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A Real Love Incident From Islamabad

  • desipapa
  • October 2, 2015

Hello Reader’s! I’m telling u my true incident. This happened with me two year’s back in 2000. First of all I will tell u about my-self . I’m 20 years old guy, Ali. I am doing BSC and living in PAF Base Islamabad in Pakistan.I have a normal height 5’7 and a normal physic but good looking.

It happened two year’s back with me,after my FSC exams I was totally free so I got admission in NUML (a University here) for learning a Language.there were many students as u can imagine about a University. There was a girl in my class she was so nice looking and have a nice figure and also a better choice of her suiting she wore a black shalwar kameez and black color is my fav one . First day when I reached University I was little bit late and when I entered the class room Madam asked me my name and also took my admission slip and I was standing front of all students and I saw her she sat in first row and some other girls also with her but she was looking best.and when I saw her she also looked me coze I was talking to madam and madam was entering my name in register so after that I came back all the chairs and sit behind all other’s. that was first day so all the students introduced their selves to madam and then I knew that she is also from Islamabad and living in I 9/2 to markaz and her name is Sonia she also completed her FSC at that time and her Father was in ADBP(bank) as an Officer and when I introduced my self and told my teacher about my-self and about my family(coze I have a very noble and impressive family actually I belong to also a Army family I don’t want to describe more than it) so every one impressed about my introduction .Before describe my all incident I want to tell u one thing more that I am a little bit a shy guy not much but I never like teasing to girls in a bad way . Now I start my real incident which one changed my whole life.

One day after last period when I was standing near to my Bus I saw that she was standing there about 20 feet away from me I was talking to my friends and when I saw her she was also looking towards me after some second’s when I looked her again she was also looking I was little bit confused . And that when I looked again and again I noticed that she also looked towards me and when I looked she just look an other side . Next day I noticed her and I realized that she is taking interest in me. I was happy coze she was good looking and modern but not Idiot (I don’t like stupid fashions) and she wear always nice suiting had a nice choice and also have a nice height 5’5. She sit in first row as first row for just girls and in second row I sit behind her just 2 chairs away from her . One day when I was busy in preparing my test in a free period she came near to me. I was in grass ground.
Excuse me can I sit here? . She asked me
I just look up and just smile and said “y not”
She also gave little smile and sit next to me and said “actually I have some problem in this leason so I just want to clear my mistakes “.(Mind it too that I was a good student in our Language class)
I said “jee pocho ”
She looked at me and smiled. Coze I said “POCHO” in a frankly way as we are friends.
Then I helped her in her problems and after that she thanked me and we came in class coze bell rang and that time I really hated Period Bell’s first time.
After that meeting she came again many times for her problems in study and I helped her ever and one day when we were studying she suddenly said “Ali chalo café chal k kuch khaatey hain main subo ka nashta b nehi ker k aayi” aur yeh kehtey huway uss ne bura sa face bananya .I smiled and just for kidding I said “who will pay” … she smiled too and said “Okay Kanjooss I will pay ” we both smiled and went to café and then I took two pepsi’s and Samosa’s and then she smiled “why u paid for this”
After that we become very good friends and we also discussed and shared our personal matters. And really I never thought about her in a bad sense never looked her also in bad meanings. We also used to talk on Phone aur kitni kitni dair tak baatein kertey .she was only girl of her parents and she have two bro’s . After one and half month it was day of 23 Sep, 2002. She came University and she was looking much worried and she didn’t took 1st period and sat behind café then I asked her. “Soni (I called her Soni as sonia was her name) whats wrong with u today” she didn’t reply and just looked at me and when I asked again she said “Ali I’m sorry I can’t tell u my problem coze it’s very personal” . And went to Bathroom. When she came out I was waiting for her out there and didn’t took my next period too and then she asked me “what u doing here? Why are u not in class ” I said “because u are not there so how can i go “..she looked at me and just smiled but I can also see some problem on her face and I asked her again “Soni if u think that I am ur best friend then tell me ur problem ” … she looked again and said “sorry Ali I can’t ..plz don’t ask me ” … I just saw her once said nothing and went to Café and she came back to me and sit with me and said with smile and in a teasing way “Akailey akailey hi ” . I just took my Pepsi and Samaosa and was ready to go but she said “Hey Ali what happen with u? ” ..i just said in a very normal way “why are u asking to me ?” she said “coze I am ur friends so can’t I ask u ?” . I said, ” sorry I don’t know who are u? Who says that we are friend’s?” . She just looks at me and said “I’m sorry yaar but I can’t tell u about my problem today and I know u are angry for this with me”. I just stand up want to go then she catched my hand and said “Plz Ali don’t go” . I just saw her face which was sad and said nothing and sit there and didn’t talk to her.. Then she said “okay I will tell u but not yet I will call u and then I will tell u .so plz just be normal now and behave like a friends plz” . I smiled and said, “Okay” and that she didn’t took any period and me too and whole day we chatted. But I noticed that she went many times in bathroom. And when I asked “hey Soni wats wrong “..She just smiled and said “PAIT KHARAAB HO GEYA HAI ” …
And that day after came to home she called me and then I asked her same question “OKAY SONI AB BOLO AAJ TUMHAARA MOOD KHARAAB KIYO THA”. Then she said “Ali kiya yeh bataana zaroori hai ?” I said “haan werna phir friendship khatam” then said “okay listen actually aaj maira 1st day tha periods ka aur muje Pad rakhna yaad na raha tha aur Uni mian issi waja se problem main rehi aur koi b period lainey se derti thi bus yehi waja thi ” . I was in wonder and then asked ” What u mean 1st day of Periods?” ..
