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  • August 22, 2015

I had written a story before and have got lot of mails for that. This is another story, which happened one year after the first one. This is also equally interesting and I hope you all will enjoy it. After engineering studies, I joined a software company and had to move out of my hometown and came to Chennai India. Since I had a uncle staying there, I had no problem in finding accommodation. Since I was new in the area, I hardly knew any one and spent my time in a gym everyday. This is where the whole story started. In the gym there was a Aerobic center and lot of females used to come there. There was one lady who captured my attention.

She had an excellent figure and was the cynosure of the whole gym when she came. I was also one among them and my fascination for her grew more every time I saw her. This went on for a week and one day after the gym was over, I was returning home and saw her walking the same way. I was in for a surprise when she turned to the street where I lived and to my surprise found out that she was staying 2 houses from where I stayed. The same exercise continued for nearly another 2 weeks. I used to enjoy seeing her in the gym and that’s it. There was a function in my uncle’s house and for that reason, my aunt had invited all the families living in our street and this lady also came on that day. I was thrilled on seeing her. To tell the truth, I had waited the whole day for that. She was wearing a brown silk saree and looked gorgeous. I was observing her whole body and could see her navel. She was milky white and my erections started then and there itself. For that moment, I envied t! he bra, because I could well imagine her two mountains were encapsulated by the bra. 2 days later, when I was going out for the gym, I was in for a pleasant surprise. The lady about whom I used to think, talk, sleep and masturbate about asked me if she could accompany me to the gym. She got into the car and on the way she mentioned her name was Lakshmi and her husband was working in a MNC and was currently out of the country. She learnt from my aunt about me and wanted to come with me to the gym. She used to accompany me for a week and by that time I saw some signs from her, which indicated that she was looking for some company.

She used to come with me after the gym and I used to drop her home. That day, my house was locked as my uncle and aunt had to urgently visit their relative and left a message that they would be back late in the night. She asked me to come and stay with her. This was a golden opportunity and I wanted to make full use of it. I first hesitated and then she took my hand and led me to her house. Since we had been to the gym, she asked me to get fresh. I went to the bathroom, and knowingly did not lock the door. I was naked in the shower with soap all over me. I could hear the bathroom door open and saw Lakshmi peeping at my manhood. On seeing her, my cock rose to full length and I let her enjoy seeing it. At least now I knew, what she wanted. After my shower, I went to the living room and saw Lakshmi on the sofa with a see through nighty. She had purposely worn black bra and they were clinging to her body. Since I was a bit wet, I came in my towel with nothing underneath i! t. She offered to prepare coffee for me and left for the kitchen. When we both were drinking coffee, I casually mentioned to her that I saw her peeping in the bathroom. She blurted the coffee on hearing this. Some of them fell on me and she came next to me and started wiping it with her nighty. I took this as the chance and offered my towel to her. All of a sudden I was stark naked in front of her with my rising manhood.

Her face became pale and she started blushing. . I enjoyed watching her ecstatic reaction. At that moment, I planted a kiss on her cheek and confessed my liking for her from day one. She also mentioned that my aunty had given the house key to her and she deliberately kept it away from me. I could no longer hold back. I wanted her badly. I already made my mind up, no talking, just kissing and fucking. That’s exactly what I did. Her lips were moist and tender. She didn’t respond at first so I pulled her closer tighter to my aching loins, kissing her more passionately. Then she kissed me back more deeply, her hands scouring threw my hair. My hands instantly moved to her lovely curvy ass pushing her hips closer to mine as I began to taste her mouth and tongue. She could now feel my raging hard on pressing against her thin nighty material. Amid kisses, she gently said no not here. It was getting hot and racy between us both our hands running over each other’s bodies snatch! ing hungry kisses between lips and necks and other parts of the face. Her nighty had now fallen from her shoulder revealing her lovely more than a handful breasts screaming to get out of the tight fighting bra she was wearing. Our kissing grew deeper and she gasped mid breath from one of the longer kisses.

