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A Tremendous Bus Travel

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

I have read a lot of stories on this site. some are beautiful and some are fantastic. I am mentioning my very own experience during recent journey to madurai. Before that, let me tell u the bus journeys will be so erotic during monsoon/winter seasons. Aunties/girls can be touched/squeezed whole of their body and without others noticing it. It will be quite exciting to do it in public. I never missed a chance of squeezing buttocks and breasts of any lady irrespective of age and religion. I found women/girls who do not mind where ever they are touched I even squeezed old ladies aged around 50-55 yrs also. O.K. lets come to experience I recently had during my visit to Eluru I would love to have your reader comments on this story. I am a student .while i doing my 1st yr college i went to my native place for my vacation. Most of my travel was by bus. I had a reservation on the 8.00 p.m. Hi-tech AC Coach from Chennai to madurai.

The journey was about ninehours. On entering the bus and reaching the seat No.18 reserved for me, I was pleased to see a aunty aged approximately 35 yrs dressed in a light pink colored sari-occupying seat No.14 that would be the front one from mine! with earlier experiences I think a good journey in process.

The bus started and I started removing my shoe and socks to keep my foot bear. About an hours time bus has crossed city limits and the lights were switched off. Also, to my luck not many people were there in the bus and that most of them occupied front seats. I slowly put my foot in the gap of the seat and started touching her buttocks through her saree. I could feel her slight warmth at the points of contact through her sari.

Slowly I applied little pressure with my left leg to feel her body She checked with her hand as some thing is pressing her butts. I carefully removed my leg before she noticed it.

After some time again I put my left leg into the gap and lightly I tried to know the division of ass cheeks by slowly pooking on the body Finally I got her divider and I slowly put my thumb finger of leg in the divider of her ass. I just remained like that for about ten minutes feeling the hotness of the ass.

I pressed the seat down in order ease my leg to go deep through the crack and succeeded . now, my thumb finger pridely settled in her ass and doing some serious jerks. I tried to go bit further but some thing is stopping me. Suddenly she raised from the seat and sat down in such a way that I can easily reach near to her golden temple.

in order to check her status I straightened my thumb in the ass and tried to lift her. She moved by a inch because of the force but didn’t turn back.

With that I felt happy as I got a “catch” today.

With confidence I put my right leg also into the gap caressing her body, pressing it and squeezing whatever part comes in its way.

Instead she kept pressing her hips on my thumb finger .I gave her back a soft push. She understood and lifted her hip slightly in order to accommodate my thumb near to her pussy. Slowly , she lifted herself With both hands, she
pulled her clothes up from behind and lifted it up to her waist. She sat again on the seat and on my thumb which is near her cunt. For the first time I felt the skin contact ,I caressed her inner thigh region. It is very smooth and like silk and I slowly tried to reach her pussy and she pulled clothes in front. She was nude in back whereas her front thighs and legs were covered. My thumb finger was between her ass cheeks but I wanted her to position herself in such a way that my thumb goes in her cunt. she spread her cunt’s lips and I entered her pussy successfully . With one stroke entire thumb is in her cunt and she started moving up and down slowly on my thumb as if she was fucked with a rod. I too started moving my thumb in her pussy. Her pussy was wetted and slippery and some juices are oozing out of cunt. I started sensing the contraction of pussy lips on my thumb and I speeded up and moving my thumb as much as possible into her pussy. After some time she lifted her self and forcibly sitted on my thumb and she stopped moving and holded my thumb with her pussy very tightly and I am feeling the contractions of her pussy. Juices started flowing down my thumb.

And she removed my leg and pulled her saree to normal position. Near vikkiravaandi the bus stopped for break and driver switched on lights. I watched her and she looked at me and smiled .For the first time I asked her any thing required for her. She thanked me and get down along with me to have some cool drink. I slowly put my hand around her and walked to a corner. I asked her what she want and got two cool drinks. As it is a bit dark place and we are sitting at the other end of the table . I dared and put my hand on her pussy above the saree only. I asked her name she nsays her name is malathi. I started finger fucking her above the saree only. Then suddenly, she pulled my hands away . “One moment” she said and stood up and started walking towards ladies toilet. Later , after finishing her nature call she started walking towards the bus and surprisingly she sits in my seat, as no one is sitting next to me I occupied the next seat. she pullout a shawl from her handbag. Her long hair touched my face, its fragrance was of a very good shampoo and she covered both of us under the shawl.

