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A Sex Story By Yogesh Kaushik

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  • October 5, 2015

Hai every one. I am Kumar and recently I have come across this site and found it to be very interesting, mainly the stories section. Here I found many people sharing their sex experience. So here I am today to share my experience. This incident happened with my neighbour Shilpa, and I want to share my experience to some one, but afraid to do so. Now I got a chance to put it in desipapa and want to here the ideas of other people how they felt and how I can improve my sex life.This was my first experience with Shilpa. Let me first describe about her.

She is 5.4 feet tall and she is doing her graduation and she is at the age of 20.Her body has a good color very attractive to the eyes and Her structure is 36-26-36. Very very sexy and if any one see her, they will not even blink their eyes to miss the glance. Really she was a sex bomb. As she does lot of exercise, that is the reason she is in perfect shape. I was 19 when this incident happened. I an 6 feet tall and have a perfect body attractive to the girls. I used to frequently visit her house to get a chance of looking her and making friendship to her and talking to her. At the same time got an impression from her parents that I am a good kid. She also joined in the same college where I am studying and in the same group. So daily I have to take her to the college and drop her back in my car but i preffered bike. The first time when I took her to the college I was very nervous and feeling very exited riding her on my bike. I used to enjoy a lot as she put her hand on my shoulders and some times her boobs used to touch my back and she also did not mind that much. This went on for months and during this time we became very close to each other. She also frequently visited my place. But I never made any move as I was afraid that I might loose her friendship, might she tell in my home…..

Finally the time has come, One day my parents and her parents have to attend a marriage and have to go out of station for 3 days. We stayed back as we have to attend our friends brothers marriage. The function was the next day and my parents and her parents left early in the morning at 5 am. It was 10 Am in the morning and I was feeling hungry and gave a call to shilpa to find out if she need anything for the breakfast as I was going out to get for me. When I called her there was no response, I thought she might be sleeping still and gave a call after 30 min. She picked up the phone and told that she went out and retuned just 5 min before. I told her that i will get the Tiffin for both of us and join me after 30 min.I brought the food and just arranged it on the table, just then the door bell rang and I found shilpa at my door step and she was wearing sari. That was the first time i was seeing her in the sari and she was killing me in that dress. I just cannot move my eyes looking at her and that too she was wearing very low. I just want to grab her and kiss her immediately, but i controlled myself and invited her inside.She was looking very sexy in that ash color sari We had our Breakfast and I asked her for the milk shake. she said yes and I made a Banana milk shake and we started talking to each other. I was watching her all the time. And just waiting to get a chance but had an internal feeling which is stopping me to proceed. I asked her what was her plan for today. She said she did not have any, so I asked her if she wanted to play table tennis(i have table at my home). She was exited to play and I asked her we need to have a bet to make the game interesting. I was just giving her a clue to let her know my intentions towards her. I thought she is also feeling the same from inside but not coming out. She told me to fix the bet. I asked her if she want to play the kids game or the adult game.

She replied saying that I am a good player at it and will beat me in it. Hearing to her I said for every game the winner can take one piece of cloth from the looser. She was stunned hearing that and apposed me, but finally accepted.By the time we started the game it was only 11AM in the morning and we got 3 more days to enjoy. I thought I should not miss the chance and want to enjoy every second with her. Both of us were good at the game and the game was very exiting as it continued. The first game started and I was just staring at her when ever she bent down to play the game, some time she used to drop he sari from her shoulders not allowing me to concentrate on the game.Finally I lost it and i told her that she is cheating and disturbing me a lot, she did not accept for that and took away my shirt. We continued playing the game and this time i won and I have to take away her sari. She was standing in front of me and I came near her slowly put my hand on her shoulder and started removing her sari, she was feeling little bit shy and not willing to take it off. I said there is no back off and you have to remove it according to the rules. So she was now standing infront of me with a ash color blouse and skirt(Petticoat). I was seeing her boobs and her navel all the time. They are porking outwards and making me exited which was unbearable for me and my cock started growing slowly. I tried to hide it but there was no use. She saw me feeling inconvenient and started laughing and asking me what was happening. This lead me to loose my game and she took away my Pant. Next game I played very carefully and made her loose the game as I want to see her boobs immediately. So I got a chance of removing her blouse, she was feeling shy but I did remove it and she was sitting infront of me in the bra. She look very sexy and my bulge became unbearable for me and wanted to fuck her now.

