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  • October 2, 2015

Hello desipapa’s Friend’s. Hi these is again aatish from Baroda. after a great success of my story earlier publised in desi papa , i have reveived many mails all over the world, especially girl living in Bombay, Delhi and puna, but one things i have experience of the phone sex with one horny and sexy women from delhi. Now let me tell u about myself. i am 21 m from baroda in gujarat and i am really very much interested in all type of sex & sex games, and having sex in different locations. The incident which i am narrating u too place before 1 week and i thought to share with u, as these is my 2d story which i am sharing with u all, and i hope that these time also i have received lots of commets from girls and women .Actaully i always love girls/women elder then me, as i always do have fantasy for matured girls & women, as i belive that they are more sexy and horny then other girls, here is one story of mine with an matured women.

This story of school days when I was college in my parents ask me the unwanted thing to accompany my aunty who is living ten minuets walk able distance from our house in one room kitchen as her husband went to baroda for one and half month for his job. My aunty married last year and not having any issue. She is a housewife and her flat on terrace i.e. on fifth floor. I am a habitual masturbator, and masturbate twice or thrice a week in our room when my parents went for job. I always masturbate imagining our neighbor almost 35 yrs old lady. I watch her most of the time when I am at home. She never wear bra and her pallu is loose whenever I went to her room I have seen her cleavage and big boobs from thin cloth blouse some time . I concentrate her brown nipple when her pallu away from her breast for more time. I am dam sure she is not wearing underwear also, so I am hunting her pussy sitting beside her when she fold her leg or take her sari up to knee but till I am not succeed. In such condition my parents ask me to stay at my aunt’s place where I can’t shag and away from my sexy neighbor. Some how I convinced my parents that I will accompany my aunty from evening till morning but I’ll spend my afternoon with my friends in our house and they agree. First day I have spent maximum time with neighbor my dream lady evening I went to my aunt’s place. We had dinner I went to sleep at 10pm as my aunty awaking I could not shag in the night. I awake 6am when my aunty went to bring milk, here I got chance to shag I started imaging my dream lady and squeezing my dick it become harder I started to and fro of my fore skin which gave me pleaser.

I went to bathroom for cum and started moaning and I cummed after five to seven min. I sat in the bathroom for few more min. When I came out of bathroom I saw my aunty keeping milk for boiling. I shocked but I realize that she is having a latchkey and in off mood I started getting up for school. All the time thinking of bathroom incident, whether my aunty has seen me or not. I went to my home then to my dream lady’s house there was surprise for me she was on her blouse and petticoat doing cleaning work and ask me to help her. As I have guessed she was not wearing underwear, which I can make from her rounded ass, when she bend. It was great fist for me to see her big boobs and her nipples through her semi transparent blouse. She ask me to hold a stool she lifted her petticoat up to the knee and tide on waste and climb on stool and ask me to hold tight. I have seen her thigh and black bush. She lifted her one leg and touched the wall for support for cleaning roof, now I can clearly see her bottom line in the bush. My one hand automatically went on dick and stared pressing I continue watching her pussy for two min. this is happened for six time for different places. After work she was sweating, her blouse was wet and her nips can clearly seen. She broomed her house that time I saw her boobs try to come out of blouse and her rounded ass, she went for bath. I was waiting to see her coming out of bathroom but her daughter came from college and I went to my home. I shagged imagining her pussy seen fifteen min before.

In the evening I went to my aunt’s place and again I started thinking of morning shagging incident, I was talking very less to aunty. All the time looking down. We had a food early and went to sleep. Aunty sleeping on cot and I am on floor. She switched off the light and I started imagining my dream lady. When I was in half sleep I found some one pressing my dick it was great pleaser.

After that I realize warm breath and I shocked then felt clearly the breast and its nipple. I was very surprise and happy I never thought of fucking my aunty but it was my aunt she took my hand put on her bare breast, quit big breast. I started pressing it and she was playing with my dick. She whispered ” press it haaaaard presss both, pinch my nips haaaaard, suck my boy suck deep” and she turned on me and placed her both the boobs on my mouth ” take a bite of my nips, press n suuuuck haaaaaard” .Then I slowly pulled of her blouse .She was wearing a black bra .Then I pulled of her petticoat .I unhooked her bra and I was shocked to see her big boobs.she askes me to press her boobs hardly,she told arpan plz zor se babavoo,aabhe ishe chooso,mere raja mere lundu choso I felt her nipples getting hard mouth. Then I pulled of her black panty and she was totally naked. I placed my hand on her pussy lips, she opened her legs a bit to give me full access to her pretty pussy, I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and placed a finger inside , she stopped kissing me and started moaning ahho , she closed her eyes and gave me a huge hug, pressing my chest against her bare tits , I felt her hard nipples against my cheat and then she garbed my hard cock in her hand and asked me to take it out of my shalwar, I did it within no time and she sat down on her knees and started sucking my cock, It was my very first experience and I was on seventh heaven.

