a bride. It was a sin, she thought. Why had she never noticed that in her son. Now, she remembered the wet stains on her panties in bathroom where she hung them. She also recalled how on a beach holiday,meet son had never let gone of her for a moment. But, all she remembered did not fill her with sin. She was not prepared for something like this. Her son wanted to mate with her.

She thought she was going to abuse her own son for physical pleasure. She was being extremely selfish. But then she thought, what if he doesn’t marry. After all, we have to live in a society. How could she manage a second husband and that too her son, this time. No. What was she thinking.

She suddenly thought how her son’s nice rod would feel wedged inside her wanton pussy. Will he jerk slow or fast. Will he love her delicately like a mother or bang her furiously like a new girlfriend. No. No. No. Oh God , what was she thinking. Mating with her own son. Shameless. God forgive me, she prayed.Her pussy was getting moist now. She felt pangs of happiness slapping her pussy lips. She smiled to herself a smile of joy, lust and mischief.

She moved towards her son. Her nighty was open at front and her wild breasts swung in fiery hot pink lacy bra while her thighs met in the black polka panty dotted with pink spots. She was walking wantonly. Amit had sat in the arch. When he saw his mother in such state, he immediately wanted to kiss and fuck this sex goddess but he stopped and hesitated as he was not sure yet. Veerta’s chuchies heaved as she breathed.

‘Beta. Are you sure you wanted to marry this old woman’

‘Come on , mother, you are the most beautiful and sexy momma in the entire universe. I love you, mother , come , marry me’ he said and he bent down on his knee with a flourish of his hand as if he is proposing a wedding ring. His cock was making a tent in his track suit.

Veerta heard it with pleasures bewilderment. Her son was bent in front of her while he boobs and ass swung lightly as she moved. It was an unbelievable scene with the ripe mother standing like a drunk woman skimpily clothed as if on the beach and the sinful son bent with his cock pumping blood. A whole lot of emotions passed through Veerta’s mind. How could she accept his offer. Shameless woman. He is your blood. Your own son. Will you let him touch, fondle and maul your delicious body like a man, like a husband. Shame on you. But, hey, will you let him suffer. Do you want him to stay single and waste his life. Coming, don’t be mean.

At least, for the life of your child, let him have you. Don’t think what is sin here. Love can never be sinful. You love your son. A mother does everything for her son. So what, give your son a little physical pleasure. Why stop him. As your son, does he not have even this much right over your body. He needs you. He knows you. Has he not fondled your breast as a child. He is no stranger. He has come from your body. He is your body. Your very own. Is it a sin when two parts of one body meet. Let them meet. Take your part inside you. You created him. He is you. You are going to take in what you gave out. It’s like a full circle. There is no sin.

It is not even a joy for you. Don’t take it that way. It is your duty to give him pleasure. It is your maternal function. Remember, you took care of him , his every need a child. Have you forgotten that ! It is the same thin here. Why shy away from taking care of his sexual needs too. They are his needs and you have a responsibility. What if he has sex outside and gets STDs. Think of his life if he starts going to the brothels. What’s the harm in keeping him happy here. Safe and at home. What you you thinking? Remember , it’s for the life of your son, you have to commit this sin. It is not even a sin now, take it with pleasure.ngive him moksha. Only a mother can bring that to a son. Go to him. Hold his hand. Go.

Veerta quickly held his hand and said,’ I am ready son.gett up. I am ready to be my son’s wife. Are you happy now’

Amit got up and he did not know what to do. He just stood and watched his mother in sheer astonishment. It was all like a dream to him now. He had been playing pranks so far but now,nowhere he was. His mother had given him permission to use her wonderful body. Before he could think much, Veerta took his hands and placed them on the side rims of her chubby stomach. Amit came up close and he could infer the fragrant rose water on his mother’s skin. Veerta said in a husky voice,

‘You said you want to worship me. What exactly you want to worship’

This was the last straw on the camel’s back. Her son’s hand quickly went to those rotund globes held together by pink lace and he gasped in bliss, ‘ this , mummi this. I want to worship these heavenly mummy’s round rotund perky big nipples on such massive sexy flesh. I want to maul them, adore them, eat them, chew these nipples mother. I want to..’ And without completing his rant breathing heavily with his cock throbbing, his hands moved to his mother’s humongous breasts and he started to kiss them over the bra.

He took loving bites on them and then eased his face in the valley of his mother’s jugs. All this was exciting his mother too. She slipped her hand inside his lower and pushed it down while opening the zipper of his sweatshirt. Then, she took his vest out and left him only in his red underwear.

