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  • August 22, 2015

A warm hello! to all the readers of Desi papa. This is sanam from the dazzling streets of Mumbai (India). we all know is the city of sweetest gals …… can easily see gals roaming on the streets in minis and jeans and these are more than enough to seduce a guy’s bad emotions……..and i was too not an exception……. i’m a guy named sanam currently studying at iit mumbai-2nd year. I’m 5’11” in height and have fair looks and have typical mumbaia style.i’m 20 years old.i had my coaching from one of the premiere coaching institutes of india in delhi as there was not much awareness for jee in Mumbai…..the joy to me came in 1999 when i was selected in jee with a good rank….in Delhi, I stayed for four months with one of my friend’s sister’s family…my friend is also from Mumbai and his sister was married to a sales manager in delhi…his sister was 3 years older than us…it was January 1999 when i went with my friend to his sister’s home in paschim vihar..a-2….it was really a good house with all the primary facilities available in it.

They had Mitsubishi lancer with my institute was not very far from there so we decided to stay there for all the 4 months as we had jee in may…..the family consisted of my friend’s sister,her husband,and their son monu..who was just 2 months old at that time…monu was really a cute baby..and within very few days i came very much closer to him and so to his mother. my friend’s name is raghu and his didi’s name is shalini..but he used to say her guddi….and so did i… me and my friend were really good guy and we had nothing to do with what the society is doing….we just ingazed ourselves instudies.i left all my stupidity in mumbai and i also left masturbation…..’coz it need some energy and i didn’t want to loose .i was really looking forward to jee with extreme concentration. we did real hard work for 4 months and gave jee with confidence..after the exams…sanam….that’s me came into his original style and began to roam on the streets of delhi as results were to announcd and raghu started making comments on each and every gal passing by and started coming home after 2-3 in mid-night….guddi often got worried about this but she too knew that we were grown enough.and moreover we also began to talk about our g/fs to her. but the day came and results were published in news papers.

But the real story begins here.i got selected and raghu wasn’t.he was depressed but at the same time i and guddi began to give him confidence that he should try fot it once more.he got ready.butforme those days were really of great passion and joy. The next day to result guddi asked me that when i’m returning to mumbai as she too had to go as her husband was too busy in job and she was feeling scared in returning alone. in night we had discussion and it came final that guddi will be going to Mumbai with me.the very next day her husband came with a railway ticket of rajdhani express ac-1.i really got excited about that journey as it was going to be my first ac-1 journy and that also in rajdhani.the day came and raghu and his jiju came to station to see-off us.they gave all the primary need for the baby monu as he too was with us.the only thing which was lacking was milk and jiju couldn’t afford to find it on he instructed me to take care of all their needs. we left the station at 5:oo in evening and i began to feel the pleasure of rajdhani.we were talking about raghu and by my attitude she was impressed.

Then after dinner …..monu began to cry and guddi told me that he is needing milk and so i’ll have to arrange it from was a difficult task for me but i had to do i came out of the cabin and went to pantry..first i should describe the cabin of is just like a room in which seats r of more width than sleeper body can see from outside what is happening and moreover people travelling don’t have the attitude of peeping in other’s cabin.cabins are wel acquainted with curtains and wash-basin. after all my attempt i failed to manage for milk and came with bare hands.she said don’t worry she will manage from somewhere and began to showing eagerness for was 10:oo then and i wasn’t feeling sleepy but as she was willing so i too went to sleep..she slept on 1 seat with her baby and on the next seat i unfolded i was not feeling sleepy so i was just taking rest and nothing more with my eyes-closed.after half an hour what i saw wasthe most precious moment of my life.guddi was sitting there with her breasts in her baby’s mouth.i really never imazined any scene like that with her.i got was just like shock for me.they were really milky breasts with size approx.35D….the lights were off and a dim light was coming from outside.and that was the time i got my mumbaia nature back and i found my dick knocking on the zip of shorts.i began to explore the whole body of guddi with extreme desperation.

What a lovely figure she had.she was wearing jeans with waist not more than 26 and a very flat tummy like a teenager.she was wearing white shirt but that time she was half naked with her nipples in monu’s mouth and i was dreaming of being monu’s lips.i couldn’t control and i thought to do it there. it was summer and the ac was on it’s full so the atmosphere was getting horny too.guddi was facing the window….then i get up slowly and switch on the light as i was unaware of what is going was the time when we both found our eyes fully opened and guddi tried to hook her bra.but she couldn’t as she was feeling shy ……………that i felt…..but i kept myself normal and said her that don’t worry guddi..u had no other way to do….and there is nothing to feel shy as i’m just like your brother.and moreover it was matter of monu’s life…..and i hold her by arms and made the direction of her body facing the next seat and i sat on that seat.she was still shocked and her eyes were seeing the ground of rajdhani express. i was feeling my dick’s presence on my shorts.but there was monu also who was unaware of all and was enjoying her mother’s milky-breasts.i stood up and went to her and get her shirt off saying that u must be feeling difficulty ..and u don’t have to feel any prob. as i’m here to take care of u…