I kept my one hand on her hips and other hand on her tight left boob, her right boob nipple in my mouth, she started rubbing her pusy on my covered dick . She started abusing me “sala mooth marega, mere samne, mai aaj tuze aisa chodoongi ke tu moooth marna bhul jaayega,” she got up form me and she put the light on le dhekh le apne aunty ko nangi ab tu bhi nanga ho ja raat bhar chodenge meri ek baras ki chudai tu aaj puri karega aaj tuze nahi sone doongi raat bhar chodana and she pulled my loongi and underwear my dick was fully hard she bent on it and started sucking bahut mota hai ,subah dekha aur dinbhar maine mooth mari tere naamse dopahar ko nangi soi thi socha tu aayega dekhega mere nange badan ko aur chodega, lekin muze tune tadpaya she again sucked my dick very hard after six seven min. she got up and sat on my chest spread her legs and put her cleaned shaved pussy on my mouth “chaat sale tere liye saaph ki hai, dekh kitni chickni hai ab tak ungli se chudai hai tere uncle ne, ek baras me ek bar bhi nahi choda hai. Muze nangi dhekh kar gandu ka pani nikal aata tha phir who ungli dal kar meri pyaas bhuzata tha” it was very new for me to suck pussy as practical, many time . I have seen in xxx movies. ‘Sluuuup” I licked her pussy from bottom to node (clitoris) many time the I found her node is fully erect I spread her lips and sucked her node deep in side my mouth “haaai maaaaaar daaaala tu to aaj mera pani nikalega chooos le aur dabake choose le hai mar gaaayeeee chhodana nahi choooste rehana aur ander le le” I again spread her lips more wide put my wide spread lips on her node and took a deep suck “uaiii maaaaaaa bahoot jor se chooosa tune main zad rahi hoon taiyaaar ho ja pani pine ke liye” , i moved my tongue vigrously,and she had her first orgasm, she cried with pleasure.”ummmm, ahhh, ooi maa” she was out of control now , screaming and she was calling me bastard.

And abusing me,raja abhi chodo na kyu tadpate ho,mai jaal rahi u ,tuhhare mujhe chusna hai,she ate my cock like an icecream , I was enjoying her ,kitne bade hai lund,raja jab tum snaan karte thi tab mai is lund ko chori chori dekh kar tadapti thi,sapnoome tumhse chodwati thi,jab tumahre bai chodthe the tum mai tumhe samajthi thi,magar tumhare lund mai jo majja hai woh usme kaha,there lund to ghode jaise hai,mujhe dar laag rahaa hai jab tum ander mere choot mai daloge to choot phaat jayeegi,meri choot ka bhoor chota hai raja mujhe aaj ek randi ki tarha choodna,and she started jercking on my face but her node was still in my mouth after 8-10 jercks she passed her cum on mouth “chhod de mere dane ko kitna choosega” she took her node from my mouth and started licking her cum on my mouth

She started sucking my cock again it was now very lubricated then I laid her on floor adjusted my dick and inserted in her pussy “dhire se abhi tak kisi ne choda nahi hai” I pushed ¼ of dick in her “dal aur ander dal” I took out my dick and inserted very strongly with great force “Maaaaaaaa! Mar gaaayeee uuuuaaai phad dali meri chooot bhosdike dhire se bola to jor se phatkaya” and I started to and fro her hips also started moving like engine abusing “sale tuze to nahi sone doongi raat bhar chodoongi, bahot garam lauda hai tera use to aaj main thanda karoongi aur phir meri choot bhi thandi ho jayagi” and she cried ” Aaaaah Ooooooh Aaraam say daalo yaar, meri choot zyaada khuli nahin hai” then I inserted the whole thing in her wet pussy I was doing in and out fastly and she was saying that “Pleeeeez poora lund mat dalo nahi to meri chut path jayegi, uhi maa maar gai she was screaming loudly, ! oh, aah, han, meri choot phar do, han, zor say, aur zor say,raja hai mather chod aaj meri choot phaar do Aaaaah Aaaaaah Ooooooh zor say dalo, aur zor say dalo, aaj jitna zyaada meri choot kay saath khel saktay ho khelo, raja yeh lund poora mujhay day do, main is kay bina nahin reh sakti, poora lun dalo, Ummmmm Aaaah Aaaaaah” “Ummmmm Aaaaaaaah fuck me good, Ummmmmm Ah Ah Ah Ohh oh no I m crazy fuck me good” and she was pushing me towards her strongly, “Aaaaah Aaaaaaaaaah Ummmmmm, chodo mujhay zor say Ummmmmmmm, Uf matherchod bohut maza aa raha hai, plz don’t stop, oh no fuck me hard, zor say chodo, apna lun poora mujh ko day do

I started jerking more faster I shouted I am cumming she immidiatly got up and took my dick in her mouth and started sucking hard after few min. I blowed I lifted my dick in her mouth and press her head on it “le Sali bahut pyaas lagi hai Na pi le jee bhar ke main bhi tayaaar hoon thuze chodane ke liye” she licked all juice of mine amd slept beside me. After ten min she again started sucking my dick it was a great filling my dick became very hard I was rubbing her boobs suddenly I got up pulled her ass near my dick I inserted in her pussy in doggy style she was bending on her knees I grabbed her boobs pressing with left hand and rubbing her clit with fingers of right hand she started pushing her ass backward “chod kutte chod kuttiya teri hi hai, jor se phataka aaaaaaaaaaa haaannnnaaa uuuuuaaaaaaai dane ke ko aur jor se raggad ataka de mere phuddi me tera lauda” I was stroking with maximum speed and rubbing her clits, after ten or twelve min. she shouted ” aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa huuuuuuuuuuuuu haaaaaaaaaaaaai sale main zaaad rahin hoon daaaaaaaaaane ko chhod de aur tejise chod” I increase my speed a bit “haaaaaaaaa haaaaai yyeeeeeeee zaaad gayeeeee maaaain, nikal apne laude ko bahar” I was still stroking hardwith same speed now she started pushing her choot more towards me ” Sali abhi main pani tere under hi chhodonga” after few min I showered my cum in her pussy and stayed few min in same position. We fucked each other for three more time and we went to sleep at 4.30 am then for next one and half month. I was staying in aunt’s place and came back when my uncle return . After two weeks aunty told me that she missed her period. You got what I mean. What happened after that I would tell you in next incident?

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