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A Sensual Pay Back Time With My Colleague’s Sister

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  • November 20, 2015

Here I am pavan, again with my another experience with my colleague’s sister who was once a dejected married woman and now a successful fashion designer. All this happened with the motivation I gave her and how she paid it back in a sexual way as her gesture of thanks and our connection. People who don’t know me, well, I work for a reputed IT company in Bangalore, a budding actor and a counselor as my hobby. So women who are interested to get in touch with me and let their pain out and hope to get a healthy smile on face can contact me on Secrecy and confidentiality guaranteed as i respect women all the time.

coming to the story..

2 years back, I attended a function at my friend’s place where i got introduced to his sister – padmini, 34 years old married and her assets were awesome 36-28-36. A perfect blend of sensuality sexiness and beauty. We started talking and we hit off quite well in a short span of time and exchanged the numbers..started chatting on whatsapp from then. Slowly i found out that she was so low on personal front and gets negative often whenever a question of life and love comes to her mind. I sensed that she was in some personal problem and when i asked she literally weeped out and said she wanted to end her life many times but just being alive for the sake of her daughter.

From then I started motivating her based on my own experiences and the knowledge of psychology i have upon…and things started to change in her mindset and finally in just 6 months she was able to set up her own boutique which she always wanted to.. I really felt happy to bring her out from those tensions she had and see her happy because of me.

Finally, after few days she wanted me to meet her at her place saying she wanted to treat me for the help i did to her and also for her business thing. I asked about her hubby and daughter and she said they were out of station for 2 days and she is alone. Then, something fishy came into my mind and the sexual awakening happened in my mind recollecting the first day when i saw her in a sexy party wear with all her curves visible. But, i controlled myself not to think about her that way. And waited for the day to go to her house.

The day came which was a Saturday, luckily climate was also really good. i reached her home as on decided time. WI could not believe my eyes when she opened the door. OMG!! she was very sexy and gorgeous in a seductive black saree with transparent sleeveless blouse… I was able to notice the thin strapped lacy bra on her see through blouse. She looking dazzling and as soon as i entered the house, it was full of sexy aroma and nicely set house.

I sat on the sofa and she said she will get some water and went towards the kitchen..damn!! a lovely back with curves and i could see her waist lines so seducing. Meanwhile she turned back asking if i was okay with a drink. I admitted yes, and she brought 2 beers from the fridge and sat beside me on couch. I was sure she understood my stare all through but she haven’t spoken anything on that instead gave a sheepish smile. I was enjoying the moment with her and we started sipping the drink.

Then the topics started and she started thanking me for the help i did to pull her out of depression and made her a successful confident woman in society. I appreciated her cooperation and listening to my words and following it. Slowly she became emotional seeing her success and came towards me to hug me. It was so unexpected that within a short span i could feel her in my arms. she was looking so hot from her sideways with the waist curves folding itself and her sleeveless blouse helping me to see her white hands and underarms that turned me on right away.

This short hug moved to a tight hug and she suddenly kissed me on my lips . She said – “I really dont know how to express my gratitude and i felt this is best thing I can give you for what you did to me.” I understood she also missed a man’s touch and badly wanted to express her liking towards me. And even I wanted to make her feel special physically and love herself even more by realizing she is sexy too.

We started smooching passionately, I rolled my tongue on her lips and slowly slid my tongue in her mouth to explore the mouth completely and intermittently biting her lips. We were so engrossed in the smooch that we could only hear the sounds from our lips in the sexy silence created in the room. We exchanged each other’s saliva to make out mouth wet and smooched hard and so deeply involved into each other. My hands were moving on her waist and her back as we were sitting on the sofa and slowly i removed the knot tied on her blouse behind. That sent chills into her and she shivered. We knew where it was leading and she suggested to get into the bedroom.

When we entered and she closed the door, i saw it was already all set for a tempting night. I hugged her from behind, moved her hair aside from her neck and started kissed her nape by blowing my hot breath on her nape. and my right hand was rubbing her tummy caressing it softly feeling the presence of a deep navel waiting for me to suck. and my left hand fingers slowly moved to wards her left under arm and i started pushing my thumb to the corners of under arm to create pressure there which is weak point for every girl.

i moved her blouse straps with my teeth and was biting her shoulders amking a mark on her shoulder, she was breathing heavily and started moaning.

I then moved down kissing her open back as the blouse was deep backside..i was licking her spine starting from nape to the blouse hooks.. after which i opened her hooks with my teeth and then i saw her white glowing back with just a sexy black thin strip holding on to her huge 36B boobs. Fuck seriously that was a romantic scene where i was able to see her deep cleavage from top ..boobs trying to come out of the blouse and the nipples were hard due to the seduction happened. I bit her ears and put my tongue in her ears , rolled it until she knew it was peaks.

Then i pushed her to the wall turning her towards me. I pressed my already hard n huge dick towards her thighs so that she can feel the heat and desire of my dick. And we smooch again like wild animals having no tomorrow for us.