Really i didn’t had any information about this .phir woh kuch dair tak toh khamosh rehi aur phir boli “don’t u have any infermation about it?” i said normaly ” no i don’t know but i think it’s much personal about girls” ..she said ” yes it is .so don’t ask me about this i can’t tell u ” ….. she was much bold and beautifull and we ever talked frankly but never talk about sex or anything bad and she was also bold and confident girl .but not in a bad way. so i didn’t asked her again but i had suspense so i just asked again “Soni if u don’t mind can u tell me about girls Period k kiya hota hai Periods main ” . she said shyly “Okay Ali but u tell me 1st u really don’t know about it”? I said “no” .. then she said ” k iss main ladhkiyon ko bleeding hoti hai ” ,” bleeding what u mean” .. she was quiet and said ” yaar bus bleeding hoti hai na bus aur kuch nehi ” … I said “k yeh kiya baat ker rhei ho bleeding hoti hia kuch samjao b toh kiya khaam kha blood niklna shuroo ho jaata hai aur kahaan se ” ……. She said ” you are so stupid muje Ullo bana rehey ho ” ..” Hey really Soni I don’t know what u mean ” .. then she told me that ” ladhkiyoon ki pussy se blood niklta hai her maheeney main kuch din aur in dinoon main who kuch b nehi ker sakti hain I mean k her MAZHABI kaam se b door rehna hota hai even namaz b nehi padh sakti hain aur Sex b nehi ker sakti hain” ……. And after saying this all she was quiet and when she was saying all this she was loudly talking to me in meaning of anger … then we both were quiet for some time and then she said “okay Ali bye ” ..and me too just said BYE … …
Next day when i reached University i saw her with my other class mates and she looked at me too and suddenly she looked an other side and i knew it, why she did it actually i was to ashamed . after a period she asked me for Led pensil and look behind coze i sat in 2nd row and she was in 1st row and when she asked me i just smiled and she smiled too then, and after that period our third period was free so i called her that just come with me Cafe . She refused and said “Ali sorry actually i am going to Library for some purpose “.she was hesitating to and it was 1st time after our good fri’p that she was doing this .. i said ” okay me too coming with u ” . and after library in long brake i took her in cafe we took Pepsi and went out and sat behind the cafe and we both were not talking and behaving well. then i said ” i’m sorry Soni” .she saw me and asked me ” Why? .for what?” i smiled and saw in her eye’s and then she laughed and after that said with a sad face” main ne kaha tha na mat pocho . okay just forget that” .but then i said ” no. i can’t and Soni plz if u don’t mind can u tell me iin deteil about girls Period i want to know all about this” .. she looked at me and then said “Ali that was all , i can’t tell u more than that i don’t want to talk on this topic .. plz just leave it” ..she was much bold but i said na she wasn’t bad so she was ignoring that topic .. then i didn’t asked her again.
One day when i was alone at home coze my whole family went out of city for 4 days. she called me and she was allready knew about it that i am alone at home . she said .
Ali ger akailey kiya ker rehey ho ?
i said nothing just watching a movie.(i was watching an indian movie on cable) she asked me abt film and told her that name “RAAZ” and then suddenly came a romantic scene on screen and i was quiet and just busy in that scene …. she asked me
“hey man kiya huwa khamosh kiyo ho gey ho”
Sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! chup bolo mat werna!
