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A Night With Shahnaz Baji

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

HI salis ,bhabis and nieces your IRSHAD JI IS BACK . My wife and I were visiting my sister in law last month , my brother ina law was out of town . My dream women my sali came to airport to take us . She was wearing blue skirt and sleeve less top ufff wen i see my dream sali shahnaz at the airport same time i decided to fuck this sexy lady in the world this time . The next night she made this great dinner for the three of us .. My wife and my sali Shahnaz went to bed early and I went to install the new modem that she wanted on her computer. It took a long time because it was an old computer and there were lots of problems.

I finally got it working so I went on the net and it seemed to be working just fine. I turned off the computer and was heading upstairs when I walked by her room. The door was opened, and even though it was dark inside I could still see Shahnaz whom i called Baji was sleeping on her side with her blanket kicked off the bed. I tiptoed in and was going to put the blanket back on her when I noticed her nightgown was hiked all the way up above her tiny waist. She has a great body for a 35 years old woman. She is about 5’5″, 110lbs, 36b nice ass ,blond hair and blue eyes. Her ass is round and tight without any sign of cellulite. Her legs were nicely shaped and long. The sight of her beautiful ass has caused my heart beating a little faster and a stir in my crotch. I tiptoed to the side of her bed, not knowing what I would do. I guess I just want to have a closer look of her fine bare ass. I leaned closer and took a deep breath of her pussy and ass. The smell gave me a boner instantaneously. I whispered in her ears to try to wake her up but there was no response. I shook her shoulders but she continued in her deep sleep.

Both my wife and her mom are not good while sleeping often forget what happens after they passed out. I still don’t know what gave me the courage but I stuck my wet tongue out and licked from her pussy all the way to her tiny puckered rosebud. She moaned softly and rolled onto her back, exposing her clean shaven pussy with her legs spread open. By now I was thinking with my dick and not my brain, I got bolder and started kissing her inner thigh. I used my middle finger to search for her clit and started rubbing gently. This made her moaned a little more and I could tell she was enjoying the attention because pussy lips were getting wet. Her beautiful face under the moonlight was so sexy and fuckable that I kissed her softly on the lips. I forced my tongue into her mouth and she dreamily darted hers into mine. I wondered if she was having a wet dream as she snaked her wet tongue in my mouth. Feeling bolder, I took my shorts off and climbed onto the bed. I stroked my cock to its full length, then gently lifting SHAHNAZ BAJI’S legs on my shoulder, I slid my pulsating cock up and down the full length of her wet, swollen slit. My fingers continued the assault on her clit which has now grown very hard.

The feeling of the head parting her puffy cunt lips was pure heaven but the heat of her sex was too much to handle. So without any warning I thrust my 8 inch dick into her well lubed vagina to the hilt. I felt the tip of my cock hitting her cervix and my balls slapped against her virgin asshole. The sensation of splitting her tight, velvety cunt muscles almost made me cum after one plunge. Finally, she was wakened by the sudden intrusion to her private sanctuary and woke up. “Oh god! What are you doing? Oh my god, please, Irshad you can’t! We can’t do this! You are married to my SISTER! Oh god, oh!” Her voice was shaky, lustful but yet filled with uncertainty. With every ounce of concentration, I pleaded, “Please Baji, you are so fucking beautiful, I just need to make love to you so bad!” “But this is not right, we can’t do this,” she said softly, not wanting to wake up her sister. However, I was totally immersed in my love making to my gorgeous sister -in-law. I pleaded with her again, “Oh Shahnazbaji, you are so fucking hot! Oh god, I need to! Please baji, let me make love to you!” My hands took hold her waist and now I was giving it to her.

