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A Rainy Passionate Night

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

The word SEX and anything to do with it had always fascinated me, and I would get my hands on any material that would add more to the information I already had about it, sometimes I also found myself becomming a councellor to my friend and Showing off my knowledge on the topic whenever we discussed about it.I never thought I would get a chance so soon, to even experience it.

We had gone for an excurtion to Mahabaleshwar (India), a very scenic place in the rainy season. we were about 6 friends, equal boys and girls, everyone had see this place, so we decided to just go driving to my distant Uncles home and stay there if we can. Actually we were 5 friends. The other girl, Sasha, was one of the girls cousin, this girl was put up with me, as the others were already paired since a long time. When she was introduced to me, I said, “U have an ‘S’ name”!, She said, WHAT!!! What is ‘S’. S means Ur name starts with an S and that is Sweat. U should have seen her face she just did not know what to say, she seemed like a wild cat who would scratch me all over if she got her hands on me. She just said that she had heard things about me.

That was good for me After driving for 160 Kms. we reached Mahabaleshwar’s checkpoint, I shifted places with Abhi, and thought that I should take a nap, good that we had taken the gypse, so we had a lot of place. I put my head on Jaya’s lap and my feet extended upto Sasha, my shoes were off, she looked at me in a strange way, I said, dont worry my socks dont smell. I would never let a chance go to get on her nerves as I knew she has to be with me as later the pairs would start going when we reached the market, & I knew what would happen when we reached uncles place……we would be left together. We were going slow. My eyes were set on Sasha, without a blink. I knew she was getting bugged, then suddenly she got up and waved her hands in front of my eyes, Priya asked her what happened, she said, she thought I was staring at her, but I had my eyes closed by this time and then heard Priya say, hay cant U bare that he is sleeping, why trouble. I taped Jaya on the leg and said in a sleepy voice, ‘dont move sooomuch’.

We reached the market place and everyone jumped out, I went to the drivers seat put my hat on my face and told them if they needed me I will be here. Sasha was asked to stay with me, but she said she would prefer to go with them. I said, Ae treko kabab me haddi kyon bananekay re!, or r U scared of me! I was back into my hat. After sometime I felt the gypse move slightly, I jumped out of my seat and banged my head into one of the sealing bars, I was rubbing my head & there she was S for Sasha, laughing her heart out on the back seat. Oh! how badly I wanted to get my hands on her now. This has happened because of U I shouted to her. Suddenly she came close and pulled my hand, and opened my palm, it was red, red with blood. Sasha started to cry, Oh God, I thought, now what, I went to the back side & I took her hands off her face, I wiped her tears off & asked her to look up, but she wouldent, I lifted her face by her chain, but she just turned her eyes up, OH her eyes were beautiful, I was speachless, I just kept looking at her & slowly knelt in front of her, her eyes followed mine as I went down on my knees.

I took both her hands in mine and just kept looking at her. What! she asked, I was sorry to have shouted at her, so was she to have surprised me like that. ‘So’, I said, ‘can we kiss and make up’. Surely she did not except that. ‘WHAAAT’??? she shouted, & by the time she completed saying YOOUUUU she was already shoaking me by her beautiful hands, I held her wrists and sat on the seat bringing her closer to me and then sliped down and became flat on the floor this made her sit on me and familier voices said, hay whats going on here. They had to come now! We were just getting to know each other. They were also laughing at our position. Priya said, she is on U but U both have Ur clothes on, & we all started laughing. Jaya took the red marks from Sashas face and asked what is this sause doing on Ur face Sasha, Sasha looked at me and I just shook the bottle in front of her, she hadent compleated saying yoooouuu and took the cane Jai had bought and was running after me, I suddenly stopped and turned, held out my arms and in a split of a second she was there, couldent stop and she had to bang into me I put my arms arround her, she dropped the cane, and wrapped her hands arround me. Jai took some pictures of us there. WOW every one said what a sceane the sun is setting & here you two are……… We have got to move.