Moments after the shawl had covering us, I felt her warm hand slowly inch its way on to my thigh. I reached for her hand, put it on top of my hard-on and squeezed her hand onto my cock. This was enough signal for her to get to my zipper, reach under and pullout a thick 7 inch long meat pole from between my legs. My hands started feeling her body. Her breasts were hard and firm. On touching the nipples from outside her blouse she gave out a sigh, I noticed the nipples grow under my palm. This was my day. I turned my head all around the bus to see if anybody was aware of anything She then moved close, bent onto my lap and her hand was replaced with a warm set of lips. She licked little circles around my penis head and in one gulp, swallowed it deep down into her throat. Her mouth was on fire; I could feel the heat from her breath and thought, maybe she had fever. I was trying to keep my breathing even and not make any noise as I eased my hand down her soft tummy to touch her beautiful navel. I explored the classic curves of her hips and the perfect female shape the lord had given her.

I lifted her sari and slowly felt her legs, soft creamy thighs. Her legs parted slightly. I settled back into the seat, sent my left hand down from above her shoulder to hold onto her left breast and the comfort of holding on to her breast.

The journey was memorious and I am feeling like in seventh heaven. I am complete stranger to her ,but exploring the secrets of her , which earlier was known to her husband only.

She spread her legs open and I now begin to rub her vagina directly & insert a finger in to feel her moistness & with my thumb slowly rub on her clitoris too she was really turned on by all this & I enjoyed it she was already extremely turned on by then — with my mouth on her breast , my hand fingering & caressing her cunt & she was slowly masturbated me with her mouth till I ejaculated my warm semen into her mouth. she swallowed most of the baby generating fluid & I pulled her saree upto waist again & started my delightful act of rubbing her vagina & inserting my finger deep in her cunt and then I went one step further and slid her blouse off her other shoulder and removed her blouse totally off & also her bra & she was now absolutely topless her shawl was on the floor & now her blouse & bra too – very excited I tightly hugged & kissed her on her lips& caressed her naked back and squeezing her fully naked breasts .Her saree was in any case upto her waist & she was practically naked now next to a total stranger and having torrid & exciting sex with me.

The passion we both were generating was fantastic … I was now aggressively sucking on her breasts & nibbling / biting her nipples , kissing her neck, cheeks, ears , shoulders etc I was very passionate & so was she. My cock was out too & she bend down to rub her naked breasts on it and then to nuzzle it with her lips , cheeks , etc and rub it on her face , neck & then to kiss & slowly lick & suck on it till I ejaculated totally on her face & with her hand rubbed my warm semen all over her cheeks &, lips ,. It was really fantastic We then took a break for about 45 minutes – I did not let her put on her bra or blouse & for a little while she sat next to me absolutely topless & then she managed to wrap her shawl over her nakedness. We started off again – in full confidence of our passion and lust. I tried to pull her on top of me & she even sat on my lap her saree pulled up & absolutely topless, with me kissing her naked back & squeezing her breasts from behind & let my hard cock rub on her naked buttocks & cunt , but due to the limited space nothing more was possible- though I was willing for more. We hardly slept that night from 11.p.m till the break of journey we have climaxed 3 times that night -she too caressed my cock and also sucked me totally thrice , till ejaculation & to my full satisfaction it was a most memorable experience.

We were two strangers again ( though we had shared torrid & beautiful sex for almost 6 hours — much more than. Soon we reached eluru & with a slight nod to each other we got up to leave. I looked at all the other passengers & thought how they blissfully slept through the night while we were having wild sex – there was risk in the encounter also this was sex with no hang-ups / pretences & where you could really let yourself go & had no images to maintain.

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