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A Cinema Theatre Encounter

  • desipapa
  • August 22, 2015

I was in Bangalore and was bored like hell and thought to look up some movie just to pass my time. I went to a Cinema theatre in Bangalore and booked a ticket for the Balcony. The picture was some Hindi movie. My friend Binu (He used to fuck her cousin sister) was standing there with his cousin sister. Ohhh what a girl she was! She was about 5’ 5”, 34-24-38. She was wearing tight Red midi and flimsy cream T-shirt top. I could see the outline of her Black Bra right through it. I too could see the outline of the panties she was wearing. She was very fair, shoulder cut, light brown hair. She had nice sexy eyes and striking high cheek bones.

My friend introduced his cousin sister to me. His name was Binu and hers Bindhu. I said hello to them and went away, thinking about the sexy girl I just met. I wondered if she would sit besides me in the theater. Just the thought gave me a huge Hard-on. I went in and occupied my seat and waited for the movie to begin. Suddenly I heard a sweet female voice, “Excuse me please! Would you please let me go in?” Ohh yes I gave way to the lady. I thought she will sit on the chair next to the lady sitting one seat away and let her brother sit next to me. But my heart skipped a beat as she sat down right next to me and the Binu smiled at me while passing by to occupy the next seat. I got conscious and adjusted myself so that I was not touching the lady. Soon the light went out and the movie started. I slowly got relaxed and spread my thighs. While doing so my leg touched the Bindhu’s. I thought she will be angry, but she pressed her thigh on mine and relaxed. Ohhhhh! Her thigh felt full and hot on mine and my cock jumped at the touch.

Then I too pressed my thigh against her and looked for her reaction. She smiled sexily at me! Ohhhhhhhh! I was excited and smiled back at her. I then put my hand on the hand rest next to hers and she did not remove her own hand resting there. I became bold now and poked her breasts with my shoulder. I felt the fleshy Orbs. They were luscious and hard at the same time. Ohhhh! My cock was now leaking pre come in anticipation. I felt a hand on my thighs and it traveled to my bulge. I felt shivers run all through my body and I too moved my hands on her thigh. The hand caressed my thigh while seeking my cock and ultimately she caught my bulge in her palm, judging the thickness of my manhood. “Ohhh! It’s BIG and HARD”, she whispered. I too started to caress the silky thighs and slowly pushed my hand inside her skirt. She lifted her ass up so as to allow my hand to travel its destination.

I felt a hand on my shoulder patting me on my back! That was Binu, her brother!! My god I felt scared but he whispered to me “Hey don’t be afraid. I know what you are doing. Go ahead and do whatever u like with Bindhu. I love this watching my cousin sister doing nasty things with strangers. She too loves it so don’t worry she is yours for the entire movie!” I got tensionless and with all the lust flowing to my cock I pushed my hands further up searching for the pussy. Soon I found the bush of silky pussy hair. The hair tickled my hand and I sought further… I found the wet hole and was it wet? It was dripping with all that sticky juice and my hands were wetted with it. I took my hand out and smelled it. Ohh it was delicious acrid smell… I licked it and took my hand to Bindhu’s mouth. She licked it too. She had unzipped my pant, putting some big scarf over my lap to hide the episode from other onlookers. She rubbed my cock over my shorts and whispered in her brother’s ears. He showed appreciation of the size and said, “Vinu, your cock is big and thick. My cousin sister loves such cocks. ohhhh! It will be fun.” Bindhu pushed her hand in my shorts and I felt my naked cock for the first time. Her hand was soft and she had some skill even as she held the monster in her hands. She then fished out my cock out of the pant and now it stood at 90 degrees for her attention.

She spread the pre come on my glands and GOD it tickled. She did this and soon I was about to burst. My entire cock head was coated with the sticky pre come and it even started to flow down on the length. I had found the hole of pleasure and inserted one finger in her pussy hole. The hole was tight and slippery. My finger entered in and I felt the walls of her vagina contract on it. She moaned and asked me to push another finger. I did push three fingers and she started humping them with the movements of her ass. Now she was moving her hand over my cock, jacking me off. I told her to suck it, as I was very much excited about the idea of her mouth on my cock. She told me it was dangerous to do it here and asked me if I can go to the gent’s toilet, and soon she will follow with her cousin brother. I agreed and hurriedly put my cock back in the pant and zipping it I went out of the darkness to the toilet. As the movie was going on the passage was deserted and nobody watched me going to the toilet. I went in and waited for the couple. Soon I heard the toilet door open and in came Bindhu and Binu. I hurried to the closed toilet and went in followed by Bindhu and Binu. Once we were inside, Bindhu wanted to piss before we start anything. So I told her to piss in front of me and she lifted her skirt and Pull down her green panty and squatted on the toilet seat, letting away stream of yellow piss.

