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A Kerala guy with sweet Heera mole

  • desipapa
  • October 5, 2015

Hi, friends I am regular reader of xxx stories from most of the xxx sites. I was planning to hide one of experience from all of you. But after read all this real experience from you all, I thought why should I restore in my mind. If it makes you hot, nothing like that to me because I had good enjoyment from read your experiences. But I am little bit scare to open public ally because I using the actual name and situations to make you all clear the reality. My name is Unni and I am 33 years old but do not think that I am old. I am very smart and look like minimum eight years less than my real age. But I do not want to tell you that I am 25 years old now.

This incident was happened approx 10 years back when I was in Mum bay. I am belongs to Kerala and after complete my college I had joined with my brother in low for seeking a job at Mum bay. I was new to the languages Marathi and Hindi so I could not find out one good job immediately. So my in low had asked me to join for computer study. I was agreed with that because there was good scope in that field. Computer class was only two hours in a day and I was no work till low come back home from his office. So I thought to search for small type job for time pass and make money to run my computer study. I was very interested in car driving especially posh type vehicles. On day I seen one add in Mumbay local newspaper that, there is a vacancy of driver for a Benz car for their domestic purposes. Without inform my law, I search for that address and located the place. Because my family set up would not allow me to have such type of job. There were three gigantic peoples with good size and look like gundas.

They were standing for interview. One aged man selected me as their driver for time being. He asked me to meet his boss the same day and joined for duty very next day morning. Their house was located at one of the posh area of Mumbay called Malabar hill. House was very big and looks like two star hotel. I went to one of the good big room through beautifully decorated hall as per his instruction. Dear friends I could not believe my eyes that, I was approached one of the super model Ms. Rekha. She was in very sexy dress and had a nice talk to me also. I was watching her good attractive and shining eyes and cute lips. My eyes gone down to her bare shaped stomach with cute naval in between her sari and blouse. I get scared to watch it properly for long time and at the same time I was thrill to get her close to me. Firstly, she has watched me thoroughly and given a good smile. After few talk, I had understood that, she did like my smartness, personality and muriyan (cut, cut) hindi very much. She offered her empty out house to stay for time being. That was very surprise to me and I was never bothered for salary. Anyway, next day I shifted to that house with few household items and arranged my computer study timing accordingly. My main job was drop and brings back her daughter, Heera in her college. Sometime, I used to drop Madam Redha also in some sites. Heera and her mother, Rekha were very nice to me and that gives me a chance to become close to them. Heera used to come to their out house and chat with me in her leisure time. She was very cute in looking and uses the sexy dresses like Mumbay stile.

She used to wear tight churidar and from side we can see the shape of her lovely boobs. Her seat also little bit bulge to out looking very cute like her mother. Many times, I have been masturbated thinking about sucking her mulas and kundi. And I never live her mother also in that case. One day while coming back from her college, Heera asked me to stop the car and come to friend side and sit with me with a naughty smile. I could feel perfumed body smell of her and that made me mad and that reflected on face also. She was on thrill after realizing my ambarison and she moved little bit near to me. This continued two to three days and I was also enjoying with scared mind. There were three servants in their house apart from the old man, supervisor, Mr. Chand. All of them live by late evening and come back only next day early morning. Big two Alsatians dogs will guard both of the females in the nighttime. One day while coming back from college, Heera’s dupatta was fall down from her shoulder and that give me a good view of her bulging mulas to outside. She was very talkative and sits near to me while driving the car. She never tries to hide her chest with dupatta again and that day she was wearing a lower cut orange color top. On her talk, she used to touch my shoulder and thighs without any hesitation and I never denied also because Mumbay culture is like that only. But this particular day I could not control myself and my penny got become hard and bulge little bit out inside my pant. In between her talk she noticed that and given a slap on it with good laugh and vulgar comment. I had sit like a poor and innocent man and drive vehicle with favorable smile. That helps her to be become very close to me. Everyday I used to sleep by 12 o clock after dinner. One day was reading one book and time was 11.30pm. Somebody knock the door in very low noise. I opened the door very carefully and Heera entered to my friend room and saying that, she is not getting sleep and she want to spend some time with my books.

Naturally, I got scared and ask her to go back and come back morning for books. But she was in very easy going mood with naughty smile and she caught me around my arakketu with her right hand and pull me to my bedroom. There was one bedroom, small hall and kitchen. She was only 19 and I was 23 that time so I could not order to her for anything and obviously she has upper hand on me also. She was wearing very transparent nighty and her bra and panties were very visible in light through the nighty. She was having good size round shaped chandi and big mulas. Her activities and her cute smell made me mad and follow her to bedroom like a senseless man. I could not talk anything to her because all her activities were in very confidence mood. Moreover, I was sure that, I would not get such golden opportunity in my feuter if I stop her thinking. So I also decided to face the consequences of this, in future. I also put my hand through her shoulder and bring her close to my body. There was a good smell coming out from her hair and her beautiful body and that made me to have anything with her. Her skin was very soft and shining like her mother. I was rubbing and massaging her backside on top of her nighty with my right hand while walking in to the bedroom. She was walking on my right hand side. I had brought down my hand over her seat (chandi) and press there in gentle way. ooohhhh dear, I can’t explain it now, her seat was verryyyyyyyyyyy soft and flexy. That activity of mine had made her hard and she turn completely to me like face to face and given me a long kiss on my lips with her cute reddish soft lips. I am also cooperated very much with her and allow her to squeeze my lips. She bites my lips with making slight pain to me but I was enjoying that in good way. She also was in half way to the heaven and moving with half closed beautiful eyes.

