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  • August 31, 2015

Hi , I am Wahid From Dhaka Bangladesh .It all started 9 years back when I started to fantasize about My CHACHI . I was 18 that time was doing my B.COM. We live in same house but in different floors we live in 1st floor & they lived in 2nd .My friends use to come my place & 0ne day one of my friend saw my chachi in stair (he didnt knew her before). Then when he entered our flat he was so excited & asked about who the lady was with such a nice ass. He said he never seen such an ass dancing before when my chachi was going up to their flat.

Form that day I started to check her out when ever I can. I start to go to my chachas flat regularly in various cos. I started masturbate every day thinking of her. I use to go their bathroom smell her cloths which she left after shower. her bra, Kamez , specially her salwars (she still dont wear panties). I use to sniff the salwars right between the thighs up to her ass. The aroma used to excite me a lot. I used to jack off in the bathroom sniffing her salwars. I did it till last year. I jacked off thousands of time till the day my dream came true.

Let me tell about her now she is SHARMIN 38 years look like hardly 27/28 year 5 feet 4inch tall with body of 36-29-38 .She is my Fathers young brothers wife. They got a daughter, my cousin she 7 year old( I use to jack off at least 3 or 4 times day when Sharmin was pregnant) .

One day in last October(2000) in the morning ,I was home with a little fever. Sharmin sent her maid asking if I were home. She was not feeling well. told the maid to bring the blood pressure machine with me . I went up to her flat; she was lying in the bed in her bedroom. With a tried smile she said she was not feeling well after she brought my cousin from school plus her didnt sleep well last night & had to wake up early in the morning cos, My chacha went Chitagong (its another district ) for his business work.

I took her hand trembling to take her pressure .I was really sweating touching her. I took her pressure, it was normal. So, I asked her where the problem was. She said she is having a pain in her neck so, she thought it was pressure. I took the courage seeing no one (my cousin / the maid) in the Room they were watching tv in the drawing room I asked her to give her a massage on her shoulders & neck. She agreed instantly. So, I said “lay down on your stomach. “ Which she did after removing her dopatta. Now, she was on only salwar kamez.

I could see her bra tightly holding her tits through her kamez & the heavenly ass was facing me

, I strated to have a hard on under my shorts. I started to give her a massage on her neck & shoulders which she liked very much . then I started to go down ward now where I felt her bra,it was so tight after some time I said you should hook it(bra) it is very tight ,probably your feeling uneasy for this too. She agreed & tired to unhook the bra herself .But she was laying on her stomach she could not reach her hand there. I said her “ let me do it . saying this I put my handsunder her kamez & unhook the bra .

I start massaging her again there , I could feel her bare skin , I was so excited I reached further down to her back, right before her ass cheeks . then I put my hand in her salwar towards her ass cheeks , she hold my hands so I took them out .& moved to her feet.

Her feets where cold . I start to rub them . then I start massaging her through her wide salwer legs ( hands went easily through them) . I went up slowly massaging her bare skin( she had some hair on her leg) up to her thighs ,she started to moan with pleasure. I wanna it to go further thinking of Her pussy. But we both heard some one was coming so, she took my hand off her thighs & said in a low voice “ we got enough time later. It was my cousin how came to the room & went to the bathroom.

By the time I was looking back to her . she smiling at me & pointing a finger to my hard on penis which was clearly visible through my shorts . She said “ relax we have time , your chacha is not coming early he will stay in chittagong for atleast 2 Days. Come at night . stay here tonight in the guestroom . I will ask your mom for you to stay here at night. Just tell her when you go back to your flat that, Chachi (Sharmin) has a high blood pressure& is not feeling well. I will talk to her on the phone & tell her to send you up to stay with us. Since your chacha is not here in case of emergency .

I was really excited when I came back home. I went straight to the bathroom & jacked off.

At the lunch time My mom asked me why chachi (Sharmin) called you? I said she is sick, she has a high blood pressure.

At the evening I went out I had a wedding attend to . I came back around 10.30 pm . When I got home my mom told me that “ Your chachi is still sick she wants you to stay there for the night.

I happily said ok .My mom hurried me to go early since my chachi was sick , she should go to sleep early its already getting to 11.00 p.m.

I took some time for cleaning cos, it will be my 1st night with her . I put on some Cologne & aftershave Went to her flat . I rang the bell the maid opened the door . took me to the guest room . The bed was Ready with the mosquito net. I asked about chachi to the maid. Cos I saw her door closed. The maid said chachi was not feeling well till then so, she went to sleep early & told the maid to keep the guestroom ready for me that I will be sleeping there tonight due to her sickness in case of emergency.

So, I put out the light it was 12.00pm . I waited for her & I dont know when I went to sleep.

All of sudden I felt a soft hand in shoulder. There I saw her in a Red nighty . Asked me to follow use a sign with her finger. I followed her to her bed room . she closed the door behind .

Ask me to come to the bed with her. Less then a second we start kissing . I suck her lips like carzy. My dick was all grown to 6 inch (now it got bigger fucking her for while) . She felt it with her hand

& said to me to get it out of the shorts. I did it with in a blink . Then I opened her nighty too she

was shy & tried to cover her self. But I start sucking her tits ,they were so beautiful . I was suck one & pressing another with my right hand. Then I changed to the right one sucking & the left tit

pressing with my let hand. She got so nice nipples they were so hard after getting touch by me.

She was play with my tool in her hand. I told her to put it her mouth , she said she dont like the smell of it (now she is a real cocksucker , now she always want it in her mouth.) But I forced her to take it in her mouth. Then I went to her hairy cunt , start licking it. Now we were in 69 position . After a whiles he begged me to put cock in her pussy . which was burning like hell. So, I put it in her pussy playing with her boobs ,suck them biting them. I made her crazy . we both came soon after 10 mins . I was on her top for another 2or3 mins cos we were so tried sucking & licking . it was about 4 o clock in the monrnig when I went back to the guestroom.

After that I fucked her twice next night. Still now we fuck when ever we get a change. I have

A fantasy that to fuck two woman at a same time . So, any woman / girl from Dhaka , Bangladesh interested to do threesome. I already got her so, I want one of you. Or you , your any another girlfriend and me .

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