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A Boy And A Girl From Broken Family

  • desipapa
  • November 24, 2015

This is a love story about one boy and a girl.Nothing new. There has to be girl and a boy.The boy was Sameer ,son of a rich businessman and the girl was Leela.This story is of Leela who had a step father.The step father became her care taker and lover as she grew older and gave her the first test of love (or more brazenly fuck) which she would remember all years to come.One day she was caught while making her first love to her father . Her mother caught them red handed and she was consequently sent to the boarding school. She remained thirsty for sex and nurtures some kind pain in her lower abdomen.
Sameer’s father had no time for his family.Her mother was too beautiful and she can attract any person.Actually it happened like that.Many men came to her and talk with her.She would go to different places with many uncles leaving Sameer to be taken care by the maid.Sameer nurtured hatred for her.One night Sameer could not sleep in night due to mild headache and went to his mother’s bed room.He was dumbfounded as he opened the door of the room.In dim light he could discover her mother sitting naked on the lap of an uncle who was also naked and was busy in squeezing his mother’s breast.He could not accept,protested mother’s behavior.He came to boarding school as he was unable to tolerate the home environment.

Accidentally,both Sameer and Leela met.They liked each other.For last couple of months they are having more intimate relation.They wanted to new each others’ story. They had come on a holiday tour and stayed in a hotel. Leela was narrating her story.

“ I was three years old when my father died .I do not remember much .I hardly ever remember his face.Faintly I remember that my mother and he frequently quarrel. I do not know how he had died.I still faintly remember the day he was lying still , motionless on the veranda . A group of people came and took him on their shoulders . I was told he would never come and God has taken him .I had nothing to worry as my mother was very close to me and my father had never cared me and I owe nothing to ,not even my title as after a few months of this incident another father came, with a much better look . I heard my mother had married him.The new father always remained with me at home ,for my mother had to go to work.I used to play with my father.He would carry me on his back, feed me when I would cry.My mother returns in the evening,tired.We three would take our supper and would go to bed .

We three used to share the only bed we had.I usually went to sleep early, when my parents were talking, my mother being locked by my father’s arm and my father kissing my mother as he does to me during day time. Some nights,when I would woke up for call of nature , I find my parents lying naked close to each other .My father would come with me to the toilet wash me and ,would carry me to bed .All these, he does naked . I remember seeing his cock standing erect proudly , a great scene then for me, because the boys who were playing with me some times show me their cocks .Those were limp and small, not big like my fathers’.I had no idea then that they will also grow big dicks in time.

After coming from toilet I very often refuse to put on dress on the plea that they were not wearing any. For unknown reason both would laugh and finally we three sleep without any dress. Sometimes , I find when I woke up, my father had slept over my mom and pressing over two breasts .

In some nights, the scene was different.I found my mother sitting on my father with her legs spread wide and rocking.It was a pleasant scene to see her breasts dancing,her big bright ass quivering. She would not stop when I woke up,rather put me on my father’s hairy chest. I would see with wide eyes that my father’s cock was inside my mother’s ’peeing area .I used to see mesmerized ,how the rod is going in and out of my mother.After some time my mother would pick me up between her breasts ,would kiss me panting and say me to go to sleep.I guess they did not had any idea that I might be of some intelligence to know what they were doing.Of course ,I had no idea then, but those days are sweet memory, all of three sleeping back to back naked just like we both are sleeping now.”

Leela was describing her story of childhood to her boy friend Sameer .Sameer and Leela were sleeping side by side naked.They had been in intimate friendship for last three months.Sameer had placed one hand on Leela’s well grown breast, softly kneading it and was using other hand caressing her teenage pussy covered with sparse hairs.Leela was enjoying and stroking his semi hard rod,caressing his balls softly.

“Your breasts are a lovely treat ,as if meticulously sculptured by an expert sculptor.’’ Said Sameer as he put a kiss on her breasts softly.

“Probably this was the gift of my so called father.”Said Leela.She was busy squeezing Sameers’s penis with her slender hands. “My father was living on my mothers earning.She used to go to work eight o’ clock in the morning and comes back at about six o’ clock in the evening.She was doing job of housemaid in a dozen of rich men’s house.I did not know why she was feeding him.Might be because of the fact that he was giving her a good fuck for unusually long time making her fully satisfied, for that was probably only important job he was doing for her.Besides, he took my care.He would feed me,help me taking bath and play with me all day long.