‘My son does like his mother’s breasts. Do you want that childhood feed again. See , if some is left for you. But remember, my son, all I am doing today is just because I want to have my son everything. It is love and not lust my son. Between a mother and son,there is no such thing as lust. I am allowing you yo love me since my soul feels so. Never feel guilty about it and don’t call it sex.

It is love rather lovemaking of a mother and son. Why does society not object when the child touches his mother’s breasts for feed. Why do they have problems when he touches them as an adult. Hypocrisy. I am the eternal mother. I ride free of double standards. I give you my body, my love. Love it, enjoy it but never call it libido or incest or sex. It is love. It is sacrifice. I do it for you today. Take me, my son. Undress me now, I m sure that you are hungry enough already but you need to remove this satiny barrier between your lips and your goal. Hehe’ she purred like a cat.

Amit’s hands now pressed his mother’s tits in a nice full motion. Veerta sighed ‘aaah, uuuumm, I love it my son. Repay my motherhood. Bare them all. That this fucking bra off with your teeth son’

Amit cupped her mother’s full tits in his hands and then slid the bra over them. He untied the cord at her back and then threw the nighty away. He then kissed them both and then slapped them lightly with his hands.they were so full that they did not fit completely in the cave of his hands. Sparks of electricity made his cock throb with a powerful surge of blood. Veerta had been watching his pole for some time and bent down and removed the elastic of his polo red underwear with her teeth. Amit’s monster of 8 inches, with a nice long head came into view.

‘Oh, my God, son. You certainly have the right love tool. I bet I have seen nothing like this before. Oh my God, is this what is God rewarding me for being a sati throughout my life. I have never eyed any other man in my life. My husband has a cock which has fallen in erection and become limpid. Is that God giving it to me for my sacrifice.

I accept the command of Shiva and bow to your lingam. It is not just you who wants to worship my boobs, I also want to worship this giant love tool, the holy lingam of my son. But that’s for later. Let my son pleasure himself from me first. What do you want to do now, son. I am all yours. I am your daasi. Command me, my lord. ‘ as Veerta said this, she got up and she was standing only in her black polka panties and her sons’ shanks were still firm on her nude chuchies.

She also felt that her innate desire of bondage and domination also coming into play with her son being her master. Amit was also fully aroused at the sudden pace of events and his cock pulsated wildly. Veerta took her hand to Amit’s cock and rounded it in her soft fingers. She gripped it firmly and pulled its foreskin back slowly to reveal its bluish pink glans. Slippery white cream surrounded the base of the glans. She stroked him gently two three times. Amit was kneading her tits nice and slow. With her other hand, she took Amit’s one hand over her chuchy to her crotch. She rubbed Amit’s hands over her matronly pussy from over the black polka panty.

Amit started slowly rubbing his mother’s pussy. The panty was so sheer that he could feel the unshaven cunt of his mother. He pulled a few of her pubic hair lightly over the panties.

Then , he pressed her panty vigorously at the pussy point. It was starting to get little wet and dampness appeared on its fine satin. He was rubbing his hand and his fingers over her wet pussy now and she couldn’t control. She started to gyrate her pussy over his hand and started to move her pussy front and back on his hand. She started moaning and now she was literally moving to and fro , shaking her waist and massive ass.

She literally started fucking his hand while amit latched on to his big beautiful motherly chuchies. With one hand he slapped his mother’s literally by jumping on it and with the other he squeezed his mother’s fat tit. He loved it and his cock shook like an earthquake in his mother’s hands. He sighed,

‘O mother, I can’t take it anymore. O sweet and heavenly momma, I need your divine yoni. Why don’t you remove your kachhi Ma’

‘You naughty boy, I am on fire. Go ahead and remove it with your teeth’ lustily mumbled his horny mother.

Lightening as a blaze, amit rushed down to his birthplace. He sniffed his mother’s most private part first, took a deep breath over a stench full of ammonia and mixed with her piss, sweat and body resins ( she rarely washed her panties properly.) after that long inhalation during which he held his mother by her fat thunder thighs, he put his teeth to the panty’s elastic band. He pulled it a little down right upto the point where her pubic hair protruded like the wheat crop.

He slid it where her moist pussy began. Then he slid his nose in that pubic forest and began to smell its incestual magic. He bit some of em and pulled them to a length where his mother exclaimed, ‘ badmash, kdya lagya apniyan may da fudda. Saari jungle khayi lene taan oxygen kuti te milni.’ She made a naughty double meaning.

