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A Fantasy

  • desipapa
  • September 14, 2015

I was three years old when my dad left us, just me and my mom to fend for ourselves. We were dirt poor and lived in a run down trailer. My mom and I became very close and inseparable. We did everything together, even took baths together. As I grew older I was beginning to notice the differences between us. I would ask mom “What are those?” pointing at her breasts. She would answer, “These are my boobs, and I used to feed you with them when you were younger!” Out of curiosity, I would ask, “How?” At this she decided to give me sex education. I was ten and was amazed at all she told me. I was also very aroused; the head of my dick was sticking up out of the water. When she noticed it she gasped, “Oh looky here! That was what I was telling you about. When a man gets aroused, his penis grows and becomes very hard. When that happens, the woman’s vagina starts to get slippery inside.” She rose up out of the water, and sat on the edge of the tub. She pointed out everything about her vagina. Then she spread her outer and inner lips to show me the opening where a man’s penis goes. She said, “Here, take your finger and put it in here and feel how slippery it is.” I did and was overcome by a feeling that I had never experienced before (I think back on it now and realize it was lust). After moving my finger in and out several times, she urged me to rub her clitoris, or ‘clitty’ as she called it. I watched in amazement as she squirmed all around and a low moan came from her as she came. Afterwards she played with my little peter for a while, but other than the fact that it felt good, nothing happened. I had been looking at my mom’ s naked body every time we took a bath, and I guess this didn’t seem wrong because of that. Mom was apparently lonely, and needed some love, which she knew she could get from me. From then on, it seemed like we took baths together more often, every time mom would get bolder with what she showed me or had me do. Soon she had me licking her pussy. After I had acted disgusted doing that, she asked why. I answered, “I keep getting hairs in my mouth and it gags me.” So she had me help her shave all the hair off. I enjoyed it much more then. It wasn’t very long after that I had my first orgasm, and shot my wad down my mom’s throat!

By the time I turned 12, she was giving me blow-jobs and I was eating her pussy every night. It wasn’t until a few weeks after my birthday that I got to stick my pecker in her. I can’t begin to describe the sensation I felt. Even though she had already blown me to a great orgasm, I was only able to last a few minutes before cumming in her. She seemed irritated with me, but then I think she realized I was young and it was my first time. Also, I didn’t go soft, 1 just wasn’t able to move with the intensity of before. I worked my penis in and out slowly, and I could tell she was going to cum pretty soon. I was able to speed up a little after the sensitivity went away some. I could feel her inner muscles pulling and urging me on to yet another climax. I didn’t want to disappoint mom, so I fought off the urge a little longer. Soon she yelled, “OH, OH, OH, OH, IIIIIIII’MMMMMMMMMM CUMMMMINNNG!” When she said this, I felt her pussy begin to contract and relax around my dick which brought me over the edge. Here I am, only twelve years old and I’m fucking my mom! Or rather she’s fucking me. I forgot to describe mom, she is almost 30 years old, and about 20 pounds over weight. She has cone shaped boobs, with big brown nipples. Her hair is black as night, and hangs down almost to her waist. When she gives me blow jobs in bed, I love the feel of her hair on my thighs. She has a bit of a tummy, she says because of having me. Her hips are where the excess weight is, but it doesn’t look too bad at all. If her tits were a little bigger, she would have a nice hourglass figure. But her best feature has to be her pussy mound. It looks great shaved. Her outer lips always look puffy, and her inner lips are a little darker. Her clitty is pretty big as compared to pictures I’ve seen of other women naked. The inner lips can’t cover it, it’s about as big as my middle finger, and about half as long. It almost looks like a miniature penis! Inside, she is a soft pink color, and is almost always gleaming from moisture. When I am inside her, it feels so tight, I guess from going so long without a man. I say this because at 12 years old, my dick is only about five inches long and not very fat. Mom says it will get bigger from use. I really don’t know what to think about all this. Sometimes I feel real guilty, because I never hear anyone else say anything about doing their mother. I do hear guys at school talking about how they would like to do their sisters, but as of yet no one has mentioned their mother.

All I do know is, I love my mom and I know she loves me, so there must not be anything wrong with what we are doing. I think a lot of guys could benefit from what I’m experiencing. I know how to please a woman, because I’m being taught by a woman. Most guys don’t care about anything but getting their own rocks off, so to speak. I enjoy sex much more, when I know I’m pleasing my partner. I have grown to enjoy oral sex to the point of being addicted to it. If I don’t lick my mom’s pussy, I can’t get a hard-on! Needless to say, we don’t have much sex during her periods. One day at school, I was talking to my best friend. Without thinking, I absentmindedly mentioned something about my mom’s shaved pussy. He picked up on that right away, and asked, “How do you know your mom’s pussy is shaved?” I couldn’t tell him I helped her do it! I had to think fast and lie. I told him I had seen mom through the open bathroom door as she was shaving. He started to rub the front of his jeans and said, “God, I would give my left nut to see that! Do you think you could invite me to spend the night sometime and we could figure out a way to see her?” I said, “UH, I don’t know. If mom knew you were there she wouldn’t be careless and leave the door open like that.” “Yeah, you’re right. But maybe we could make a hole in the wall that we could peek through!” I told him that I didn’t know, but I would ask. That night I told mom what happened. She slapped me hard and started to give me a lecture for over an hour, about how she could go to jail, and how I must never say anything else again. Then she floored me by saying, “You know, it might be exciting to let some other young boy see me naked!” I couldn’t believe my ears, especially after she slapped me like that. She went on to say that she could act like she was getting drunk, and she wouldn’t even notice that someone was watching her. She told me to invite him over that Friday night to spend the night, so I did.