After reach inside the room, I hung her tightly with my both hands and started to message all over her back and chandi. I could push my finger in between her seat while rub her back. She enjoyed that and given a hard bite on my lips. After seeing her mood I thought to roll up the backside of her nighty with both my hands. After got a painful bite on my lips I decided not to give my lips in side her mouth and I started to lick and squeeze her lips while lifting up the back side of her nighty. I could touch her panties and I put my right hand inside her panties. I was searching for her ass hole inside her panties. Oooooooohhhhhhhhh dear inside was sooooo soft and hot. I had round up my finger in her ass hole for some time. She spread her leg little bit for my convenience with some sound aaaaahhhhhhhhh sweetie do it whatever you want on my body sweetieeeee. And caught me tightly and given kiss all over my face and neck. I sit on the edge of my cot and she was standing very closely in between my knees. I caught her arackettu tightly and keep my face on her breast and started to rub over there with my lips. She just pulls down the front zip of the nighty and given me accesses to keep my face there. Ooooohhhhh dear that was very fantastic feelings and I kiss and lick all over there. I had lifted her bra up to cheeeew her nipple. Oooooohhhhhh dear bite it hard way I can not control dear. Both the breasts jump out from the tight position and come out to have a play with my face. Her breast was very reddish with hard nipple.

Around her nipple there was a good shaped light brown color. Her beautiful breast was asking me to squeeze them immediately and I never waste time to do that. I started to squeeze both one by one. I could not control myself and I press her breast hard way with my face all over and given lot of bites also on her nipple. She was literally enjoying my mad activities and asks me to smell her armpit. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh it was ggoooooooodddddd smell and I inhaled enough and started to lick her armpit and side of her boobs also. She reached in maximum level and catches my left hand and keeps on her pussy face on top of her nighty. I rub there with my hand and roll up her nighty. Oooooooooohh god I do not have words to explain about her smooth and silky milky thighs. I was totally out of control and I sit down on floor on my knees and keep my face on her panties and started to rub with my nose and lips. I got good smell inside from the panties and started to bring down the panties. She also helped me in the way of twisting her sweet chandi and leg. Oooooohhhhhhhh dear her pussy was very shaped and clean shaved with cute attractive smell. I had pressed my lips on her pussy without waste time and given long kisses all over. She was in her climax and she presses my head with both of hand towards her pussy from behind. I put my tongue in-between her thick and shaped pussy lips for searching her cunt for cheeeeeeewing. She realizes it and placed her right leg on top of the coat. Ohhh heera, darling do not show me like this dear I will eat all without your permission darling. Pussy lips were spread little bit and cunt come out for searching my tongue. I was watching the beauty of the cunt in-between her pussy lips after given lot of kisses inside but she do not allow me to watch more time she asked me to cheeewwww and eat her pussy fast. I had obeyed like a good boy and lick inside from down to up many times. Oooohhhhhhh Unni dear khovo (thinnoo dear). Aaaaaaahhhh darling bite bite or fast dear. She spread her thighs more. My both the hands were on her seat (chandi) while eating her pussy hole. I was putting my finger in her ass hole to make her more hot. She was moaning like anything. She turned to other side and keeps her left leg on coat and bend to friend side to give access to her ass hole. Her ass hole was very cute and light beauty reddish. I started to play with my finger over there but she was not allow to continue that she ask me to lick there. I given along kiss there and started to lick there. At the same time she was rubbing her pussy with her finger very fastest way. I put my tongue inside her cute ass hole and started to roll up.

Ooooooohhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhhhhhh aayyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooo Unni darling fuck me and break my pussy hole darling. She lay on bed and spread her leg and asks me to insert my penny in it. I got little bit scared to do that and waited a moment. She realized the situation and told me that, insert it darling do not waste time and do not worry also this is my safe period. I got back in power position and pump into her small lovely pussy. Ooooooohhhhhh Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Haaaaayyyoooooooooooo. Ooooohhhh Unni do not stop doooo iiitttttt faaaaasstttt darlliiinngggg eeeeeezzzzzz aaaaaaaaahhhh darlingggggg sweeeeeeeettt pain deaaarrrrrrrrrr jooooorrrrrse Oooohhhhhh dear I am coming do it again again aaaahhhhhhhfast….. Hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaauuuuuuu buuuuuusssssss dear I had come. I had fell on her body for sometime and then shifted to her side. She caught me tightly keep my face on her breast and we both fell in half sleep for half an hour. Suddenly, we got up and check the time, it was 1.30 am. We both went to bathroom and clean ourselves very fast. She wears her panties, bra and nighty and left the house after given a long kiss on my lips. I am also given on her lips, cheek, neck and in between breast just below her neck. I waited on my doorstep till I see the light in her room and come back to my bed. I have second part of this experience also with me. If the above experience is put you in nice feelings at least for masturbation, please write to me, I will post the second part also for you individually. Any aunties or girls like to keep relation with me pls. Do write without any hesitation. Everything will be kept as top secret without insult anybody. Only female has to be contacted on this id

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