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A Desperate Instance

  • desipapa
  • October 14, 2015

Myself Peter. I was born and brought up in Bangalore. I was exposed to the sex world in a very early age. During my school days, I used masturbate by fantasizing my teachers. During my pre college I used my classmate girls for the imagination m finally during my professional degree college days I used to imagine both my teachers and my classmate girls. The incident in this narration also happened in Bangalore.

The incident happened an year ago , while I was pursuing my final year of my BE degree.

Even from my school days , I was quite maintaining a distance with girls which later became my exposed character among my friends and classmates during my college days.Even if I dint have a good rapport with any girls, I liked to fantasize them for my pleasure deeds.

During my final year, people around me were sarcastically showing their concern to me saying that I never got a chance to feel a girl, but they had managed to have many chances to fulfill theirs. This thought changed into a desperate wanting for me to explore a lady before I graduated. The desperation and urge went to those extents that whenever I saw a beautiful girl or my lecturer or any lady on streets, I would get an erection. It was slowly becoming an obsession for me which I feared that might turn against me, so I badly wanted to get rid of this obsession

After a hard mind struggle I made up my mind to approach a slut through my friend who had his own contacts.

Me and my friend planned the incident quite smartly and fixed a date. I had informed at home giving a reason that I was gonna stay back in my friends home for my project work. The time came when we had to pick two of the booked sluts from their location at 11 : 00 pm, whom we had decided one for each of us.

Both of them seemed to be below 25 years old, but had an awesome figure which will make any male to get erected for the sex session, and the same happened with me and my friend.We all went to a good hotel which the girls suggested. We had our dinner together and the girls turned out to be big drunkards.

After the dinner , I took my girl to my room and my friend with his girl to his room.

My girl for the night had a 34 – 28 – 34 figure , which was awesome to cherish. We both entered our room and my heart was thumping rapidly as it was my first experience. She was in a pair of denim jean and a top.

Then it all started for the night.

We both sat on the bed and I wrapped my right hand around her waist and squeezed her lower waist. She was quite high because of the alcohol and with that kick she gave a slight moan.

Then she asked me to order for another drink , and I ordered two pegs of whiskey along with a pack of cigarettes. I had a wish , it was that I wanted to smoke while passionately fucking a girl in the missionary position , and thus was my time to get all my wishes completed.

Our drinks arrived with my pack of cigarettes.

We had the drink and both were high. I was getting restless , so made her sit on my lap while I was smoking my puff , holding and squeezing her waist.

Then i brought her face close to mine and she smelt of the whiskey we had. I kept the cigarette aside and took my right hand towards her right breast and start feeling my pleasure. While squeezing her waist in left hand and feeling her breast in right hand , she was getting restless and also started moaning beautifully , so I thought this was the right moment for me to have my first kiss.

Then I slowly felt my hard lips on her tender soft lips , she naturally opened her lips to give the access to her tongue , then met our tongues with all the natural juices mixed with the taste of whiskey. The kiss turned into a smooch which soon became wild. I started squeezing her breast quite hardly. I pulled myself from the smooch, but now she was very desperate. I made her sit on the bed , and i stood up, went to the corner and pulled a chair and sat. I took another cigarette. I wanted her to seduce me visually and verbally before I got into the session.

I asked her to remove her top , she did that immediately , a pair of bra cupped her beautiful pair of breast. Even though my mind wanted to play with her like this for some time , my dick was getting the best erection till that day and soon wanted her touch. So I unzipped my pant and took my dick in my right hand while my left hand had my cigarette. That sensation , the evading kick from the whiskery , the entering kick from the cigarette , the evading pleasure from the smooch and the entering lust from my handjob and her verbal visual act, altogether in my mind took me to a different world.

she saw my dick in my hand and spoke ” that’s my job to do ” , she came forward, took my dick in her hand and started her excellent hand job. Then looking into my eyes, she took the tip of my dick into her mouth. Now this took me to the next level. I had almost forgot about myself and had fallen into the deep pleasure.

. . . to be continued.

This story will be continued and presented in parts. The girl’s name is preethi. My name is already mentioned and its a real name.

This is my first story in ISS and its a real incident. I hope the story satisfies the readers.

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