That Thursday night she had me help her shave her pussy to get it real smooth, and told me it won’t be necessary to drill any holes in the wall, that when she acts like she has passed out, we’ll be able to walk right in and look at her real close. She also said she would be sure to be naked by that time and just tease him with a few shots of her before passing out. The next afternoon, Jack came home from school with me. He met my mom and I could tell he was excited about seeing her. I was also well aware of a gleam in my mom’s eye, I had never seen before. She began drinking beer at dinner time, and by 7:00 she was already staggering around the house. By 8:00 she had changed into her robe and we were getting to see a lot of boobs, and every now and then a flash of thigh, and sometimes a glimpse of her bare mound. Jack was getting real brave because he was noticing how drunk she was and every time she would bend over to do something, he would move or even stand up to get a better angle. Mom’ s robe was short, and when she would bend over away from us we could see her mound perfectly. I could tell mom was getting excited about this from the moisture visible on her inner lips. Jack was constantly rubbing his crotch, and so was I. I know mom was seeing this, and enjoying the attention she was getting. It wasn’t long before she went to the bathroom and barely closed her robe before going to pass out on the couch. I thought she was going to go to and lay on her bed, but she decided to give us better access.

When she laid down, she put one leg on the floor and the other draped over the back of the couch. Our hearts were beating a hundred miles an hour waiting for her to be passed out good. We finally got up enough nerve to investigate. Jack was getting so close to look, I thought he was going to touch her with his nose! He whispered to me, “Do you think we could touch her?” I said, “1 don’t know, she’s never done this before. Let me tickle her nose, if that doesn’t wake her, I guess it would be all right to touch her.” I tickled her nose and all she did was twitch it, which made us both laugh. Jack reached out and circled her nipple with his finger and she didn’t move at all.

Then he moved down and ran a finger along her smooth mound very close to the slit. Again, she still didn’t move. Jack said, “God this is incredible! I’ve never seen a pussy up close before, especially a shaved one, and now I’m getting to touch one!” All I could do to answer was, “Yeah.” Mom was very wet and I could hear her juices when Jack ran his finger inside her slit. The next thing I know, he had his dick out and was pounding it! I asked, “Man, are you crazy? What if she wakes up?” “As drunk as she is, if she starts to wake up, I can have it back in my jeans faster than lightening.” As excited as I was, I had to pull mine out also. Just about the time I got a good rhythm going, Jack said he was ready to cum. Then he said, “Watch this!” He opened her mouth and stuck his cock in! He stroked it a few more times, and I could tell he was coming in my mom’s mouth. I thought sure she was going to put a stop to this, but she kept acting like she was asleep. I decided to get braver and ran my tongue in her pussy. Jack was looking at me like I was crazy, but I knew that she probably needed to have an orgasm as bad as Jack and I. When I started to nibble on her clit, she grabbed my hair and said, “OOOHHH that’s right, Bill, suck my clitty.” Bill is this guy that mom sometimes dates. Jack and I both laughed at this. He urged me to let him try, so I moved out of his way. As he was getting her nearer to her climax, I decided to stick my dick in her mouth also. Since Jack was busy, I guess she didn’t think he would see her sucking on me, because that’s exactly what she did. My mom gives a great blow-job, and I was coming very soon. I could tell Jack was beating off again by the movement of his shoulder. He decided that since she was so passed out, he wanted to try to fuck her. He moved up after she got his face soaking wet when she came. He slowly inserted his prick into her well-lubed hole. The look on his face was pure ecstasy. He only made a few strokes, and then he began to cum. By this time I was hard again, and wanted some of the same action. He moved out of my way and I plunged it in as deep as it would go. We heard a low guttural moan escape her, as I began a slow back and forth motion. Before long I was driving in and out with a mighty force. Mom started to cum again and was saying over and over, “Oh Bill, your cock feels SOOOO big, fuck me faster!” So I began to pile-drive her. When her climax hit her, I could feel her inner walls contract around my rod, and we came together. I told Jack we better go to bed after we clean her up and we better close her robe. He agreed, and we took our time cleaning her up, using a warm washcloth and cleaning our cum off her face and pussy mound. Jack and I were still naked and as he was cleaning mom’s pussy, he started to get aroused again. Mom’s cunt was very wet from all of our juices, and he was able to slip in again easily. This in turn got me excited again, and I could tell by the look on mom’s face that she was loving it. I began to rub my engorged member on her mouth, and she opened up to take me in. Jack and I both came at about the same time, and this time we were too exhausted to do any more. We finished cleaning mom up and went to bed. After Jack fell asleep, I sneaked into the living room to check on mom, she was sitting up, finishing a beer, and smiled at me when I came walking in. I forgot I was still naked until when I got up next to her she reached out and massaged my balls gently. “God, I have never been so turned on in all my life, you two were incredible. You must tell him tomorrow not to breathe a word of what happened here, OK darling?” I nodded, kissed mom good night, and went back and slipped into my bed.

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