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A Chamar Mother’s Autobiographical True Story

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  • December 14, 2015

This is Mrs. Walia telling you her true story. I am a 52 year old mother staying with my only son Ajit and husband Sudarshan Walia at a small town in Himchal Pradesh. My husband is a Chamar but he uses Walia as our surname.
We are untouchables by caste and our hilly society does see such things. Hence, we dine with our communities, make celebrations wih them and marry the women of our class. It is a sort of inbreeding which keeps our line pure and our hereditary customs and traditions have passed on from generation to generation. Marriage rules are strictly followed and we are forbidden to marry beyond our caste. It is called transgression and it is believed that anyone who commits it, is made to suffer in lower births in the next life. There is procedure for redemption ,motto in the Chamar community which is not found in the other castes. It states that only a son can protect his father after ceremonial rituals.

However, it stays silent on how a son should go about it. It is only know to select Chamar priests who cure this madness and sin of fellow Chamar transgressors.In my case, my husband was the sinner. He married a Brahmin girl. He married me when I was 27 in a temple at Baijnath. We used to work together. I used to come for my sewing classes while he worked there as an accountant. I was quite buxom in my youth and there were not much fashion of bras in old times.

So, when I used to bend and sew on my machine, I often saw him having hearty glances of my bosom which moved up and down rhythmically. I am very fair and I have chubby cheeks and my lips are big too. I enjoyed it everyday. I longed for my classes as he would feast on my beauties there for full day. My pussy got wet thinking of it at nights. And one day, he asked me to come to a side where there was an empty plot. He did not ask me a single question. As I stood there, I felt his hand immediately of my left boob and he was pressing it without any danger from me.

It took time for me to understand by deep down , I was overjoyed. I welcomed him by taking his hand to my other boob. He pressed both of them wildly without speaking anything. His hand then went under my shalwar and he was quibbling with his typewriting fingers in my pussy hair as there was no panty. My fantasy was getting real. I let him take me and he filled me up that day and then everyday after that. He has been fucking me continuously since that day for the past 25 years even when he was sick he fucked me , and did not break his everyday routine. I fell in love with him and he married me. I was Brahmin, I told him later but it was too late.

He told me about his Chamar community and its rules. I felt guilty. But it was done. His seed was growing in my belly. A child as sinister as monstrous one could imagine who was the result of the unholy, unceremonious, unpardonable coitus of a higher caste lady with a low caste Chamar. It was a sacrilege but it’s child would be satan himself.

He was born within 6 months of our marriage. Sudarshan had spilled his seed months before we married. Although our neighbors in the city were shaken of 6 month deliver but we managed to keep everything to ourselves and did not spill the beans. Ajit grew up and Sudarshan aged. I enjoyed high sex drive with him. But then, he started ailing. He discharged when he went to ghe loo. He could not walk much and felt breathless. We consulted a doctor. He told us that everything is normal as tests are positive. Then, my neighbor goldsmith’s wife told us to visit an Ojha, a priest of supernatural powers. We had no choice and my son Ajit shook his head and we went to his counsel regarding my husband’s health. Although I am a twenty first century modern woman but I did not object going to a witch doctor.

My son accompanied me to the Ojha’s hut in the jungle. As we went on the grassy bylane, we came across a pair of dogs joined at the back. The dog has been fucking the bitch and now his cock was stuck. It was quite embarrassing and my son smiled. We reached his hut and saw him sitting across his dug fireplace on earth. We told him about our husband. He said that since we were Chamars and we had violated the rule, the goddess of Chamars was angry at my husband. He said that she must be propitiated and that can only be done through the sex of mother and son.

While this incestual meeting, the goddess shall take place the body of the mother and by this sexual bliss, she shall be propitiated. She must enjoy it fully, the new Brahmin body which has entered her clan . She will enjoy through the mother, the Chamars goddess shall become a Brahmin. She is hungry and jealous. She must be sexually satisfied. If she does not satisfy once, she may have to be repeated satisfied on such amavasya nights. There is no other way.

