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A Pleasant Surprise

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I narrate an incident, which took place in Lahore. It was something totally unplanned and believes me a total surprise for me as well. Before we go into that, I feel an introduction on my part is in order. I reside in Islamabad, am 23 years old, and recently have completed my engineering degree. Since, after my exams I had some time on hand, and with nothing much to do, randomly I decided to visit my cousins in Lahore, hoping they would have a solution to my boredom. Well all told, things in a way did and did not go my way.

My cousins apparently had taken off on one of there own recreational trips. This was in a way my own fault as I had planned on giving them a surprise. What was heartening to note was the presence of their sister (my cousin), Farzana. Now, Farzana is one person on whom I have had a massive crush on since God alone knows when. She in a way has always been the reason, though nobody is aware of this, of my once too often a visit to their house. Since she is the only daughter I felt awkward in being there in absence of her brothers. My aunt obviously wouldn’t hear another word when I suggested I could go to my other cousin’s house. Much to my relief, I consented to stay on. Later on after I had unpacked my bags and was filling in my aunt on the latest vis-à-vis family affairs of Islamabad, Farzana drove the tea trolley in with plenty of goodies. My aunt you see is a widow, well off but unfortunately loves to gossip. I don’t blame her for this because she has nothing better to do, and with me there she couldn’t have wished for better company. She systematically interviewed me.

Farzana was getting amused by all this and could sense I was beginning to get uncomfortable. In fact she came to my rescue when after tea she told her mother to continue the discussion after I had freshened up. This is all what I needed to break away. After dinner, we were all sitting in the living room watching T.V. and again indulging in off and on uncalled for family stupidities, when my aunt suddenly realized it was way past her bed time he could hardly believe she had spent so much time. Farzana, assisting her mother, took her to her room probably to put her to bed. Sitting alone on the sofa, I kept wondering to my self how nice it would be if for the rest of the night I could have Farzana’s company. Little did I know that it was a night where the angels were working overtime to grant wishes. All told, after about fifteen or twenty minutes, Farzana came out thinking I had retired to my room for the night. Seeing my presence prompted me to invite her for chitchat. Initially though a bit scared, she consented but in a half hearted manner.

Having her sitting there on the sofa in front of me was like having a dream come true. At times in life what you think a thing to be usually turns in a way exactly opposite to how you had thought it to be. This was my night of surprises. The girl I had adored and cherished turned out to be a person from whom I could least expect such a from. Her innocent face even at that point in time or for that matter even now cannot boast of the experience she had hidden away inside her. My school girl image was shattered to bits but the compensation of having fucked her to my utter delight made up far more than my expectations that night. Though she was a bit reserved in opening up with me at first, slowly I got her involved in a conversation and she was quite comfortable in the end sitting there alone with me. The more we talked the I could actually see mood changing. She was emitting a sort of a desire, which I could not quite follow being a novice at the game. At this point in time I think she had made up her mind to get laid, but what was needed now was as to how exactly to go about approaching the situation. Being more experienced in the field; she came and sat next to me on the sofa.

This sudden move on her part sent shock waves through out my body. In a way my sixth sense was prompting me to make a move and yet there was this opposing feeling within me which kept saying what if you are wrong. As far as she was concerned she had made the move, but the rest was to be my play. Then from I don’t know where, throwing caution to the wind, I grabbed her by her arms and drew her towards me. Holding her face I planted a kiss on her mouth. Not getting any sort of resistance, was an encouraging sign. Keeping our mouths locked in a passionate kiss my hands started there trek over her body. Feeling her size 34 breasts was making her hotter than I had anticipated. Suddenly she broke away from me and said “not here”. She had a point. We were very close to her mother’s bedroom and any sort of a noise or disturbance would have meant getting caught red handed. She instructed me to go to my room and that she would join me shortly. Taking this opportunity I went in to wash up and get into more comfortable clothes. There was time when I had almost given up hope on her. She was over due by almost 15 or 20 minutes and my cock was getting the best of me. At one stage I was passing her off as a mere cock tease, thinking the joke was on me. With these weird ideas going through my mind, the things turned in my favour. Entering the room to the light of a bedside lamp, I could see she had changed into a maxi type nightie. Not wanting to waste time being formal I grabbed her and again restarted what we had left half way down stairs. There was a difference here and that to my utter delight was that she was stark naked under the nightie.

Pushing her onto bed, my hands went to work lifting her nightgown to reveal first her shaved cunt and then her breasts. Starting at her mouth and moving onto her breasts to suck her nipples had her writhing in pleasure. Meanwhile my hands strayed down to her extremely wet cunt lips. The juices were flowing out, as there is no tomorrow. Inserting the two middle up her pussy and feeling her clitoris with my thumb, my mouth firmly planted on her nipples had her head in a total spin. It was at this time I realized that the woman of my dreams had lost her cherry to some one else. She definitely was not a virgin I had imagined to be but at this time mine was not to reason why but perform. So it was to be. Removing my fingers I offered the wet fingers to her mouth which she licked and sucked very nearly removing them from the joints. Taking her melons in my hand I started to work my way downwards towards her now over flowing cunt, stopping in between to give her navel a good tonguing. With her cunt in sight I could now smell her juices and her urgency of feeling my lips over them.

Starting slowly over her cunt feeling her swollen clit with my tongue I suddenly thrust my tongue into her hole, making her scream with pleasure. Her delight at my mouth’s presence over her cunt could be felt by the way she was pulling on my hair. Her hip movements were another factor by which I knew she was over the edge with pleasure. By now my own dick was at the verge of explosion. I knew the way the heat had been generated between our the first time around I wouldn’t be able to last much longer than a few minutes. Getting up for a brief blowjob, she took my entire length of 8 inches in her mouth, sucking and tonguing to my extreme pleasure. By now my body was on the nth level of heat and there was no way I was going to release my load without being inside those delicious cunt walls. Pushing her onto bed I inserted my tool deep inside her without taking a break in the passage. This complete penetration invited aloud scream from her lips. I don’t think she was expecting a sudden thrust. Maintaining a slow motion at first I gradually increased my pace.

It was becoming increasingly difficult for me to contain my load. Removing it at the nick of time I sprayed my entire semen over her breasts. We made love four times that night, including from her ass hole. In between out of curiosity I asked her about losing her virginity. It seems one of my cousin’s friends whom she fancied had done the deed. Ever since they had indulged in all sort of sex practices. She even has had lesbian experience with another girl. She wants to have a three some in any combination possible. Now that we have broken the ice with each other anybody interested in contacting us can do so on my address. Both Lahore and Islamabad suit us. Otherwise we would also appreciate your comments on the story. My mail address is:

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