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A Night To Remember

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

Hello I am a regular fan of Desipapa and I love reading the experiences people share here through their stories. My name is Adeeb I am from Karachi Pakistan, I am 20 years old & I study in the NED University of Engineering & Technology, I am doing Mechanical Engineering there. My father is a Rich Business man. I like sweet and sexy girls having big Boobs. Saima was the best girl for me.

Ok! The story start a couple of months ago when i was returning home in the evening after my University was over.When i entered my home my mother told me that some one is teasing me by calling again and again on the phone.I asked who is that & my mother told me that their is any Imran who is teasing me(actually imran is the name of Saima’s younger brother & whenever she wants to talk to me she asks her younger brother to call me on the phone so i understand that it would be Saima ) at the same time the phone bell rang again.I picked up the the phone and i was right it was Saima.i ran towards my room to talk with her.After reaching in my room i asked her what was the matter.she told me that she wants to invite me for dinner at her house in Defence. I asked about her parents & she told that they will be out for a couple of hours & they went with her Phoophi and she will be alone at home.So i told her that i will be at her house in an hour.

When the clock struck 8:00pm at night i got my Car out and told my mom that i’ll be back till 9:30p.m. & she said ok.I started my car and started to go to her house but in the way i thought to buy something for her so i bought a box of chocolate for her & then i went to her home.When i rang the bell she came out GOSH! she was looking great in a very simple make up her beauty was crying that she is the most beautiful girl in the world.I parked my Car in her Garage & then i grabbed her in my arms and said to her that “I LOVE YOU” then i presented her the box of Chocolates.She thanked me & we both went into her house.

We sat on her bed & i noticed that Saima is starring at me & then we got into some serious talking about our relationship & found out that she was still a Virgin.Suddenly she asked me when did u last had sex. I paused for a while then said 2 week’s with my X-Girfriend, (I lied of course hehehehehe).

She then said she had Never had sex in her life before.I couldn’t control myself any more. I reached forward and placed my lips on her lips. We kissed for at least 20 minutes and I started playing with her boobs.She pulled away. “Are you O.K,” I said. “Yes fine, I just wanted to take my top off.” She took off her top and bra to reveal those wonderful breast I only dreamed of. I immediately started licking one of her nipples, she took off my shirt and pants. I removed her skirt and started playing with her pussy through her panties. She was real wet, then I took them off and inserted my index finger sending her into a very strong orgasm. I then moved sown in front of her and began licking her clit and inserting my finger. I got up and lay on my back and she new exactly what I wanted. I removed my pant’s and her eyes lit up at the site of my 7.5″ hard rock Cock .

i told her to suck my huge cock she hesitated a little bit but she got the idea and took about 5 inches of my cock into her mouth, I could feel the back of her throat and pushed some more but she gagged and took it out. “Just relax your throat muscles she was such a good sucker I want you to try take it all she said.” “It’s too big.” “Just relax baby i said to her.” She took it in her mouth again and I felt her throat once more. I pushed and felt her give way so I applied more pressure and inch after inch disappeared until all is in. It felt so tight and nice on my cock. I pulled out to let her get her breath back. I pulled her round so we were in a ’69’ possition. I started to lick her wet pussy with long strokes and she took me back down her throat again by her self. I licked her pussy a couple of times and she went wild so I payed full attention to it sucking it like Hell. I poked my tongue in just as she had her orgasm. I then felt my balls begin to get tight and yelled “I’m CUMMMMING.”

She took me deep into her throat and I let out 2 squirts down there and then pulled out to fill her mouth full. She loved it, licking me clean and within 5 minutes of that I was rock hard again! I lay her on her back and held her legs up high as I rubbed my cock up & down her Boobs.

Then i told her that i want to fuck u & she said ok so I put my prick at the little entrance and began to push. Gosh her pussy was toooooooo tight, it wouldn’t budge. “Please stop Please stop !….It really hurts…..” “You have to relax baby i said, now I want you to open your legs as far apart as you can and just relax.” She pulled her legs apart and I put some vaseline on my cock to get it all wet & slippery. I pushed a little and it slowly began to give and I applied more pressure till it popped in. “Ohhhh….Stop please Stop … it’s too big….ooohhhohhhhhh!” I stayed with just my head in for a while so she could get used to this new intruder (My CocK ).After she stopped making any noises I began my journey, inch after inch it began to disappear. 3/4 the way in and man what a site i was seeing it geting swallowed by this beautifull tight pussy. I looked up at her face, it was all screwed up with pain.

When I heard her Pain moans turn to a bit of pleasure I started taking big long strokes in and out of her pussy. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I wanted to try other positions so I pulled out with that little popping noise I love and lay on my back. I then got her to crouch over me facing away and I positioned my cock at her tight pussy and slowly lowered her, it went in with more ease this time right to the hilt. I could tell she was getting in to it as she picked up the pace. I pulled her back so she was lying on me with her leg’s straight up high in the air and pumped her a bit slower so I could last longer in this fresh piece of her pussy.It didn’t really work well as I felt my balls begin to get tight again so I slowed her down and lifted her off. I turned her back over onto her hands and knees and entered her wet pussy again. Fucking with a fast pace now. “Ahhhh….Yesssss…..Fuck me hard……..Harder…….” I stood up over her so I could get better downward strokes giving her deeper penetration and gave her long deep strokes pulling completely out hearing that popping noise then pounding back in. I loved seeing her gaping every time I pulled out. “Ahhhhh….Yesssss….Do it……Harder…”Ahhhhh……Yesssss…….Ahhhhh……I’M..CUUMMING………FUCK…!”You like my cock in your pussy ahh baby?” “Yesssss Ahhhhhh” “Do you want my cum in your mouth? “Yes.. Cum in my mouth… I wana taste it” My balls tightened as I picked up the pace, I pulled out of her gaping pussy and she turned quickly to face my throbbing cock. She took it in her mouth without even caring where it had just been.

She sucked me hard and pumped my cock with here hand. “Ohhhh….. yerrr……I’M….CUMMMIIING……..!” I’ve never cum so much in my life. She couldn’t swallow it fast enough. It was leaking out the side of her mouth and onto her chin. She licked it all off my now semi erect cock and scooped the extras off her chin and lips. “So did you like me Fucking u for the first time?” “Yes….. At first it hurt but I never new it could feel so good, I want you to fuck me all the time.”

We both were damn tired and I laid down beside her. This was the first time I came to my sense and started thinking with in the past 1 Hour i was feeling guilty about our relationship. She then told me that I knew that You were fantasying with me by how you look at me in the University that is why I didnt go out with my parents & planned for this night. Don’t be so hard on Urself. Just treat me as your friend ok.” I was so surprised by her open hearted talk. ” U sweet bitch. Ok i said. I need U forever” Now again I was holding her in my arms.

We enjoyed fucking many times & still i fuck her all the time & we are now best friends in the world…( ANY OTHER GIRL’S FROM KARACHI ONLY INTERESTED IN HAVING A REAL GOOD TIME WITH ME CAN CONTACT ME FOR FUN & PLEASURE)

I wish to have sex with girls of my age. Whoever wish to have the pleasure of their life do mail me please. I am sure u wouldn’t have had the pleasure i am going to give u in your life. Friends if u have any comments kindly mail me & let me know at the mail address below i will be wating for your reply & i know that u girls out there love my true story i just know that so do let me know ok & their mail will be answered. plz mail me and tell me how u liked the true incident of my life…..U can contact me at

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