I didn’t let her finish what she was going to say I already knew what she meant. I broke the clasps on her bra and greedily grabbed the beautiful melons (mountains) I was presented with my tongue halfway down her throat. My hands began squeezing her buttock cheeks pushing her hips against my aching cock. The raptures of pleasure I was feeling as she held my member are indescribable. I began to knead and suck her pendulous breasts, occasionally biting the nipples receiving a resounding gasp of ecstasy from Lakshmi’s mouth I pushed her shoulders so that her face was now in line with my cock. Just thinking about violating her sweet mouth with my cock made me erect almost instantly. I guided my cock to her still puzzled statement, before she could say another word my member had parted her lips past her teeth deep into her mouth all she could do was mumble. She looked at me with an almost hurt statement. “Suck it Lakshmi”. It’s all yours. This is what you have been waiti! ng for. At first she tried to pull away but I gently guided her head back. Slowly I began to thrust in and out of her mouth. She looked deep into my eyes not looking away throughout the whole blowjob. She reluctantly at first began to suck lightly but gradually she began to suck harder with new-found enthusiasm her hands playfully jiggling my balls whilst my free hands squeezed her succulent breasts.

My balls began smacking her face as I began to thrust into her faster, her nose going deep into my pubic hair. My balls began to tense and I was going to shoot my load with horror she tried to pull away but I forced her head to take my member further into her throat. I began to squirt in her warm inviting mouth in stream jets, feeling my cum splashing at the back of her mouth almost making her choke from the barrage of cum. “Swallow it”, I demanded. Well there wasn’t much else she could do so she drank as much as she could the rest flooding out of the sides of her mouth falling onto the lower half of her body. “That wasn’t so bad was it?” I asked as I pulled out of her. She obviously liked the taste because she licked me clean. My hands had quickly pulled down her petticoat & white lacy panties to reveal the most gorgeous sight I have ever seen. Her bush was well hairy no shaving of bikini lines here. My hand instantly parting her quivering legs to find a moist love mou! nd. I gently rubbed along her slit, backwards and forwards before finding her clit. She gently began to moan as I expertly rubbed her clit. Oh! Oh! She moaned. I gently parted her cunt lips rubbing the tip of my cock against her love mound and clit. She moaned deeply her breathing getting heavier and heavier.

She was really wet now and I gently eased my cock inside her vagina feeling her tight resistance of heymen. Her hands fell to my bare ass grabbing them tightly. She looked at me deeply, breathing heavily. “Take it, take me”, she cried. Her eyes were now wide with animal passion she hungrily kissed me staring deep into my opens eyes whilst helping me thrust into her deeply. Her muffled noise of pain & pleasure resulted in her biting my bottom lip drawing blood from it as my cock was drawing blood from her wet pussy. The kissing became the most intense and passionate as I have ever had in my life. Her hips moving in gentle tandem to mine, her hands clasping tightly against my ass, my left hand clasping both her cheeks and pushing her into me, my other hand on her breasts massaging and feeling her melons. My thrusts varied from deep penetrating long ones to quick in outs, our moans being stifled by our glued together lips. My thrusts now became more violent and I lif! ted her up of the ground pushing her harder against the wall. Her natural reaction was to wrap her lovely thighs around my waist her heels digging into my arse egging my thrusts on. Her arms wrapped around my back our mouths still locked together our teeth rattling together with each thrust. My thrusting became harder and deeper. My hands were pressed hard against her swaying tits and my thumbs rubbing her nipples.

She started to moan louder. Oh oh ohmmmmmmm louder and louder. My thrusting was much faster I could feel her vaginal muscles clasping my cock like a tight vice, her wetness allowing me to penetrate her deeply. Her yelps of pleasure were getting louder with each thrust of my hips. The thrusting became so intense that the wall was shaking frantically. I felt her heavy breath on my ear she kept repeating one thing over and over fuck me fuck me fuck me. I really began to pound her pussy her pussy no longer tight ever stretching with each animal passion thrust. It was the deep passionate kiss that done I have never been kissed like that before or ever since. My balls tensed up and I shot my copious loads my body pressing her hard against the wall she began to tense up as she climaxed at the same time. Her pussy overflowed with her cum and mine mixed with a little blood. I lay deep inside her for at least five minutes still kissing. any bhabhi’s ,wives or gals wanna have fun with! me in delhi ,faridabad,gurgaon may mail me at

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