Then amit brought his mother’s panty down to her thunder thigh glistening with sweat and shaking flabbily like the fin of a dolphin. The black polka in the panty stretched in the legs and the wet spot shone in the center. Amit again bent and kissed and sniffed that dot and then moved his tongue over it.

Veerta was aroused and felt kinky over such unforeseen perversion. His son was really cool. She loved this shit. Amit slowly moved to kiss his birth birthplace. He saw in complete lust and amazement. Two wet labia glistening and held together at the front with pubic region in an abundance of untrimmed jhaanten. He then lapped it with his parched tongue and bathed in the eternal shower of incest.

He was smooching the very place from where he had come into this world. He kissed it and then tongue-fucked it in a manner as if there is no tomorrow. He cock twitched, twirled and throbbed while he licked his mother’s pussy holding her thunder thighs near her cushiony buttocks.

Veerta was also squirming in filial ecstasy and love filled her totally that she felt a mother more intensely than ever. She was beginning to get completely loose with her son and aroused she thought of crossing one more boundary. He switched to the vulgar lingo which she had never used fucking anup. She lustily blabbered,

‘Beta. Khinj na kachhiya. Kajo der la’ada. Meri fuddiya ag layi ti’

Hearing his mother getting so dirty, amit quickly pulled the panty to the farthest end and tore it before throwing away in the air. His disengage from his mother and paused briefly to look at her fiery beauty with light dancing on its nakedness.

Amit did not know where to look at. Her cute sexy face, her wide chewable lips, her nice long black hair,maher large inviting eyes, her big upper portion on shoulders, her massive hanging chuchies, her flabby belly and its rims with just the right amount of fat oozing from them as it oozes from a middle class mid aged housewife or her meaty buttocks and right below her chutar her velvety pussy surrounded by bushy pubes on the top of her magnificent cock arousing thunder thighs.

He was overwhelmed. He quickly went to the other room and came back with a camera. His mother smiled and he captured her in simple standing poses in the lens. He had also brought dhoop-batti with him. He lighted the incense and worshiped her pussy as a priest worships the idols in the temple. Then he kept the buttermilk lit lamp on one side and switched the lights off. His mother opened one drawer and took out something and said,

‘Son, this is sin door. You have fill my maang before filling my pussy. You have to be my husband and you have to do it everyday. By this, you can do whatever with my body. Even gods will not be angry as we are doing everything as per Hindu norms. We will be forever son and mother but you can be my husband as per religion and then we can have sex. Fill my maang and do your duty.’ She offered him the opened box of sin door.

Amit put the sin door in a fine line on her head. Then, Veerta bent down nude and touched her husband’s feet and said, ‘ I am all yours my new husband.come, fuck me’

Amit was waiting greedily for these words. He lifted his mother in the air by her thighs and buttocks and took her to the master bed where his parents slept. He threw his mother gently on the bed. Veerta pulled him to her mouth and they began kissing like two animals on heat. In hhhh meanwhile, Amit’s cock was wandering in her thighs and touching her pubic region. Veerta moved her hand and guided in into her love canal.

Amit could feel juicy hotness greasing his fat cock. It was slimming down her valley. He pushed it slowly pushing it all the more inside. He almost pushed his entire cock slowly and he was immersed in his mother’s pussy right to the base of his cock. He then, took it out fully and again gave a gentle stroke. He was squishing her puss. Veerta was moaning now,

‘Aah, ,my son. Paide poora paide, faad meri fuddiya. Chadi jaa…le le ..maar isa’

Amit now cupped her bit tits and mauled them. He sucked one nipples and played with the other with his fingers. He bit one hard while he flitted the other teasingly. He started giving bigger strokes. His cock was fully enlarged now. Veerta could feel his manhood growing inside her. Oh ! Mine. How could I have not judged its hugeness.

Veerta now lay in the missionary position and her son was pumping her from the top. Veerta’s arms coiled around his naked back and she hugged his chest to clung to her chuchies. She also wrapped her legs around his back making it into a motherfucking love lock. No one could separate them now. He was giving her mild strokes, taking his full cock out and then squishing it in her motherly pussy. He was also gyrating his waist over her pussy so that the cock touches even the remotest corners of her pussy. His mother sighed,

‘ Oh my holy God. What are you doing Amit. No one ever did like that to me. It’s so wonderful. But I feel motherly. I want to give you my love. Forget about me. Enjoy yourself. This is for your pleasure and not mine. I am your servant. You are my pati parmeshwar. Bless my yoni with thy cock. Defile me. Violate me. I want my son. I am a wanton whore who must be raped by her son. Give me harder strokes. Tear my pussy. Come on.’

