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A Deal That Cant Be Refused

  • desipapa
  • December 17, 2015

Hiii guys this is Raj here and I am from Chennai My family consists of 4 dad, mom ,sister and me. Well I am an average built guy and I am currently Working .My dick is 6” and I guess thats the normal average size. I have been reading stories in this page from 2008 but I am writing a story for the first time and hence please excuse if any mistakes.
The heroine of this story is my elder cousin sister Riya. Her age is 26. She has a figure 34 28 34 to die for and She is sexy but had no clue about it till I never made her realise the sex Quotient in her…. Well Riya comes from a highly orthodox conservative family with old school of thoughts. I believe that every person has a wild side and its just time that brings it out…. Without boring you guys let me take you directly to the story.

Well Riya is elder to me by 2 years and works for an MNC. We are cousins but we have always been close to one another thanks to mobile. A girl in a conservative family finds herself to be in a nut shell. I always knew that Riya had some kind of desires in her but could never show it out due to her Conservative parents. She at times would just say that how she wished she could have a life just like mine. She wished she could party go out with her friends till late and at times she would even say that she missed having a guy in her life. I knew a lot of guys proposed her. My family is a bit in contrast to hers.

The story is way back when Riya was 22years. I was in the final year of my Coarse and Riya was working then . It was my other cousins wedding and hence my family had to go out of town and Riya and I couldn’t accompany our family as she had important office work and I had my Semester Exams on. Hence it was decided that my family and her family would go without me and Riya. The wedding was to be held in Delhi.

I had my last exam and it was not possible for me to go for all the functions and my dad and aunt asked me to stay back and come little later with Riya Didi. As I had exams and Riya didi was my favorite I agreed instantly but I thought that no drinking, no smoking and no Partying hence I was a bit doubtful and then my parents left. A few days before my parents left Riya didi texted me

Riya di: Hiiii

Me : Hiii di

Riya di: Can you come to my office tomorrow

Me : sure

Riya di: But don’t mention this to anyone

Me: Done di but why

Riya di: Once we meet you will know

Me: OK

But was that really ok……. No Fucking way i really nervous she never says so… What could be it.

Next Day at her office as I arrived she said let’s go to the coffee shop close by….. and we went and I was yet busy tensed. From here on please note Riya will be called Di ( Elder sister in hindi)

Di: Bhai to cut the long story short I have a deal for you

Me: Deal (with eyebrows up) what kinda deal

Di: you know about my family well I haven’t enjoyed my life at all I have this golden opportunity and I don’t want to waste it.

Me : Matlab

Di: see Its just that my parents never allowed me to do what I like and I am sure that they will make me get married to a chutiya who will again never allow me to live my life.

Me: (Confused- Did she just say Chutiya WTF) Di what do you want????

Di: I want to Party, I also want to eat sleep do whatever I feel like. I just want to enjoy 5 Days.

Me: But how

Di: Listen your last exam is next day after our parents leave, after that the very next day we will go to Goa and enjoy there and then go to Delhi

Me:Goa isn’t a place for girls like you…..

Di: Why

Me : that’s a place where everyone parties and you go with a boyfriend plus your dressing sense is like 40 years old Aunty.

Di : (She Cries) I know but see only you can do the change ….. Everything you say I will Do… I Promise and will never tell a no to anything I swear.

Me: Ok and what about the expenses and what do we tell our Parents

Di: Don’t worry I will bear all the expenses and I will say that due to some official work we are going to Bangalore.

Me: All this is Ok but here you gain what do I get.

Di: you can do anything you want…. you can drink, smoke party late everything. I will join you but will never say a no to anything ……. Plus next time If this trip is good we can go for other outings where you can drive my car……. and if you want I am ready but I wish to enjoy Pls pls pls don’t say a no pls …..

Me: (I actually felt sorry for her) Okkk done but you are not going to be dressed like an aunt and ya pls get some good dresses.

Di : (getting up) done you choose I will wear them I will send a driver to your college after your exam will leave pick you and you buy clothes for both of us I will wear clothes of your choice…. And listen All the best , get ready to be my boyfriend and from the day your exams get over call me Riya not di…..

Before I could say something she was like bye bye bye ….. and went away…..

Driving partying and all is ok but boyfriend ???? sounds crazy but ya ok this is the best way to bring my sister out of the box.

Well I did as she said pls comment and mail your feed backs to And ya I will update the second part as to how I turned my Sister into a hot babe. Stay connected.

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