Werna kiya ?
werna yeh k bus woh disterbe ho jaayein gey
yaar there is a romantic scene in this film so i will called u again coze u are disturbing me .she laughed little and said
Oh Mr Majnoon …….. toh aap ko romantic films pasand hain
i said ” haan buhut .
then she asked about that scene and i said i can’t tell u on phone i will tell u practically in University ”
she laughed and said ” okey jee ab toh phir kal daikhtey hian kiya scene aap daikh rehey ho and then cut the call.
Next day when we were talking she suddenly asked ” Haan Ali woh jo kal kaha tha k University main practically woh scene ker k batao gey toh ab batao k kiya scene tha.” … main ne uss ki taraf daika aur kaha ” Ma’m iss k liye aap ko mairi banhoon main aana ho ga and then i will tell u” … uss ne mairi taraf daikha aur kaha ” i’m ready u can take me in ur arms ” …i was really shocked but i knew it too that she is also kidding .. lakin main b seriouse ho geya aur uss ka haath apney hathoon main ley ker kaha “Soni! i LOVE u ” … she looked at me and now she was shocked and just looking .. i again said ” Soni i really LOVE u and wanna marry to u are u agree?” … she was looking too much confused and shocked and suddenly said “ALi u know what are u saying?” ..i said ” ya i know k main kiya keh raha hoon .wohi jo kal uss film main tha so bus tum ne kaha practical ker k dikha do so dikha diya bus ” aur phir khoob hassney laga .aur yeh mazaak main baat udha di jab k main such main ussey Piyaar kerney laga tha aur muje lagta tha k woh b aisa hi sochney lagi hai . But i can’t tell her about my feelings kiyo k main uss ki friendship nehi khona chahta tha i was afraid that if she will refused then our friendship will finished .
Phir aik din main bike pe aaya tha toh uss ne kaha k “Ali aaj main tumhaarey sath ger jaon gi ?” .. so phir hum University se nikley toh woh 1st time bike per baithi thi so ussey theek se baithna b nahi aa raha tha aur der b rehi thi aur uss ka aik haath mairey shoulder per tha i said “Soni shoulder se haath utha lo muje gud-gudi hoti hai” “accha toh tumhaara matlab hai k main gir jaoon” lakin phir uss ne apna haath mairey bazoo k neechey se ker k seeney per la rakha aur kaha k ab theek hai i smiled and just said ” iss se accha aur kiya ho ga ” .. aur phir main ne uss ko uss k ger k saamney utara toh kehney lagi k just come in side Ammi se milwati hoon wohi hoon gi ger per un se tumhaara introduction toh hia hi aaj mill lo . i was afarid i said ” naan jee muje maar nehi khana aur waise b pata nahi ander ley ja ker kiya karo gi mairey saath na jee muje apni IZAT buhut piyaari hai … uss ne ghussey se mairi bike ki key nikal li aur gate se ander enter hotey huway kaha k ab ana ho toh aa jana Bike ki Key toh ab nehi miley gi ..she smiled aur ander chali geyi , phir main b ander chala geya uss ki Mama se mila she was about 40 years old woman ,so kind and sweet buhut piyaar se millein muje mairi family ka poocha aur kafi dair hum baatein kertey rehey and then she said “Ali aao main tumhein apna kamra dikhaoon” . i said ” no . mian ab bus ja raha hoon Aunty se milney aaya tha so mill liya bus muje aur koi fazool shoq nahi hai tumhaara room daikhney ka. uss ne ghussey se muje gora aur kaha k “Mama yeh sirf aap ko maska laga raha hai yeh toh ander aa hi nehi raha tha bahir se hi ja raha tha” .. aur phir uss ne kaha k KEY ab b nehi milley gi aur kaha k yeh ager laini ho toh maira room opper hai aa jana mill jaaye gi werna BYE .. and she went .. Aunty ne muje kaha k baita chaley jao aur apna Tea cup b opper hi ley jao ab main b kuch dair araam karoon gi aur bus phir main ne cup pakdha aur opper chala aaya uss ka derwaza band tha main ne knock kiya toh awaz aayi k aa jao and when i opened the door she had been changed her cloths and she was looking so much nice in casual dress blue jeans and a black shirt. i was looking her and she said ” pehley kabi nehi daikha hai kiya ” and i said in teasing way”daikha toh bhut baar hai lakin without dupatta pehley kabi nehi daikha na so bus .” ..”u are so stupid”. she looked and smiled.
