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A Movie Has Changed My Life

  • desipapa
  • September 30, 2015

Hi friends this is Cooldude20. I am 20 yrs. old & I am doing my graduation from DELHI UNIVERSITY . This is my first time I m making a very private experience of mien a public one. Desipapa is a very good site and the best part of this site is its stories section. Let me describe myself I 6 feet tall & have nice athletic body.

The story I m going to narrate to u happened when I was in 2nd year of graduation. This was one the best experience of my life with a friend of mien. Her name is Preeti (fake name) she has god a body of an angel 36 28 35(my estimation) she has silky black hair & those divine black eyes. I was making a move on her since the first time I met her in 1st year but some how never got the opportunity. The luckiest day of life arrived when I was coming back after watching a movie from PVR, she asked me to drop her to her house I never thought that this will be my day. In my way back I confessed to her that I love her, & to my surprise she replied by saying “what took u so long to say that I was waiting for it for a long time”. I simply stopped the car & she hugged me I could not control myself I started kissing her that was one kiss which won’t forget for the rest of my life. I went on for around 15 minutes & we didn’t realize we were in car on the main road. Then my hand unintentionally went down to her breast she stopped me & we broke the kiss & we came back to our senses. All the way back home their wasn’t a word said between us.

When I stopped the car in front of her house she invited me in for tea & went inside which I usually do as her parents are both gone to work we were alone in the house. Se went inside the kitchen to prepare tea I was sitting in the drawing room thinking about what happened between us. I suddenly got so turned on that I went to the kitchen & stared kissing on the neck from the back side she also didn’t tried to stop me I went from her neck to her back & then to her ear slowly biting it. She also got so turned on that she turned around & we again started where left of in the car this time it was more intense kissing. I turned of the knob of gas & we stared moving towards the drawing room after couple of minutes I moved away from her lips downwards to her neck & then to arms her hands, this kissing & kicking went for around 10 minutes . Then I slowly started making a move towards her boobs I started caressing her boobs and this time she didn’t stopped me so I started to kiss one boob and press the other one from over her T-shirt after that I again started kissing her on her lips. In the mean time my hands started removing her T-shirt & she was wearing a black bra she also got very & started to play with my body. She removed my shirt & began to kiss my chest, she really was on fire. Then she removed my jeans & my cock was saluting from under my jeans & then she started to rub my dick from over my underwear. Then we both settled down a sofa and removed her jeans her legs were more beautiful than any of the Baywatch babes know we were both in our undergarments. I removed her bra & started sucking her breast; those white boobs with pink nipples were good enough to die for.

I kept on sucking, licking, crushing her boobs & then she got up & removed my underwear. She started stroking my dick I was really surprised that the gal I knew for so long knows everything about sex, I told her suck my dick , she replied by saying “I m not a prostitute” but when I pleaded her once again she agreed but one the condition that I will also lick her pussy. I agreed and went into a 69 position I removed her black panty & started licking it. This continued till we both were about to come. I tell u guys getting a blowjob is the best thing that can happen to a guy.

Then we were ready for the final frontier I asked her is ready for taking my dick in her pussy. She said she would love to but only if I had a condom. Which I always have with me in my purse I put it on slowly inserted it in her cunt, it was pretty tight but u got to do what u got to do. She also started to make some noises, when I was half way through she said stop its hurting me then I again started kissing making her absolutely relaxed & in the mean time kept on pushing with my dick and when I was totally in her I stopped, she started shouting why r u stopping keep on fucking me go.. go ., go……. & I began to pump her really hard. She was half on the dinning table, half in the air& her legs were on my shoulders. I was continued to pump her. When I was about to cum I stopped & picked her up took her to her bedroom where I laid down & she was on top of me & could see her boobs bouncing up & down what a site it was, I grabbed her boobs with my hands & she cont. to jump. I could se her coming twice in the process as her reactions where changing. She was moaning very loudly as was me. Again when I was about to cum I stopped her & then I fucked her doggy style. This I really gave it my all, I was like an express train really ramming her very hard. & suddenly my whole body arched up & I came inside her, it was like I m in a heaven. Watching me cum inside her she got so excited that she also cum for the last time.

And we both collapsed in the bed we didn’t move for about 30 minutes & we both kissed went to the wash room. After all that we where just having a heart to heart talk when I told her that loved from the first day I saw her& she said she also had been having this feeling for a very long time. She also told me that she has twice had sex b4. she asked don’t u mind that urn girlfriend has had sex b4 , I replied that according to me sex Is a pleasure why should we wait fro the right guy or gal to have sex why not we can just flow with the moment 7 do it whenever we like without any constraits. ANY GAL OF ANY AGE IF INTERESTED IN HAVING SEX OR JUST CHATTING ON NET OR JUST EXCHANGING MAILS IS FREE TO MAIL ME AT. BE MY FREIND & MAIL ME AT ONLYFREINDSALLOWED@YAHOO.CO.IN

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