Hearing such aggressive words from his mother, Amit doubled the force. Now he was banging his mother’s pussy and his balls slapped on her cunt. The whole room was full of such slap sounds and moans of his mother,

‘Oh yeah. Hell yeah. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me like a whore. I am tramp..oh yeah..mmm..o.uuui ma..Mari gayi…haibo maar isa fuddiya, faad meri..maar mera bacha. Khuchh apni maa. Rukda dihan’

Veerta was now gently caressing her son’s back with her fingernails as she had seen in a movie. She was looking naughtily at her son while she did that tease. She took her hand up and creased his hair like a mother consoling a son tired after his home work. She felt her breasts tingle with love and she pressed him behind his back to her voluminous tits. He was banging her pussy and smooching her all the while .

Veerta’s pussy was on fire and she spread her legs more to gulp her son’s member deep in her outstretched fuck hole. She took her hands to Amit’s jumping buttocks and pressed them in her pussy in tune with his jumps. The moment amit went when back, she relaxed her hold on his buttocks but then he banged in her pussy coming from the top, she pressed his ass with full power , to take his young cock fully deep in her pussy. Amit , now relaxed about the lower portion shifted his attention to his mother’s mammaries.

He remembered how he had eavesdropped his friends talking about his mother’s twin towers in the ground when she was walking in the evening. He remembered his friend saurabh who used to climb on third story of the adjoining building because mother stopped a bit for aerobics there. He used to adjust himself in such a manner to see her lusty jugs.

And it was Saurabh only who had made this saying popular that Veerta had areoles as bigger as a cosco ball. He had seen her tits without bra too and knew even that nipples had a mole. It was this mole he gave a bite and felt immensely satisfied as he squeezed his mother love at the right places. He was humping her non stop and her pussy had become greasy and the lubrication gave him added joy as he felt his cock churning and squishing his birthplace.

Amit looked her into the eye and kissed her deeper while banging her pussy like a pro. He mauled her tits and slapped them making them red. He was pounding her like a beast now and her fuddi became soiled with juices. She was squirting on her son’s thick cock. She howled like a bitch,

‘Oh ! Madarchoda, faad de mera fudda. Oh my god where did you learn all these love making skills. You will kill me with that jumbo cock. Even your father or Viju does not have this big a cock. ( Viju is our neighbor whose cock Veerta has seen as they have an open bathroom visible from the top) you mother fucker. Here mommy comes… uuuu.. iiiiii. my son, please fuck me hard, enter my pussy. Bang it ‘ she cried as if heavens ordained her to join his son in coitus.

At the orgasm she thrust her pussy upward by forcing his buttocks into her crotch trying to be one with his lover taking his tool completely inside her. It was like a consummate motherly gesture with her son squeezing her massive tits and mauling and stretching her long nipples to the far end, a very common mother son posture of the childhood. Life had come full circle for this mother-son duo as they mated in this final act of love, lust, sacrifice, maternity and martyrdom.

A mother had been martyred in the battle of incest and religion and social piety and morality. She had upheld her principal belief in the expression of human freedom in all its domain. The incest she had committed was also a rebuttal and protest of convention.

Amit gently asked her to come on top and take his cock right up her pussy. She just turned round and tried to sit on him. But amit stopped his mother and asked her to sit on his face instead. He wanted a face job. He wanted to gyrate his mother’s pussy over her face and he wanted to slap and eat her bums too. He quickly caressed her fleshy chutar and slapped them while munching bits of those flesh mountains.

In no time, he was aroused without parallel and he just flipped his mother over. He was right behind her ass now and simply guided his cock to her fuck hole. She lifted her ass up to accommodate her. In no time, he was fucking his mother doggy. He gave her nice strokes and then, when he was about to come, he signaled his mother. But she said,

‘I am past menopause, my son. You can safely drop your seed inside me. Don’t worry. You can use mummy’s pussy as a dustbin from now on. I love it my son. Spray me with your cum. Give it to me.’

Amit’s cock finally elongated and jets of semen flew into the inner recesses of her womb. He lay spent on her. He couldn’t move.

What had happened. He could not himself believe. Exhausted he fell into sleep. Next morning, he got up only to find his sister standing next to him and his naked mother with his limp cock next to her vagina dripping with cum.

What happens next,mis another story.

A True Story Of Veerta And Her Son

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