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A Little Alcohol Can Do Sexual Wonders

  • desipapa
  • October 14, 2015

Well for starters the following story is partly true and partly exaggerated for the pleasure of the audience.

Well I’m basically from Mumbai, Malad to be specific. I’m a south Indian married to a Maharashtrian. I got married recently. Me and my wife stay separately from our families. Our’s is a cozy 1bhk home in malad, with the landlord staying below with his family. Now getting to the story.

My wife, well to describe her she’s very short 4 feet 9 inches fair, 34 breast 32 waist and her ass is 34, she’s very active on bed. This incident happened during the Ganesh festival. I was on my way from work and my wife Priya had already reached home. I parked my car in the building and took the stairs to our apartment on the 4th floor. Just as i was about to climb up to my floor i met Mr Patel, my landlord on the 3rd floor. We chit chatted a bit and he informed me his family had gone to their native place for the holidays. When i was about to take his leave, he asked me “Arjun, would you care for a drink?” with nothing much to do i said OK.

Now let me describe MR Patel, he’s typically your Gujju guy, 57 years old, portly belly, would weigh close to 90 kgs and balding. Well i went up and kept my bag and told Priya that i’m down stair having a drink with him, she’s pretty cool about these things.

I reached Mr Patel’s flat he welcomed me in and we poured our drinks and started talking. One peg turned into 8 each and we were pretty high by the end of it. I suddenly realized how uninhibited my landlord was…. We spoke a lot when suddenly he picked a topic he said “No woman has class” in my drunken state i argued that’s not true… he said “No arjun, looks and stuff are superficial underneath all that a woman desires is sex”.

With my infinite knowledge on women, you see i was a smart chap and had my share of girlfriends in my day, and i’ve heard from all of them including my wife for a women it’s not just sex. So i argued again with him.

But he was determined and he said if you permit i can prove it. I said how, he said your wife Priya… “I bet she will have sex with me” i almost felt like laughing, but i just told Mr Patel “Sir i think you had a little too much, let’s call it a night”. He said “No, Arjun i can prove it”. To humor him i just asked how. He turned to me said “Just a little bit of alcohol and then what matters to her will be sex and only sex”. I said he stood no chance, i mean Priya was a pretty good looking woman and Mr Patel wouldn’t have looked half decent in his young days.

But in my dunk state i agreed to his bet. I called Priya and said we ran out of alcohol and are coming home to drink. Me and Mr Patel climbed the stairs and reached my flat, we rang the bell and Priya opened the door. She was wearing her Pjs and T shirt. She looked at me and asked “what’s the occasion” i just casually dismissed her saying nothing. We poured our drinks again and i called Priya to join us. She wasn’t hesitant cause once in a while she enjoys a drink, but i know her capacity is not more than 5 pegs. The chats continued and me and Mr Patel had 3 pegs, while Priya ended up downing 8pegs….

Her speech got slurry and she could barely keep her head straight now. When Mr Patel looked at me and asked “Can I?”. I said go ahead, but if she refuses you stop there. I knew Priya was going to create a scene, but i thought let Mr Patel learn the hard way.

He slowly went and sat next to her. She was damn tipsy…. he poured her another drink…. which she gulped down i was now worried that she’ll puke. But Mr patel just kept talking to her while she replied in gibberish. He then asked her “Priya why don’t you eat something”. She in her fully sloshed state kept refusing, but he bought a piece of boiled egg on the table close to her mouth… She kept refusing but he forced her to eat… With the pieces falling all over her, he kept stuffing it in her mouth.

But then i noticed something, he was actually rubbing his fingers in her mouth and she wasn’t realizing that… He did this and in one motion bought her lips to his. Holding her head from behind, i was sure she would scream now but to my surprise there was no sound… but she simply kissed him back with passion. He saw that as a green sign and removed her PJs in one motion, my wife was now just in her t shirt and panties kissing 57 year old guy….

He kept kissing her fearing that if he broke the lock, she might gain her senses while with his other hand he removed her panties. I saw my wife getting fingered and letting out moans. He then used his spare hands to remove his tracks… he wasn’t wearing any underwear… He simply mounted priya, all the while lip locked and began humping her….. he kept going at her 12 mins when he finally pulled out his cock and stuffed it down her mouth… He didn’t wait for her to suck it…

He simply kept pushing it in till she was gagging and then he let out a grunt and cummed right inside her mouth… She just collapsed on the bed and in that same motion puked all over the sofa…but she had passed out. Mr Patel though seemed fresh… He looked at me and said “See i told you”… Wearing his clothes he looked back at me and said, we should do this again soon….. While i just sat there looking at Priya…. soaked in cum and Puke…

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