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A Maid In My Life

  • desipapa
  • September 16, 2015

Hai friends! Iam Ajay,26 from hyderabad.Iam doing job in a Chit fund corporation. Actually my native place is a small village near Vishakapatnam & my parents r there. Well Iam wheatish coloured big man with perfect body & everyone likes me because Iam very sincere. As, I was alone Iam staying in a room in Shamshabad. Well I have my meals in a mess. I appointed a maid to clean my room & to prepare break fast. Her name is rajini. She was very perfect with her figure, wheatish coloured, long hair, Black eyes & perfect boobs. Her age is 27 & she is not married because they r very poor & cannot afford any dowry. Her parents r old & cannot work. So, the whole family depends on her income. Our family is very rich & we have about 65 acres of land in our village. So, my parents said me to keep the whole money for myself & in addition they use to send money to me once in two months. My salary is Rs.8000/- & my parents send me 10,000/- for every two months.

Few months passed Rajini’s father died of a Heart stroke. After 20 days of her father’s death her mother comited suiside. Now Rajini was alone & there were no one to console her. I consoled her & said her to be inmy room with me. She did’nt agree. She said that she cannot leave her home because there r sweet memories of her parent’s inthat house. I said her to cook the food & I increased her salary. One night there was heavy rain. She cooked food for me & said that she is leaving. I said her to stay till the rain stops. But, she said she has to work at other house & left the place. She did’nt come to work for the next two days. I went to her house to know what’s the matter. She was on her bed. She had fever & she was quivering of it. I took her to the hospital & gave her the medicins. After two days she was Ok & she came to work daily.

After few days there was a heavy rain again & this time I did’nt let her go. I said her to sleep in my room itself. She agreed. I was on my bed & she was sleeping down on the mat. At 1’o clock in the night I woke up & to my surprise Rajini was not there. She was sitting on the slab out of the house & was cring. I went to her & asked what the matter was. She said that she has to lead a lonely life till her death as there is no opne to her. I console her & said that I would help her in each & every step of her life. She said that she is getting bored of being alone. After some days I took her to the movie naming Simhadri. In that movie she got exited of the scene the hero putting sweet around the navel of heroin to get out the ant from her dress.

After reaching home she said that she want to fell that experience & requested me to do it. She forced me so much that I agreed. That night I made her sleep on bed & put the sweet aroung her navel. She was now moaning just like the horoine in the picture. She rose up & started kissing me. I pulled & gave her a big kiss on her lips. She was wearing a half saree. I took off her half saree. I hugged her tightly & was kissing her lips.I took off her clothes & made her completely nude. Her pussy was full of hair. I made her sit on chair & started cleaning her pussy with my rasor. She was moaning pleasenty aaaaahhhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhh, uuuuummmmmm. Then I made her sleep. I slept on her & was sucking her sexy boobs. Her nipples got erected & were really hot. I sucked them like anything.

Then I went to her navel & licked the sweetnesswhich I had put her before. Then she took off my clothes & was licking my whole body. I said her to suck my tool & she did the same & we both liked that. Then I made her bend her little parting her legs & started licking her pussy hole. I incerted my whole tounge in her pussy & she was moaning with great sex aaaaaaahhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm, oooooooooffffffffffffffffff, uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh & her sounds made me mad & was licking her more deeper. She then pulled me & said me to fuck her. I made her sleep, parted her legs & slowly enterd my tool. I fucked her deeper & harder & she was now shouting out of pain AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOHHHHH, UUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMM. Atlast I shooted nearely 20 shots if load in her pussy & we both got cooled for some time. That night I fucked her 10 times.

From that day she was my wife I fucked her every day.

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