I was driving and the three pairs sat behind so Sasha had to come beside me, it was getting chilly slowly and it drizzled to, slowly it started to get heavier, Some how we reached there, the house was locked and I knew the way to go in. I opened the back door from the inside & every one was in, I turned on the lights set the fire, it started to pore heavily, our stuff was still in the gypse, I decided to get it, no one came with me and they did not want me to go out too, but I did. I took 2 bags & turned, & there, Sasha was standing just behind me, all wet and so was I. But there was a fire under these wet bodies. Well, I said, dont just stand there pick up somethings, everything was in, I mean the bags in the house. I liked to get wet but not stay wet, so I decided to change, Sasha asked me where to change, I was going there & asked her if she wanted to come, she simply smiled.

To this everyone cheared us by claps and a loud YAAA, COME ON! I peeped back from the first staircase, the 3 pairs were already had thier hands on the other I just asked Sasha to come along. we entered a room & I pulled Sasha towards me and just kissed her, I could feel her heart beating fast, well so was mine, she was so soft we just kept kissing we forgot we had to change, all the chills had gone as if we were never cold, I put my hand into her hair, by the other I locked the room and inserted the key into the lock & turned it a bit so that my friends would not try to push it to peep through it.

We still had our mouths locked into each others, Sasha was moving her hands all over my back. I knew now she would never want to return and nor did I. I started to remove off her clothes she did the same to me. Her trouser and tank top were out, WOW I thought, she is so beatiful, a perfect 10 for her body, an athletic body with lovely breasts, actually she did not need a bra to hold her breasts up, they were perfect her black undergarments looked just catching on her milky white body. her neck, her arms so beautiful and perfectly shaped, her stomach as flat as a pancake, and her navel just drove me crasy, her legs just like a deer as she walked to me and put her arms arround me and said, are U just going to keep looking. As if that was not enough, she was all wet, making me all the more excited.

Her clear black eyes said it all, there was no need for her to say anymore. I just picked her up and jumped on the bed, good that it had springs. We started kissing each other as if we were hungry beasts and would just eat eachother, starting from the mouth. I ripped off her undergarments and mine were gone too, I sat back to take a look at her naked body she was mind blowing, I was lucky to have had such a girl for my first time. Her curves her breasts all of her body so perfertly shaped ans her ….., oh not a strand of hair, I just darted for it and AAAHHHHH she shouted. first time may be so I have to be more gentle,. I kissed her lips again and kept my hand on her breast , dont tease me so much I cant take it anymore she said, I moved down slowly, kissing her neck her coller harchest and ther I landed a kiss on her breast, she partly bit her lower lip and let out a uuummmmmm, left it and gave a satisfying Aaahhhhhhh.

I as getting crasy by her reactions. We fiddled a long time with each other kissing cherishing licking and embracing I moved back a bit and saw that she was breathing heavy and deap, her back was arching and she gave out warm breaths with an UUuummm putting her hed back every time she would breath out.. I was not sure weather we should go for the kill so I just touched her there with my tool and she wrapped her arms arround me bit my ear and in a deap husky voice wispered ‘eEenteer meee!!’. So I got into position, Sasha had her eyes closed and held the pillow under her head as I applied a little pressure she started giving out a SSSSSSSS and gripped the pillow more tigtly with a jurk I entered her and AAAAAAAAAHHHhh hh, she cried so loud that certainly the news was out. Sasha had her eyes tightly closed and the pillow squezzed with all force, her head turned to one side. I held that position for some time till Sasha opened her eyes and smiled, came up and kissed me wrapped her legs arround me and said I gave my virginity to U. I could have betted on that. And so had I. I started with a slow pace picking up speed slowly, Sasha also was at the point of no return, kissing eachother at occations, I had my hands all over her body , pressing her brests and kissing and sucking her nipps seemed to make her all the more excited.

We had excelent sex after that Sasha was very active during the whole episode. She even wanted me to blow my load into her. Good she was not in heat that time. At the same time she shivered and trembled a bit and jerked her pelvis as she arched her back. WOW she had a wonderful orgasm too. After that she fell asleep, and while lying beside her, I admired every curve of her body I was still moving my fingers over her & could see her nipples were errect, and so was my rod.Suddenly she got up and sat on me, with her hands on my neck. What was she doing! I soon came to know. Sasha said now we dont have our clothes on and let go my neck, took my hands and put them on her breasts. I want to be yours for ever……& then she came down and kissed me, my hands went back and rubbed and pressed her lovely round butts and the whole thing happened all over again.

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