phir main wehein uss k bed k saath chair pe baith geya .her bed room was a good one nice setting a single bed two small chairs and a CD Player and a cup-board and full wall window and with a attached bath. uss k room ki mairey bed room se kuch chaizein same thein carpet color was same and her bed sheet was same ,, bus uss k room main PC na tha jo k mairey pass tha . main ne ussey bataya k ziyada diffrence nehi hai uss k bedroom aur mairey walley man she said ” okay jee ap ka bedroom b daikh lein gey kissi din” i said “haan Goongat uthney k baad” woh mairi baat samaj geyi aur hassney lagi aur kehney lagi ” main aur tum se shaadi karoon gi kabi nehi, never . muje apni zindagi kharaab kerna hai kiya bus friendship tak theek hai lakin yeh nehi ho sakta kabi b k main tum se shaadi karoon gi it will never happen ” … muje yeh sab sun ker ghussa sa aa geya k main ne toh mazaak kiya tha . main utha ussey daikha aur Bye keh ker files uth lein aur room door kholney hi wala tha k uss ne peechey se a aker maira haath pakadh liya.main ne foran apna haath uss se jatak ker chudhwa liya aur kaha k ” aaj k baad tumhaari shakal b nahi daikhoon ga tum samjti kiya ho khud ko ” .. main ghussey se uss ki ankhoon mian daikh raha tha aur kuch baatein janbooj ker kehney laga ghussey main jab k ghussa b sirf joot moot ka tha sirf darama ker raha tha uss ka reaction daikhney k liye aur uss k face exprartions acchanak badal geye aur bhut deemey se boli ” ALi main ne toh sirf mazaak main kaha tha by God maira aisa koi matlab na tha beleive me aur yeh kehtey huway uss ki ankhein nam ho geyi thein and then she suddenly said in slow voice.. ” Ali i was really joking if u want to know reality …. toh yeh k I LOVE U ” .yeh kehtey huway uss ki ankhoon se ansso b chalak geye aur uss waqt woh itni Piyaari lag rehi thi k main toh aisey jaisey satwein asmaan per tha kiyo k she is really so beautifull and really she was my Dream girl ” tab main ne uss k anssoo saaf kiye aur uss se buhut Piyaar se kaha k “Soni main b toh mazaak ker raha tha . aur aisa iss liye kiya kiyo k tumhaarey Dil ki baat jaan-na chahta tha bus ” aur uss ne phir nazar utha ker daikha aur achanak mairey seeney se lag geyi aur main hairaan pareshan khadha tha aur woh bolti ja rehi thi ” Ali tum se ziyada stupid insaan main ne pori life main kabi nehi daikha itna gatiya ho na tum, Fazool, idiot, khabeess, lakin pata nahi kiyo main tum se buhut buhuttttttt MOHABBAT kerti hoon”. aur uss k dono bazoo mairi back per thay aur sir mairey seeney per . uss waqt yeh sab muje kissi filmi shooting se ziyada nahi lag raha tha aisey jaisey main koi khawab daikh raha hon ya kissi film ki shoting ho rehi hai aur abi kuch dair baad koi CUT kehey ga aur sab khatam . lakin woh haqeeqat thi jissey main kabi b bhool nehi paoon ga bholna chahoon toh b.phir main ne uss ka face apney saamney kiya toh buhut se anssoo thay uss k chehrey pe bikhrey huway thay aur main bus daikhta ja raha tha aur main nehi jaanta k kab mairi b ankhon se anssoo chalak geye aur uss ne apney nazuk se hathon se mairey anssoo saaf kiye aur phir mairey gaal per buhut piyaar se choom liya aur uss pal muje laga jaisey main sadiyoon se issi pal ka intzaar ker raha tha bus main ne ussey daikha aur kuch second’s k baad apney honton ko buhut piyaar se uss k honton pe rakh diya aur aik dafa choom liya aur daikha k uss ne ankhein band ker li thien aur uss ki sanssein b mairey Dil ki dadhkan ki terha bey rabt si ho rehi thein . pehli dafa tha k kissi ladhki ko choma tha main ne. uss ne kuch seconds k baad ankhein khoolein aur bholi ‘Ali just kiss me Plz kiss me..choomtey raho muje plz” yeh kehtey huway uss ki awaz main buhut piyaar tha aur uss ki ankhoon main ek nasha sa tha. Tab main ne phir se uss k red lips pe apney hoton ko rakh diya aur ussey kiss kerney laga aur phir woh b muje