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A Hottest Indian Sex Story

  • desipapa
  • August 31, 2015

I had this sexiest experience of my life at my friends place at his b’day party. The day was 18th November,1999 that changed my life forever. My friend invited me to his place at Defence Colonny for his b’day bash. I arrived at the place at around 9:00 PM. The atmospher at the party was a really cool one with arond 100 plus people. And moreover there were more gals than guys. I met my Friend Kunal n handed him the gifts and then met his mom, dad and his sexy sister Tina.

He introduced me to his friends and then i got together with his friends n started having drinks. As the hour passed by everybody were drunk n all getting in mood to move there feets on the dance floor and Kunal led every one to the dance floor. At this moment I found her sister having glances at me and staring continously at me. And believe me those were the best horny looks i got from any female and that made me feel something gonna happen. After dancing for some time I asked Tina to join on the dance floor,and then we both started dancing. Tina was looking very sexy in her white Spighatti top partially exposing her bra n very small micro min black skirt! She was also drunk and not in her senses. We danced for 20 mins and during this time i felt her hard boobs n even more harder butt. (She got 37-26-38 figure and when u exposing that it’s really a nice hot supper for others to enjoy.) Then we went off the dance floor to have drinks and i made her a double pack of Rum with Pepsi.

Then i asked her that cud you show me the way to the toilet as i felt need for passing out the drinks. She guided me to her room and i went to the toilet but i never closed the door. She was watching me while pissing and staring at my huge dick. When i came out she whispered in my ears “AApka lund to Bhaiya se bhi bada hai”. Then she touched my dick from the top of the trousers n started undoing my zipper. At this i got real horny and thought that my dream of fucking Tina was close by. I asked her “Tina, R u virgin??” She told ” Aapko kya lagta hai”. Then i replied” Mera dimag kehta hai nahin per dil kehta hai haan”. Upon this she said ” Dimag ki sunoh dil ki nahin”. At this I told her “I m a virgin aur main apni virginity loose karna chahata hoon”. There was only a single bed in the room and so we both sat down on the bed , then I thought that now I should start my game, so I touched her thigh.

She asked Raj what r u doing?.

I replied that nothing Yaar but just trying to do something special with u, she asked what do u mean? Then immediately I kissed her lips with a jerk, she was surprised and scared then I went near to her and said “please Tina mujhay pyaar karnay do, main tumhaaray bina nahin reh sakta” she didn’t replied but I was going nearer to nearer her and kissed her lips again then she stood up, I also stood up and got her in my arms, then she said to me that Raj I like u and many times I saw u in my dreams fucking me but in real pleez don’t try to hurt me, I agreed and said that Tina I’ll do everything very softly but pleez let me do that, then she seemed to be agreed so I started my game from her lips and my both hands were on her soft ass so I was enjoying a lot, without wasting my time I removed her uniform and mine also and now we two were naked kissing each other there, then she asked to me that “Raj main tumhara lun chooson to tumhain kaisa lagay ga?” I replied that there is no need to ask such a question coz I think u know that how I’ll feel, then she sat down and got my lun in her hot mouth, she gave me a complete blow job even I cummed in her mouth and she ate my cum like cream, then she masturbated me for a few minutes to bring my erections back then she succeeded and once again I was ready to fuck her, I said to her that “Tina bas ab mujh say aur intezaar nahin hota, plz plz let me fuck u” she said to me that I want to marry u if u’ll fuck me than u have to marry me ok, I agreed and said that first I want to check u that r u a virgin or not?

She was scared but then she laid down on the bed spreading her legs and I inserted my cock’s head in her wet pussy, she cried that “Raj main mar jaon gi plz aahista karo, meri choot phat jaye gi” so that she was acting like a virgin but she was not a virgin coz her cunt hole was not too tight, then I replied her, “Aaey Tina tum nay pehlay kitni baar choot marwai hai” she replied never then I gave her a big jerk she cried with pain “Aaaaah Aaaaaaaaah Ooooh maar diya, nikalo apna lun meri choot say Aaaaaaaah Aaah bohut dard ho raha hai” I said tell me true otherwise I’ll give u one more jerk she replied that no plz no, I tell u true everything, before u for several times 2 of my friends fucked me only, and their cocks r bigger than your’s but u r very hot plz forgive me “main dard say mar rahi hoon” and she told me all this during I was fucking her and my cock was going in and out of her pussy, so after that I laid down on the bed and asked her to ride on my cock, she sat on my cock and now she was jumping up and down and her beautiful boobs were also jumping with her and I sucked them while she was riding me after some huge jerks .

I told her that I want to fuck your ass, then she brought out my lun from her pussy and brought some hair oil from her bag and applied that on my dick and on her ass hole, and now she was trying to ride me from her ass hole, at last she inserted my cock in her ass and said“Aaaaaah Aah Ooooh it’s so painful Aaaaah Aaaaaah Aaaaaah” “Ummm Aaaaaah Ummmmmm” and she was jumping up and down, her ass hole was tight of course, because it was a little painful for me also and then I turned her in horse position and fucked first her ass and second her pussy and I was once again ready to cum, I told her that I m ready to cum then she said to me that “give me your cum plz, main tumhara cum enjoy karna chahti hoon” .

I said why not and I cummed on her face all over and she really enjoyed that a lot and she began to masturbate me again and I said to her that “u bitch kitni baar meri muth maro gi yeh mera lun hai koi gana nahin hai” and she said “agar main choot ya gaand marwati hoon to tum bhi to bachay nahin ho, tum bhi to bohut achay fucker ho, Amjad tum kitna acha chodtay ho, tum mujhay phir kab chodo gay, phir to main tumhain aik medicine doon gi, to tum us say bohut dair tak nahin chuto gay, Raj bohut maza aay ga, tum jee bhar kay meri gaand aur choot marna aur main jee bhar kay tumhara lun chooson gi, theek hai naa” and I agreed, then I fucked her many times till now but those two boys also fuck her coz she loves a large number of cocks. IF any of u beautiful dames living in hyderabad reading this wanna enjoy the same experience contact me on my email

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