But if I do so she might leave immediately. So I controlled my self and started to play the game. next game she lost and now I got the chance of looking her boobs. When I tried to removed her bra she stopped me and told to take her skirt. I told her I want her bra. She apposed me for some time, and not letting me to remove it from her. Then I got an idea and inserted my hand between her boobs and caught hold of her bra and started pulling it toward me. When my hand touched her boobs she gave a little mome and again started resisting. I still cant find out if she is willing to have sex with me or she is just playing the game. Suddenly I pulled it very hard that I came out atonce exposing her boobs to me. She saw me staring at her boobs and started to hide them and turned other side. There was no speech from both of us and were just standing. Finally she turned towards me and asked me how does she look. I just said they look so wonderful, there came a smile from her face and we started kissing each other.We kissed for couple of min and then I broke the kiss and told her to get back to the game.The next game, she won, she got my vest off.I was pleasured to remove it, i was desperate to get my undie off even.Then , i got her petticot removed. Wow, wht a scene, her pusy clapped in her undy was looking sexyyyyyyy. I was getting mad by then ,and wanted to make her mad.So, i losed the next game myself so tht she can see my tool.She was shy to remove it but soon she got bold and pulled it down, she too became mad, and tht was end of play.She held it and started palying. Then, I took her to my bedroom. I started a soft music and we started stripping each other and in few min both of us were naked. She was surprised to see the huge size of my cock and said it will kill me. She started holding my cock with her hands. I started kissing her again and started pressing her boobs with the hands at the same time. She was letting a soft momes and in no time her boobs became very hard and the sounds from her became louder.

She said that she want it inside her. I told her not so fast and asked her to suck my cock first. But she refused to do. I explained her that she will enjoy it but she did not do so. So finally I got an idea and started teasing her very much, by kissing, pinching her nipples and pressing her butts. She was very mush aroused that she want my cock inside her pussy. Then I told her she will get it only if she gives me a blowjob. So finally she agreed and started kissing the head of my cock and started taking it inside her mouth slowly and then started increasing the speed. This was my first a lady was sucking my cock and she was a very good cock sucker. I was feeling like I was in the heaven. I told her that I was about to cum and she started to take my cock away from my mouth, but I hold her head so tight and finally came in her mouth and made her drink all my cum. She had the taste of cum for the first time and said that it taste good and told me that “I DID NOT KNOW THAT COCK SUCKING WILL BE SO GOOD”. Then she asked me if she can have my cock in her pussy now. I don’t want this experience to go away so soon and I want her to come to me again and again. So I laid her on the bed and she thought I will keep my cock directly in her pussy and started holding my hands tightly, closed her eyes tightly and took a long breath. Seeing that I told her to relax and started kissing and licking her pussy and inserted my tongue in her pussy and she was enjoying a lot and was making soft moms which was making me exited very mush and at the same time I was pressing her boobs. She started begging me not to tease any more and to come inside her. But I did not do it and continued licking her pussy for some more time and during this period she came twice and I tasted her cum and it tasted very good and for the first time I tasted the cum. Then I started inserting my finger and started moving in and out she was much exited started moving her body in different positions and was making a loud noise.