My son was agape and he looked at me. The Ojha sensed his disbelief and told him that he must do it for his father. There is no sin in it. He was mating with his mother for a cause. Their was not sex for enjoyment although a greater part of it was made of supreme sexual enjoyment plus the thrill and joy of breaking taboo, but still it’s seed lay in the betterment of the father,nee said. This coitus would ultimately cure the family of stigma of transgression and his father would be alright. The Ojha took a handful of sacred ash from his dhuna and gave it to my son and told him to apply on his mother’s inner parts. My son was listening to it hynotised and he just nodded his head. He blessed us both and told us to mate on Saturday as it was amavasya and the demons wee on full play and thus it was the right time to propitiate the goddess. We touched his feet and came out of the hut.

We walked silently through the woods to our car. My son was quiet all the way. When we reached he car, I broke the ice and said if he felt there was anything wrong in it, we will not do it. Ajit said that no mother, it’s ok , I was just thinking if I will be able to satisfy the goddess. I told him, don’t worry , we can do some practise for that. I will ask my neighbour goldsmith’s wife about the secrets of love making. She is known to keep the innermost secrets of love making as she belongs to the ancestry of Dhobis. You must know that these Dhobis and Dhobbans were the ones who unofficially satisfied the royal families. Even their lineage is enriched with royal blood. She knows it all. You don’t worry about that.

When we reached home, Sudarshan had not yet slept. He lay on the bed, fragile and helpless. I felt pity on him and also felt reassured that he is going to be alright now. It was not a sacrifice to loose my chastity but I felt it as my duty. I was his wife and I was ready to go to any extent like Savitri who got her husband back from Yama. I knew it was wrong to have sex with your own son but I was compelled by forces above and greater than me. I had to bow to my fate and duty.mi had no option. After switching off Sudarshan’s room’s lights, I went to my room where my son was waiting for me. I had told him to come to my room.

As I entered the room, I knew what my son was thinking. His face was shy and not very red and he was looking to the ground. I knew he might not get a hard on on his mother. After all, he was not perverted to think about women in his family in this light. He may have to fight his inhibitions. I knew how to cure it. I opened my wardrobe and on the top drawer , I saw my skimpy revealing two pieces and nighties and corset, garter belts, lace lingerie black pink and purple. I knew this was sufficient to entice him. I felt all the more happy when I thought I am doing my duty as a wife with full alacrity and innovation. It was indeed a noble idea to arouse his sexual interest by clothes warranted by the occasion. I prayed to God not for forgiveness but for the wellness of my husband and asked him to forgive me if there is any lapse in my duty.

I finally settled on a purple lacy nightie with front belt and matching purple lace bra with flowery red print wall over and a feathery green blue pink flowery panty. I picked them up and then went to the bathroom. It took ten minutes for freshen up and soap my body and pubes and then I put on the bra and panties and left the front belt open and came from the bathroom to the bedroom. My son looked at me and his face froze as he saw my buxom knockers bouncing up and down in in the flowery bra and my thighs rubbing against each other’s as the belt of the nightie was open from the front.

I walked to the corner of the room and put my towel on the stand while was son was looking at me. I did not feel a shameless wanton woman who was exhibiting herself immorally in front of her son but I felt divinely happy that I was blessed to serve my lord, my husband. How fortunate was I to be a cause in his happiness. I turned back and looked at my son and sat next to him. My breasts hung right across his face and even the nipples were poking in sheer lace. The satiny nighty fell wide apart revealing my white sexy fulsome thighs. His rapidly beating heart exhaled powerful thrust through his nose.nhis increase of breath suggested that he was hot now. Thank god my plan had worked. Now , we can practice for the final day. I felt so happy.

I put my hands to my son’s face and told him how much I loved him. He told me that he loved me too. I then asked him to undress as we will have some practice for Saturday as we must make sure that the goddess is sexually satisfied. Tomorrow, I will ask that whore lady jeweller to and then we will do it in a more better way. The performance must be best on Saturday and for that we need practice. I was taught by my father that practice makes a man perfect. We must practice my son and now get ready.