I enjoyed bathing with him very much from my child hood.He would strip me naked before putting me under the shower.He would rub soap lather all over my body and would rub vigorously my body with towel,specially my chest ,my buttocks and my vaginal cleft.’You should keep these clean and develop well so that in future you will become princess and prince will come to you.

As I grew as old as eight years I found my chest around my nipple was bulging. My mother being not available I asked my father why I am getting this.He pinched with his fingers the small swelling and said that they would grow to a sizable breast which would attract many young men.Not only that , I would soon also be having my peeing parts covered with delicate hairs .From that day onwards he would squeeze these small maunds,rub my nipples against his palm and cup the small elevations for minutes. He also was in the habit of rubbing my cleft between the pair of thighs.Initially I thought that will be painful,but over days I was enjoying his acts .In fact ,I am seriously longing for his hands to touch these areas.

Gradually , my breasts became bigger, my pink teats sitting taller on them.Slender strands of hairs appeared in my lower abdomen.I found my peeing area gradually becoming bigger.My father caressed my two growing breasts during bathing me. While rubbing soap,his hand would linger on part in between my thighs.In so doing ,at times , towel he used to wear slipped down exposing him.I see with admiration his penis standing erect ,thick and moist at the tip.Curiously I would touch that stiff rod standing out of his thick bunch of hairs around it and he would get a mild jerk. Denying not to do that he would clasp me closely to his warm belly and so that the stiff penis remained between my breasts.

Invariably, I woke up in the dead of the night to see how the man was enjoying pumping two breasts of my mother, licking her vagina with his tongue and wished that he would do the same to me.I felt queer sensation in my vagina . I felt my breasts swelling, tits hardening. There was excitement.I envied my mother. I would remain in a state of trance throughout the day after getting a fair massage of my growing breasts and my vagina during bath.In the night I would feign sleeping early and open my eyes in late night to see how my father was fucking my mother ruthlessly and my mother giving out a happy grunt.

As my breasts were growing bigger and rounder by expert treatment of my father, more and more I wished to be fucked.With such thought I had often water trickling from my vagina.” Leela paused .

“Your father had done a good job for me”So saying Sameer grabbed Leela’s breast between both palms and sucked the nipples, one after another .That elicited a cooing sound from his girl friend, who pressed his head between her breasts.Sameer slid down her belly to her soft flesh between her legs and started licking.Leela arched, giggled and sprang up almost throwing Sameer.

“My girl, you are too hot and well prepared dish by your father. How can I resist to eat .Did not your father eat your delicate pussy?”

“It was not he ,rather I urged him to do justice to my hot pussy which he had prepared hot and responsive. I was always thinking of him, often dreaming his swollen penis in my cunt.It appeared probably I would die if I did not get fucked by him. I argued with myself that, after he was not my father. In true sense he was my mum’s fucker.I could also be fucked by him. I tried to allure him with all sexy gestures I could think of like putting my breast on his back, sitting my legs spread wide so that my pussy was visible to him.

One day, in afternoon he was sleeping like dead log of wood. I knew it was due to fucking my mother throughout last night. It was a part of celebration of their anniversary, I supposed. I reasoned,I should not be deprived .I went to him , slowly opened the zip of his trouser and started mouthing his organ which was lying limp between his balls. I had learnt the feat watching my mother all these nights. He woke up ,felt excited. All his hesitancy had vanished .He pulled me up on his chest. Quickly, he freed me from my dress, almost tore away my flimsy panty. He grabbed both my thighs, spread open and fingered my clit with expert motion. I felt as if I am in heaven and had got all the joy in life.

He put his thick lips on the lips of my lower mouth, his lazy tongue slowly licking my treasure house. He made me sit on his face so that my ass was in front of his eyes. With both hands he was squeezing my buttocks, separating them to expose my asshole (My sexy bomb, your ass will make any one crazy, mumbled Sameer as he was caressing her buttocks). I, as if an expert in love making, folded on him and sucked his penis .

I pushed the thing to maximum depth in my mouth. It must have touched back wall of my throat as it looked exceptionally thick and long with the veins prominently standing out. Probably that was the maximally enlarged. I have never seen it of that size when he was taking mum.

