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A Day With Friend’s Sister

  • desipapa
  • October 31, 2015

Hi, this site is always been my favorite since last 4 years because of its collection and user interactions. Here I am tany(name changed) a normal guy with 5 feet 7 inch height and literally I am a normal guy not like hero’s of other stories and the heroin of the story is super sexy she is obviously my friends sis.

Now without bothering you guys much lets come to the point for obvious….her name is laboni she is the relative of one of my best friend whom I visit regularly. From the fast day I have seen her I was in dream of her because of her frank nature and specially because of her smile which was more than attractive than a magnet indeed and has a superb body with 34-30-34 spec.

As I said earlier I visit the friend regularly. On such a day it was raining heavily and I was drenched from top to bottom..

I rang the bell of my friends house but no one replied.After banging a lot a sweet voice asked me who’s this?

I introduced myself as I was well known to her she opened the door and invited me inside. I lock the door and follow her to the drawing room. I asked her about her brother and she replied that he has gone outside with her family for some shopping and informed me that they are stuck in some place due to rain. I called my friend binod and asked him about his status and in reply he said that they are stuck in some place and they can’t be home within 2 hr as rain was more than heavy and asked me to stay there at his home until they come as sister is insecure there. I said OK and said I will take care of her and hang up the phone.

I told the same to laboni, but now I was shivering due to cold and laboni also noticed the same and give me a towel and ordered me to change in it as It will catch cold. Having no option I changed to towel and put the cloths to dryer and asked laboni for a cup of tea.

After some time laboni came to drawing room with tea and cup in hand and when she bent down to put the tea on table it give me sight of her boobs from her dress as the T-shirt was loose enough to hold those ripe mangoes. I was dumb stuck and lost my senses and was in thought that how should I fuck her and suck those mangoes full of juice. I gain back my sense with her laugh as she has caught me watching her. I felt sorry and started chatting with her she was sitting my side on sofa and was enjoying tea with mine.

We were chatting with her on formal topics and now I was feeling bit cold as the weather was chilling and I said the same to her. Now she was sitting more close to me may be due to my words. I was chatting with her about her clg and here and there accidentally by then my elbow brushed her boobs and it was soft like hell but there was no reciprocation from her side. Now I was doing the same intentionally but now also there was no reciprocation so I gained my courage and put my hand on her thigh. She didn’t say anything she was behaving normal and was chatting with me..

Now I started brushing her thigh over her pants it was so soft like a piece of butter. We both were now in sense that something gonna happen today and in a sudden there was pin drop silence. I was rubbing her thigh and now I put my arm on her shoulder and planted a kiss on her chick. She just put her eyes down in shyness now I hold her head and plant a soft kiss on her lips more than a rose petal. I whispered in her ear that I love you. And started kissing her vigorously she was also responding well and she started rubbing ma chest and was playing with my upper body as I was only in towel. My left hand was on her bobs and I was pressing them over her tshirt, she was moaning slowly and my right hand was on her legs feeling her softness.

Now I pick her up on my arms and bring her to the room and put her on the bed. She was just lying there with her eyes closed and I was standing there having my angel of dream on my eyesight. I started kissing her feet she was shivering on my act and was moaning in pleasure. I started to go up kissing her whole body with love. She has no bra inside and as I opened her t her juicy boobs were in front of my sight. I started sucking her nipple and fondling her second boob with my hand and she was holding my hair and was pushing my head on her body and was making sexy moans like ahh ahhh ahh..suck it like baby…ahhh. I was sucking it with my hearts content.

Now I put my younger on her navel it was hell deep and damn tasty and this action of mine made her mad and she started to fondle her body and started pushing my hand on her pussy. I started caressing it and sucking the navel at same time. She was gone mad I lowered her pant and she was in black panty my fev colour her body colour and black panty was in damn contrast I throw her pant down and also her panty and started rubbing her wet pussy with my fingers and sucking her bobs at same time. She was moaning like a hell.

I put one finger in her pussy and it was right enough to brake it to pieces I started finger her rough and within no time she lost her juice of sex. Her cum was all over my hand and I ate the same with delight and put my tongue to drink the rest. She was moaning closing her eyes and was pressing my head and was shouting fuck me I am gone die fuck me you behenchod.Now I undie my towel and my tool was erect as a pole. She hold it and started sucking it making it harder than ever it be.

After few minutes of sucking I lied her back and settled my tool on her pussy she guided me and I pushed it in. It was slightly in and she was crying In pain. I relaxed her and pushed it deeper for the second time and it goes half way inside. Third push was all it need and it was in. I remained there like that for few seconds and then started to move in slow motion. The pussy was damn wet and hot and I was now ramming it with more speed and she was crying in pleasure and was moaning aloud. Ahhh ahhhh baby fuck me ahhh harder babes make you my own that was she saying all the time. I fucked her for 20 mins and within that time she cummed thrice and I cummed on her belly.

We both was exhausted now and she said that she used to love me since childhood and I said the same we exchanged our mobile no and I again proposed her and we both kissed each other and dress back as rain has already stopped and any time her parents will be there.

After that session we have dated for long time and fucked her several time.

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A Day With Friend’s Sister

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