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A Different Proposal

  • desipapa
  • October 12, 2015

Hi I’m Nikhil This is a story about me and my collage friend name Nanda ( Name changed). It’s a triangle romantic story . Her name is Nanda height 5.2 feet with good curved body and attractive face. Watching her body makes any on horny. She is sensitive and sentimental and can’t even resist if I miss behave with her.

It happened before 5 years from now when I was doing my MBA in one of top college in Hyderabad. We have a freshment from different part of India. It goes for a month for all of us to get to know each other and to form smaller groups. We are a 8 group gang of best buddies with 3 boys and 5 girls.

About the story me and Nanda used have chat every day after our college. I fallen attractive with her or may be it’s you can say seduction and a day I proposed her. Hear is a twist cam in she said she had a crush on chaitu who is other friend. Down the week I avoided as a result she begged me not to avoid her.

Then I asked her to be my girlfriend or let it be. She said please don’t speak like that as she had her crush on chaitu. I didn’t speak any word and left the place. She was messaging me every day but I was not responding at all. After a week or so she asked me to meet her in college canteen. We met in canteen area after our collage we were alone on one corner and she asked me not to go deeper in to it as she have interest in chaitu. During our conversation I suddenly grabbed her in my arms and started kissing on her lips for which she resister and left the place

Hear I got a funky idea so started seducing her daily by touching her parts when ever I got a chance. This continued for a week and she got frustrated with my behavior and asked me straight whats wrong with me. I thought it was a final warning she asked me to meet her at our college new building. I again started touching her buts and body while she was asking about my behavior. Then again I took a advantage of loneliness and grabbed her in my hands and kissed her. She resisted me and started walking away then I said there is only one way to continue our friend ship I said she stooped and looked back asked what? With an exiting face.

I said spend one day with me as a complement , she asked what you mean by spending one day. Then I said you have to come on unofficial date with me and spend one day entirely with me at my brothers villa. One of my cousin have his villa near to my collage, as he stays in usa he asked me to take care of the villa. She accepted my proposal after two days then I said on Sunday we ll go for it. After two day she came near to my area and called me it’s a Sunday.

I went and she asked me where you want me to take then I said we go to our cousin villa whose key is with me. She nodded and came up to my bike meanwhile we had a bit shopping of snacks and fruits and birth controller too.

We reached our villa and had started activity before that she asked not to inform any one about it I agreed. She asked what is the plan then I said we l have the pastry first in my way. I asked her to sleep on dinning table she laid down. I bring the pastry and applied on her lips and cheeks and started kissing her lips and moving all around her face. Then I undressed her one by one and applying pastry and enjoying the juice body of her she was responding positively by my moves.

After some time I undressed my self and keep some pastry on my injector and asked her to suck it. She started it by hesitating but was enjoying latter and continued it for 10 min. Then we moved to bath room for a bath we had shower and came back to dressed.

We came to balcony of the villa and I garbed her to me from back and started kissing her neck and pressing her boobs. I started to touch her body ate sensitive places so that she will get in to mood. She stopped me one point and asked me to go inside and have fun. I started kissing her juicy lips and taken her to bed room and laid her on bed. She said come n lick and when to her and cupped her boobs, she moaned. I took her left boob and placed it in my mouth and sucked.

Then she started exploring all my body and I’m too doing same on her body. I moved her legs side and inserted finger in her hole, she started moaning. I started licking her pussy and she was moaning so hard and She began to say fuck com on baby fuck me harder awwwaahh… Slowly I inserted in her pussy and started giving small strokes she was snoring ahhaaa all the time and asking me to increase the speed of stroke “Fuck fuck”. I going on increasing the stroke speed and said take it bitch, sexy bitch take it ahh…

We had continued for half an hour and then she went to wash room for cleaning. That’s how I fucked her as a complement for rejecting my love. We continued our friendship till last day of college and used to teas her when got a chance. We had sex after that a couple of time in my cousins place. After this act I gave a chance of fucking all my group girls with help of nanda. I will explain all the stories in my next edition.hope you all enjoyed my story and also let me get some suggestion on my narration of story.

Thanks guys mail me if u like the story Ignore all my grammar mistakes if you found.

A Different Proposal

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