choomney lagi .kabi main uss k honton ko apney monh main ley laita aur kabi woh aur mairey haath uss ki back per thay aur uss k haath mairi back pe harkat ker rehey thay hum ussi terha khadhey ho ker aik dossrey ko choom rehey thay and i think koi 4 , 5 minutes tak hum aisey hi khadhey khadhey aik doosrey ko choomtey rehey,k acchanak woh zara si peechey hat geyi aur main ussey daikhney laga tab uss ne maira hath pakdha aur muje bed ki taraf ley geyi aur muje bed pe bitha diya aur khud b saath baith geyi , ab main ussey aur woh muje daikhti ja rehi thi dono hi ajeeb si kash-ma-kash main thay , ajeeb si hesitation thi ab tak hamaarey dermiyaan. aur tab ussi ne daikhtey daikhtey apni ankhein juka dein aur uss pal buhut massoom si bachi lagi ,aur main toh apni kismat pe rashk ker raha tha k itni acchi itni khoobsoorat ladhki muj se MOHABBAT kerti hai , Really guy’s she was too much beautifull .milky white and a well shaped body, i just know her boobs size (coze i asked her) and her boobs size was 38. aur sab se badh ker uss k haath buhut mulayam aur khoobsorat thay buhut soft se ab kiya kuch explane karoon kiyo k woh her lehaaz se BEST one thi.
Tab ussi terha baithey huway main toh bus ussey daikhta ja raha tha k uss ne maira hath pakdha aur ussey buhut piyaar se choom liya.aur tab main uss k aur kareeb huwa aur uss ka face apney dono hathoon main ley ker opper kiya aur uss ki ankhon main daikhtey huway ussey phir se uss k honton se choom liya aur phir kabi uss ki ankhoon aur kabi gal aur kabi honton pe buhut narmi se kiss kerney laga aur muje khud samaj nehi aa raha tha k main kiya ker raha hoon jab k iss se pehley ais akoi experience b na tha aur na hi kabi mind main aisi baat thi kissi k b mataliq .bus phir koi 10 minutes tak hum aik doosrey ko aisey hi choomtey rehey aur tab uss ko aisey hi chomtey huway main ne uss se kaha k “hey Soni ab bus karo na kiyo k muje jaana hai aur ager tumhaari Mama aa geyein toh problem ho jaaye gi ” … aur main ne ussey peechey hata diya aur ussey kaha k “I LOVE U aur bus ab muje jaaney do” she smiled and then she kissed me again once and said nothing . main ne apni File aur books pakdhein aur room se nikal aaya aur tab woh b peechey peechey chali aayi aur muje gate tak choodha aur bhooli kuch b na aur main ne hi jaatey jaatey kaha mazaak se k daikho tooth bursh daily kiya karoo … uss ne ghussey se ghoora aur Gate band ker diya … ger puncha toh uss ka phone aaya and she just said THANX ALI and also said “muje nehi pata tha k her waqt mazaak kerney wala her baat mazaak main udhaaney wala Ali itna romantic b ho ga ”
Phir issi terha waqt guzerta geya lakin uss din k baad humein koi b moqa na mila kiss kerney ka . lakin aik doosrey k Dilon main MOHABBAT iss qader badh geyi thi k University b her pal saath rehna aur ger aa ker b gantoon aik doosrey se phone per baatein kerna aur Sunday wala din toh aik saal k baraaber lagta tha.
Aik sunday ko uss ka phone aaya k “Ali plz jaldi se ger aa jao buhut problem ho geyi hai Mama ki tabeeyat buhut kharaab ho geyi hai aur Papa Lahore geye huway hain so plz just come” … uss k ger main siwa uss k aur uss ki Mama k koi nahi hota tha Papa uss k raat ko aatey thay , she had 2 brother’s but one was in Army and married and living in an other city and other one was in England for hiegher studies. so i just reached there with in 15 minutes and it was 3:30pm and then……….!?
what happened next that was really a beautifull day of my life and i can never forget that all moments , that time which i spent with her . But before explane everything i want to know that DO U WANT TO LISTEN ALL?,DO U HAVE INTEREST IN MY THIS REAL LIFE INCIDENT? …u will see me again soon with my REAL incident …. just send me ur coments on my this nx for stay with me .Bye

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