He was excited to the maximum,I too was on red hot fire. He raised me in the air with his two fingers inside my vagina which had become roomy out of excitement. I felt pain but enjoyed every bit of it .He laid me down and climbed on me, pinning me to the ground. I feared, I may be suffocated to death, but endured. He positioned his penis near my vagina and pushed suddenly in to me .I felt the pain as though my whole lower part of body was torn and gave a cry. That could not stop him. He was too excited and went digging into me. My hole gradually became wider and I felt nothing.

At that time, I thought, probably anything in the world could have passed through my whole. He was inside me, digging deeper and deeper into my vagina with each stroke.

I endured them with my teeth clenched, but wished that the act should go on. Suddenly he withdrew quickly his swollen organ ,which had given me a painful joy, first such joy in my life. He was squeezing it tightly to prevent something coming out. Tip of his dick was swollen, glistening and looked angry red .He could not stop a jet of white slimy fluid sprayed out on my body.

There was some sound at the door .We have not noticed that it has become slight dark outside. The sun had set and my mother had stepped into the house.

We could not arrange ourselves to look decent to disguise what we have done last couple of hours. That we had sex was obvious. She went on shouting which my father (?) had to absorb without a ward.

I was sent to this boarding school within a couple of days. I am still hungry and remembering the day every day.

Leela went on sobbing. Sameer brought her closure to his chest. He wiped her tears, kissed her on lips. he went down below and pinched the nipples sucked the breasts with half of them sucked into his mouth. Leela laughed, pressed his head and positioned her breast with her hand and begged to suck them hard till it would hurt. Sameer has no hesitation and fed hungrily one after another.

He placed his palm on her vagina, cupped it and pressed tightly. He could feel the slimy wetness. He put his finger inside as he was sucking her breast.

“Leave them they have been dealt with sufficiently.” Leela said meaning her breasts, as she was drawing up her legs and spreading them . She caught hold of Sameer’s penis, positioned it on her hungry oozing cunt.

“Push hard” She commanded.Sameer pushed in his swollen cock which went easily.

“Fuck me hard, fuck me hard there, till it burns” –Leela almost yelling.

Sameer was pushing his penis to full length till his thighs dash against her bony prominence.

Leena was arching, mumbling soft sounds.

She grabbed Sameer’s hands; put them on her breasts with stony hard nipples.

“Take no mercy on them. Squeeze them vigorously till I cry.”

Sameer has pushing below with high frequency, as if drilling her vagina.He squeezed both breasts hard ,cut the nipples softly with teeth and sucked as if nipples would come out of the breast. Leela too was excited and pushing her buttocks forward to have the maximum thrust.

The high action scene continued, how many minutes, nobody counted.

Sameer had lost his magic rod inside Leela’s fleshy, moist and warm cunt.She had engulfed it.Sameer did not feel it belonged to him, it had mixed with her flesh inseparable.Leela felt her body lost. Her little cleft between her legs had expanded beyond all limits, engulfing the whole world, sucking everything like black hole. Both were striving for their breath, their hearts were beating like drums in their ears.

Finally the end came. White fluids filled Leela’s vagina with Sameer’s highly active sperms swimming in the fleshy pond. Both went limp out of exhaustion. Sameer lay lifeless on her, unable to move, his cock still inside her throbbing vagina ,small and shriveled. Leela was panting under him with throbbing pain in her lower abdomen.

With a warm intoxicating kiss on his forehead Leela lifted Sameer off her chest.

“You are wicked. What have you done to my parts ?I may not even be able to pee.You have devastated the whole vagina.It is hurting.”Leela reprimanded with a wicked smile in her lips.

“Is that so? Let me see.” I beg apology for that my good girl. You offered me so well”

He separated her legs to see the battered parts. His semen mixed with her juice was coming out of the hole.The hole had contracted and had become round. The walls of the hole were red, warm and quivering. He knelt down and put a tender kiss on the vagina, his source of ultimate enjoyment.

“Do not worry, this has become mine. I shall take care of it for whole life.”

They both put on their dresses, embraced each other fondly.

“We both have virtually no parents. I will ask some of my friends to come to registration office.

Tomorrow we are getting married” He lifted Leela over his head as if he had won a trophy.

A Boy And A Girl From Broken Family

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