She stared at me. and then again took her eyes she was only in her bra and jean.ohhhh! god what a lovely figure she had and i was exploring the whole body of her with my bare eyes.then again i stood and went to her and took off her bra too again explaining the same reason..this time she hesitated but i was in no mood to miss the opportunity. then she was completely half-naked in front of a young guy…who was staring at her in a very bad way.then i unzipped my pants saying that””ohhh!! it hot in rajdhani too””and took-off the shirts i was in front of her in just my undi. now i was feeling that if i won’t do her within next 5 min. i would be gone….so i went and sat beside her.she was still feding her child…..i was searching the ways…………..then i gave a lap on the monu’s chick saying””ohh! monu..u r too cute and make my hands very near to her nipples……i was not getting dare to touch her nipples freely.ya! ya! ya! i made noise and touched the lips of monu which was over her mother’s nipples….then i took her nipples in my hand and pressed it..she didn’t act…she was looking very much frightened……i took munu from her arms and kept him on that next i was there with a sensation sitting half-naked.she was really frightened………i told her..”””guddi..great job….u did a mother’s job”she didn’t act again..then i made myself lean down and saw she was weeping…..this made me mad and my dick was hard like rod..and i got up and put my hands on her back.she shivered…….i got mad!!!! then i took her in my arms and gave her a tight hug,,she was doing it emotinlessly… i began to press her breasts..and took 1 of the nipples in my mouth…….she got her hands on my head and tried to took it away but no chance…she began to cry louder….now i gave her a slap..on her chick and i could saw the marks of 5 fingers and suddenly she stopped crying… i took off my undi and began to make her feel of my 8″dick…i had never seen it so big….it was roaring……… i took it on her lips but she didn’t open her mouth…..

I again gave her slap and pressed her breasts so badly….she then opened her mouth and took the pink surface of my dick in her mouth…..ya! i was moaning…….hi! hi! haiI !!1ih then i unzipped her too and saw the red panty….covering her pussy….my dream…. i completely undressed her………..and began to lick her pussy….now it was to my surprise…..she was moaning…and was giving me company inmy mission….her pussy was looking tight……i enserted my middle finger in it and felt her wet pussy……i was fingering her and was pressing her boobs with hand…… i enserted my other middle finger in her ass was too tight…… i was not in my life as i hadn’t expected…………….now she stood and took my whole dick in her mouth and began to ejaculating it…..oh! ah! oh! ah! ……i could hear this only voice in the whole cabin….i came into her mouth…………and she took every drop into her….now it was my turn to make her happy…..i did each and every way i knew and she too got an orgasm////i too ate all the juice……..then i fucked her in doggy style and again came into deep inside…….this time …..she again shivered but this time in joy…….aahhhhhhhhhhh!1111 then i took my dick out and sat beside her…she was staring at me wildly…suddenly she too stood up and again took my dick in her mouth and began to giving me blow-job…..

I was in heaven at that time,,,,,,……..i found erection again…..and just after that she turned and show her ass-hole to me without saying any word…….i got the intension and licked the hole and took my tongue as deeper as possible.. and i took my dick in hand and inserted in her ass…..hey! she again got tears but when i asked should i take it away..she made an impression..”NO”…and then i began to fuck,,,,……….i was really in heaven………this time it took 15 min. to come..but this fuck was the nicest in teh all three hole-fuck ……then i and guddi again made contacts in her pussy but i was in no position to do it so …i slept in that position…… after 7 hrs..we both got up after hearing the worker’s voice..he was there 4 lunch……when i tried to get up i saw my dick in her……..she too saw and made her eyes down but now she had a pretty smile on her face……she made me saw monu who was then sleeping with no tension……i laughed and again took her nipples in my mouth ans said “MOM SANAM IS VERY BAD” after this we spent another fucking session in train and when we reached mumbai ..she again offered me to come to her residence as she was there 4 next 1 month..i promise and started my way to home with a great satisfaction on my face……… i was thinking this only”iit tune kya kiya ek hi pal me achanak di hai nayi duniya di hai nayi khushiyan” this was a true story and any of u …..guy/gal wanna blow-job/organsm… can contact me as now i’ve many contacts in mumbai….and i can arrange any sex 4 u as u wish………. by the way i’m always at any gal’s service contact me at

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