All the while Baji kept saying, “We… can’t….do….this! This…is…not…right! I…am…your…sister-….in-……..Oh please……Oh!” She kept moaning but she didn’t nothing to stop me from fucking her hard and fast. In stead, her hands have now wondered to my ass and pulled my towards her in sync with every thrust. She was also using her muscles in her vagina to massage the entire shaft of my manhood. Her juice was oozing out of her pussy even though my fat cock had filled up her cunt. Finally, she told me softly, “Just this once, OK? Oh god, Irshad I’ve haven’t have a cock in me since he left. It feels so good!……Oh god! What am I saying?” Holy shit, I thought, this beautiful woman hasn’t have a cock in her for the years! So I assured her as I fucked her pussy, “I am going to make you feel so good, baji, I promised I’ll take it slow.” Not wanting to ignore anything, my hands crawled up from her huge waist to her firm 36C tits as I fuck her on the same bed they did. Her firm breasts were melting in my skillful hands and her nipples got hard within seconds as I circled them ever so lightly with my fingers. Her protests have stopped and the only thing I could hear now was her moans. With every stroke, I made sure I pulled all the way out, then shoved it back in as fast and as hard as I could. I felt the tip of my penis pounding on the entrance of her cervix. I reached down with my hands and started playing with her ass.

With her pussy juice running down the crack of her ass, I circled her shaved anus with my finger for a while. She was getting nervous as her breathing became louder. Her look told me that she wondered what I would do with that finger down there. She gasped as I saw her eyes became wide opened when I pushed my finger up her virgin asshole. It went in without a hitch., and with plenty of fuck juice, I was not surprised how easy it was when I jammed a second finger up Baji’s colon. Now having both holes jammed I picked up the pace and I could feel her cunt muscles twitching with my fingers through the thin wall between her pussy and her rectum. “Oh Baji, I need to fuck your ass now baby!” And I pulled out my fat cigar and placed it just outside the puckered rosebud. She took a deep breathe and asked, “Please Irshad go slow, I’ve never had my ass fucked before and your cock feel so fucking big.” Not wanting to hurt her, I slowly eased the head of my dick into her virgin ass. It entered without any problem since it was well lubed and prepared by my fingers. As soon as the head popped pass the ring of muscles, the rest of the shaft slid in nicely. When I looked down between our hips, our eyes saw my entire 8″ cock was now completely buried inside Baji’s shitter.

My balls were right against her bare ass skin and my pubic hair now tickling her still dripping wet pussy. Holding my dick inside her for about a minute, she prepared herself physically and mentally for the first ass-fucking she was going to receive. Her glassy blue eyes begged me to fuck her ass, “Oh god! Please fuck my ass, please do it NOW!” With that encouragement, I pulled out my pecker and started to fuck her ass furiously, forgetting her request for a slow initiation. Her hands were now caressing my chest and pinching my nipples between her fingers. I lowered my mouth to hers and we kissed passionately as I rammed her anus. Our tongues were dancing inside our mouths as I held her hands together above her head. I took complete control of my DREAM WOMEN SHAHNAZBAJI my sister in law, as I made taboo love to her. I only let go of her mouth when her breathing was getting too heavy that I thought she was going to pass out from our act of animal lust. On the other hand, the fact that I am ass fucking my BAJI almost made me shot all my cum inside her colon after a few heavenly minutes. But I could feel the end is approaching fast when my balls were tightening up. She must have felt that when she whispered in my ears, “Please cum inside me! I want to feel your hot cum inside me!” She looked at me with her sultry blue eyes and I kissed her deeply on the mouth again. My pace has now picked up even more and her bed is now making that familiar squeaky sound. We broke out kiss and I told her, “I love you shahnazji.”

She replied with a smile, “Please, call me BAJI and just fucking cum in my ass, will ya?” With that, numerous loads of hot jizz came squirting out of my gun inside her tight unpolluted ass. Even with such a tight fit, some managed to leaked out as we held each other in a tight embrace.Slowly i put my mouth in her ear and said u have the same smell as ur Bhabi Rana whattttttttttttt she said did u fucked my bhabi toooooooo . later bhabis this story with hot and juicy Anjum rana Since that night i always looking chance to see baji and we fucked wen ever we get chance, Now i even icant fuck my wife Shahnawaz unless i see my dream women bajis naked picture i took last time . I LOVE U SALIS E MAIL UR BHAIJAN

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