She started telling me Please Kumar stop teasing me further and I want you inside me now and I cannot wait any longer. She started begging, but till then i did not listen to her and she started shouting you bastard stop teasing me and put your cock inside me. I was surprised to here such words from her and I said get ready for the great fun and I kept the head of my cock near her pussy and started pushing inside but it was very difficult to enter. I just applied some juices of her pussy to my cock and started pushing it inside. 1/4 of my cock was inside her and she started shouting to stop that it was hearting her very much. I stopped a little bit and applied some force and pushed in further. She started crying that it was hurting her and I told her that once it is inside you will get used to it. But she did not listed and started shouting you bastard take it outside it is hurting a lot. I told her ok and told her I am removing it. My cock was inside her and she relaxed a little bit and told to remove it slowly. I told ok and instead of taking it out I put lot of pressure and put all my cock inside and she gave a very loud sound that I got really scarce. She did not talk for some time and I thought that some thing has happened to her. But after some time she shouted at me you bastard, fucker and was using all the bad words. Now I started moving my cock in and out and soon the pain turned to excitement and she was enjoying it. I was watching her boobs, which were moving up and down and that exited me and she also got exited and shouting, faster, faster. I started pressing her boobs and started kissing her in between.I increased the speed and after 10 min she said that she was coming and I think that was her first organs. But I am not still over and started moving faster and when I was ready to cum she told me to spread it on her body. I took it out and spread it all over her boobs and her face. There was a cum and some drops of blood coming out of her pussy.She enjoyed it very much and we laid naked on the bead for about 30 min and during this time I was playing with her boobs and pinching them. When every I pinched them she was giving out a sexy sound which aroused my cock again. Seeing that she wanted to take it inside her again. We changed out positions and she was on top of me and started riding me like a horse.That lead to another round and we had another 3 times. Now I said that I want to fuck her ass.

She said that it is going to hurt her and she don’t want to take the pain again. I started convincing her, but she refused. I have gone wild and with force I grabbed her by her waste and pulled her down the bed and half part of her body was on the bed and her back was facing me. I put the pillow under her head and applied some juices to my cock and started inserting my cock. She started shouting you bustard stop doing it to, but I did not stop and inserted my cock in her ass, her hole was very tiny and it was difficult to enter. I put lot of pressure and tried to enter her, with lot of difficulty I was able to enter a little and she started crying again and shouting that she is going to die. Then I took a long breath and pushed my cock harder and finally I was able to enter the whole length of my cock and started moving in and out and soon the pain for both of us turned to pleasure and after 10 min both of us were ready to cum and we released the whole cum in her ass hole and it was a very wonderful moment. By this time both of us were exhausted and the whole bed became a mess with the huge amount of cum and we laid on the bed for some time. Then she told me that she was interested in have sex with me since a long time and she want to have a wild sex so she was teasing me from the beginning.After some time we went into the bathroom to have a shower and I was washing her and she was washing me. after shower we planed to go out and have our lunch as it was 3 PM. So we started to dress ourselves. I told her that I will dress her and she has to dress me. First it was my turn and I helped her in wearing the sari. First I put on her panty, then the skirt and the bra and the blouse and finally the sari. That was a very nice to were her a sari and at the end put my hands inside her blouse and adjusted her boobs to get a perfect position and she did the same for me to wear my dress.We went out had our lunch and brought some beer, rum and energy drinks for the next 2 days. We went to her house as she want to change her cloths.

She came out in a Yellow color T-Shirt and black jeans, which aroused me again. I grabbed her and started kissing. But she stopped me and told now here, lets go to your house and by the time we returned my house it was already 7 PM. After coming house just relaxed for some time and started kissing each other and I was playing with her boobs and pressing her pussy and she was playing with my cock and that took to another round of sex. Then we came to a condition that none of us should were any piece of cloth for the next 2 days. I offered her the beer she refused to take it and i said ok and gave her the orange juice, mixed with rum. She liked it very much and had 5 glasses of orange juice as she thought that it will give her some energy and slowly the rum started acting in her and she was rooming in the house like a mad girl and was out of control. i was scarce she might go outside the house. So i lifted her up and took her to the bed room and tied her to the four corners of the bed. and started to play the loud music so that no one can here her sounds. When she was unable to move she started shouting, you bastard, if you don’t leave me now i will fuck you like hell which you will never forget. But i did not listen to her words and on top of her and inserted my tough inside her mouth and started kissing her, which was the only way to control her. And started pinching her again and started inserting my hot rod inside her pussy and we came together and we released the cum inside her pussy. That was really wonderful and she was feeling very exited with my cum inside her pussy. The next 2 days were wonderful all the time we were naked enjoying each other till my parents returned back.This was the wonder full experience with shilpa who took me to heaven and she also enjoyed a lot. We are just waiting for our next chance.If any gal is interested in having it with me, i will be most pleased to be at ur service.Dont forget to mail me or u can chat with me on messenger or yahoo chat.No problem ,wether u want it in real or only on net. Any one interested can reach me.My mail id is

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