He quickly removed his kurta pyjama and stood in his traditional cloth lined underwear with its cord hung over. I got up and removed my nightie in a flash. Now, there we stood, my son and I, in my lace and flowers, ready to mate. I closed my eyes and told my son to do the same and take the name of the holy one, as to his command we were mating. I asked him to pay homage to and visualise Lord kamadeva mating with his mother, Rati for a great cause.

As we opened our eyes, I saw that his cock was making a tent in his underwear. He surely was aroused now. I took his hands and placed them on my purple lace bra and squeezed them on my melons. He needed no further hint as he bent and kissed in the valley of my breasts and his hands grabbed my meaty ass. The flowers on the panty seemed to be coming alive with his magical touch. Then he squeezed my ass real hard and bit on the sides of my chuchies. I was co-operating with his moves but I was not feeling lustful. I was feeling more affectionate and motherly tending to his needs and also doing the duties of wife diligently. God had given me an opportunity to pleasure my son while I serve the cause of my husband. This is not incest . This is sacrifice I have made for the sake of my family.

As he kissed me over the bra and rubbed my meaty ass cheeks, a motherly arousal took hold of my body and I shuddered when I considered that in a few moments, my pussy shall be invaded by my son’s cock. Suddenly, I thought , I was yet to see my son’s cock. It was also a sensation more of curiously than lust. Here was a cock , I wanted to see not because my pussy was dripping wet but because that cock had come out of my pussy years back. I wanted to see how it had grown since I stopped bathing him.

I turned to his underwear and pulled the cord. The underwear slid down on his legs on its own and there stood,mull erect,nthe large manly cock of my son, pulsating like a stallion in full glory, paying homage to his mother. I feltl a proud mother when I saw that big hard penis of my son with blue veins pumping blood. I did not feel any sexual ecstasy but pride and honour in producing such a cock out of my own pussy. Heavens knew I was one liberated mother.

I took his cock in my hand and pushed its foreskin back to unsheath its pink blue glans and then flipped it back again. I did this motion a few times. My son was again aroused and his cock started beating wildly in my hands. I then told him to undress me and start the practice. I felt like a teacher to my son and felt proud in doing my duty of an ideal parent teaching everything to their children. He removed my bra and then slowly slid my flowery panties down my thighs. Both of us were naked now.

I lay down and asked him to come on top of me. He then inserted his cock in my pussy without having me to tell it. I am often surprised by this human instinct. Give a man, a technological device and he will falter to understand it but give him a woman and he will know naturally to have sex with her. There is no need to teach man what sex is. If a leave a man and a woman alone away from civilization , they will naturally be endowed with the knowledge of having sexual. A man won’t have sex with a tree for example, but when he is there naked win a woman, he will naturally find the hole. My son also acted out of this instinct and pushed his virility inside my magnanimity. He was slow at first but then started giving quick strokes.

He held my breasts with his hands and he was kissing them frantically. The mother in me felt overjoyed when I saw him coming back home after decades. She wanted to feed him again. Her maternity rose. But alas! There was no milk in them though their size was humongous. when her son bit her on her nipple, she felt spasms of motherly delight which she felt when he sucked her nipples as a child. With his cock wedged in her pussy and her nipple in her son’s mouth, she felt so complete and there was no trace of lust in me. I felt like a quilt which engulfs the one who is suffering from cold. I felt like a blanket protecting my son. It was motherly instinct not baser sexual play. Above all, it was an act of sacrifice for my husband.

He started humping me in quick strokes now. It had hardly been five minutes and I sensed him building up for an orgasm. My pussy was also dripping wet and I wondered when did my cum leak as I had totally been feeling motherly and it was all like friction to me. He grabbed my melons with full force and I felt him building up his tempo. He was going to cum. I removed him from me and took his cock and shakes it. He came with a big load. I told him to go to his room and sleep. I cleaned up and slept too.

Next morning, after breakfast I went to my neighbour jewellers wife.

Friends, let me remind you it’s a true story. Please share similar exps. Mother son’s having similar relationships can contact on following email. Secrecy assured

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