I removed her pallu and could see her boobs rising up and down with her heavy breaths. Lovely sight it was. i rolled her holding her pallu to remove her saree and while turning she herself removed her blouse and at the end huge boobs in a bra were in front my hungry eyes. It was so wonderful and handful . She had a great cleavage on which i spit and could see the saliva going through the valley of boobs. I started licking her cleavage and biting the portion of boobs which is seen over bra.

I opened the knot of the petticoat and at one go she was just in panty and her was matching lacy black colored bra and panty. she started removing my tee and bent down to open my jeans and removed it. she was still down feeling my hard dick on my jockey by moving her palm all over my hard shaft. I was fiddling my toe into her pussy over the panty while she was doing that.

Then I lifted her and threw on the bed. In a dim lit room, a sexy hot lady on the bed with just tempting inners on rolling on bed. Wow amazing sight to watch. I started with her toes first, sucked them, bit them and licked them. She was so turned on that she was digging her nails into the bed and pillow to control her moans and pleasure she was getting when i treated her toes. I came up slowly kissing both her legs and came up to her thighs..milky white thighs shaking whenever she moves her leg out of pleasure allowing me to see her panty being wet with love juices

I licked her inner thighs and bit her there which made her scream ” AAHhhh baby..just suck me hard..don;t stop…missing this from a long are so good.. am so wet…”

I was pressing my thumbs at the area where her leg joins her pussy .. It was so nice to see her shivering swirling with pleasure..I now came to her tummy and started sucking her navel ..rolling my tongue inside it..blowing my breath on it.. She out of pleasure pulled me up and gave a tight smooch again and i buried my head into her cleavage and my hands took the chance of opening her bra hooks.

And then the huge sexy lovely boobs opened up from the cage of bra and were right in front of my eyes. I licked the corners of the boobs surrounding every corner and then took the tip of the nipple and pulled it with my teeth. My hands were playing with her hair while i started sucking her boobs hard and my dick was polishing her pussy for the great action later. I sucked her boobs for around 10 min and she said – ” Dude.. please dont tease me more just fuck me hard. I badly need to inside mee….aaaah”.

I came down and saw that she already removed her panty as she was so hot by then and wanted me to drill it as soon as possible. But i love teasing a woman to the core so that she will really feel special about herself and feel like woman who shall be deserved to be treated special like that.

Then i licked her pussy lips and slowly bit the edge of her clit. She voluntarily spread her legs and pushed my head in between her thighs. I was feeling the heat and aroma of the juicy pussy and that made me turned on big time. I sucked her pussy hard.. rolled my tongue inside her pussy touching her clit and biting the pussy lips slowly…

She was moaning so loud and pushed me more towards her pussy.. and said ” pavan..please fuck me now.. enough teasing me…i wanna feel your rod inside me…drill me..make me your bitch”. I then entered in her and started stroking her slowly in missionary position. it was little tight as it was quite a long time for her. But due to the wetness created by my seduction, it did not take much time. I increased my pace and fucked her hard.. she moved her hips in rhythm to my strokes and i can feel my dick touching her g-spot inside. she literally moaned loud …”” aaah do it…do it hard baby.. fuck me…drill me hard…aaahh .. baby …. aaahhh … mmmm ……” While fucking her hard i was sucking her boobs and also her underarms to make her feel it even more sensual.

After drilling her pussy hard.. she pushed me on the bed and came on top of me.. She sucked my dick so lovely.. she was an expert in blow job.. she sucked my hard dick..licked the entire shaft filled with her juices and gave me a blow job for around 15min.. I was in cloud 9 when she did that to me. one of the best feeling ever… We then changed into 69 position and sucked each other parts wildly… She wanted doggy now..

Then I made her go on four and inserted my dick into her pussy from behind… fucked her so hard and deeper from behind.. she was enjoying it to the core and moaning hard. I was ramping her deeper and was fingering her asshole. She literally loved the double satisfaction with my dick and my fingers in her asshole.. She came twice in that position by shuddering hard and wanted to take my cum in her mouth. As i was about to cum.,, she took my dick in her mouth again and sucked me faster like a bitch.. I squeezed her boobs while did sucked me and i came loads into her mouth.

She swallowed it without wasting it even a single drop.. we cleaned ourselves after that and cuddled on bed for sometime.. Later, after lunch we had a session again and whole night it was totally 5 times and haven’t even slept the whole night.. A best moment spent with someone who really missed love and sex for long time. I was so happy to see the satisfaction in her eyes and the happiness in her heart.

Please let me know your feedback on this experience of mine. Guys, kindly do not expect details of the women.. as it’s an utter waste of time because i will never share it to anyone. I respect them and want them to be safe and happy. Any lonely woman interested to have a good conversation can mail me anytime at … You deserve to be happy and to be loved always. keep smiling..


A Sensual Pay Back Time With My Colleague’s Sister

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