I could not refrain myself and put my hand in the stream. Ohh it was hot and smelly. Then I lowered my mouth on the stream of hot piss and smell it. It had typical smell. I think she must have consumed some vanilla ice cream! I smelled as much as I could and then unzipping my pants brought out my own cock. Binu was watching all this rubbing his own cock over his pant and encouraging us. I aimed my cock at Bindhu’s cunt and started to piss. Ohhh the piss landed on Bindhu’s pussy and she moaned loudly urging me to piss faster. “OHHH piss on my cunt! Piss on my clit! Oohhh Binu watches this. Ohhh god I am cominggggggggggggggggggg!” And Bindhu came moving her ass over the toilet seat as my piss jet tickled her sensitive clit. I lowered my mouth on the coming pussy and felt the convulsions. Ohhhhh! Bindhu was coming hard. I could not resist the temptation to push my cock roughly into Bindhu’s mouth. She was already breathless with the efforts of coming but opened her mouth to welcome my cock. I fucked her mouth as if it was a cunt and she too took my cock up to her throat and was expertly sucking it, so be more right swallowing it! She now squatted before me with her mouth full of my cock meat and was sucking it, moving her tongue expertly on the underside of my cock. She was moving her tongue expertly and I felt my cock twitch with every swirl of her tongue. Binu came behind Bindhu and turned her t-shirt up, exposing her big black bra-clad boobs. There was no much time for us to enjoy the fucking so I told them to just fuck and go to the seats or else we would be caught. So I slipped her skirt high above her ass and pushed my hard cock inside the fleshy cunt. My cock entered easily as her cunt was fully lubricated with her own come.

I pushed to the hilt and started to fuck her in haste. Ohh it was exciting, the fear of getting caught was thrilling! Bindhu bucked her hips fast to meet my cock and fucked me back. Binu had his cock out and went to his cousin sister’s mouth to ram it in the oral cavity. She swallowed his cock and sucked hard, still pushing her hips to my fucking. Suddenly we heard the door open and somebody walked in singing the song from the same movie. Ohhh! We heard him pissing and then went out. We were still and did not make any noise and as soon as we heard him go I fucked Bindhu more hard and fast. She too hastily bucked her hips to fuck me and sucked her cousin brother’s cock faster. Her husband yelled that he was coming and released his come in her mouth. Some of it trickled through her mouth and fell from her chin. Seeing this I too came in her cunt and catching her boobs lay on her back breathing faster. Her cousin brother came immediately to her cunt and removing my cock put his mouth to it sucking and licking my hot come from the pussy of his cousin sister. We immediately came out, me first then Bindhu and last was Binu. As we came out we saw a couple go towards the toilet and wondered if they too were going to fuck there. But we had out enjoyment and did not bother to go back. But Binu had something in mind and excusing us he went in the toilet after few minutes. Bindhu and me went and sat on our respective seats and watched the movie. Bindhu again pushed her hand in my pant and started to fondle my limp cock. I put my hand over her shoulder back and pushed it in her t-shirt to catch the fleshy boobs.

The seat next to Bindhu was vacant and I saw the lady sitting next watching our movements. I told Bindhu about it and she smiled and said, “Let her watch and get hot, come on sit in Binu’s place so that she can watch us closer.” I went and sat there, next to that lady and Bindhu. we continued out play and I saw from the corners of my eyes that the lady was watching every move of ours. I slipped my hand in Bindhu’s skirt and fished out some of the mixed come. I smelled it boldly so that the lady too can see it. Ohm what a sight! The lady was observing this and was telling something to her husband (?) we did not bother and Bindhu made my cock hard again. She took it out of my pant and started to jack me off. Soon we were hot again and wanted some action so we walked out towards Toilet to play the game of fucking. As we entered the toilet we saw Binu putting his eyes to the keyhole and watching inside the closed toilet. He heard the door and quickly went to piss, as if to show. I asked him what it was. He told that the couple was fucking inside. The man is fucking the lady in the ass and it’s exciting… I went to the keyhole and watched. The man was shooting his sperm in the ass of the lady and was putting his hand on her mouth to avoid any sound. I caught Bindhu and bent her there itself and pushed my cock in her ass. She cried loudly and the man inside hurriedly came out leaving the lady in, adjusting her clothes. He saw us and was stunned at our daring. Ohhhh Bindhu was crying loudly and trying to take my cock inside the tight ass. I rammed it hard and she cried with pain. Noooo…….. Not now… Later.

Fuck my cunt… Not ass….. But I told her I wanted her back door and pushed my cock harder. Both Binu and the man were watching us! Soon the lady too came out and saw us fucking. Ohh u should have seen her color. She went pale and muffled a cry, out of fear and excitement too. I continued to fuck Bindhu right there not caring what will happen. As the two had fucked in there they were no problem. I told the other lady to stand before Bindhu and offer her the pussy by lifting her sari. She looked at the man who was with her and he nodded. She went to Bindhu’s mouth and lifted her sari giving Bindhu nice view of the hairy cunt. Bindhu did not hesitate to put her mouth to the cunt and started licking it fast. The woman moaned and pushed her ass forward and the man fished out his cock and started to jack off. We did not have much time so I fucked Bindhu’s ass hurriedly and Bindhu too licked off the lady. We all came together and immediately strained our clothes and went out. In the corridor we all introduced our selves and the man whose name was Joseph promised us to meet. We saw?? The movie and promising to meet again departed. We all did meet again and enjoyed every thing in peace and with more enjoyment. Off course fucking in the cinema hall could not match anything!

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