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35 Sala Naukrani Kay Saath Sex

  • desipapa
  • September 4, 2015

Hi guys my name is Madan. 21 years old i am from Karnataka. This story is quite long because it details my real life experience as to how i got my maid from fantasizing about her to bedding her over a period of two years. I live with my parents and grandma. My parents go to work at 8:30 am everyday. We have a maid working for us. Her name is sudha. She is a tamilian and is around 35 years old and has three kids. She is dark in colour and is a voluptuous woman. She has long hair medium size breasts and a huge ass.she comes to my house at 7 in the morning and does the cleaning and washing work till 11am and leaves. She has been working in my house for 5 years now.

For the first one year i hardly even noticed her as i was busy with my 12th std exams. It was after my 12th exams in my holidays when i when i was bored that i started taking interest her.I used to notice her ass and her cleavage through her blouse whenever she used to rub the floor. She used to dress modestly without exposing. But the shape of her boobies and ass through saree made me crazy. I used to shag thinking bout her everyday after she left the house. I knew i had to fuck her. So one day i started my plans and i started moaning lightly like aaaaah oooooh for no reason when she used to be around and when i did for the first time she smiled at meand when i was sittin on the sofa she bent as if to clean some dust on the floor with her ass facing me and just one feet from me. I was overjoyed by her response and sure that ill bed her within one week. From the next day i started brushing my hand against her ass, touching her as if accidentally, staring at her.She used to smile at me and used to clean the floor in a erotic way. But then suddenly after one week her attitude changed and she stopped doing all these things.

But then i had leave my home to continue my studies and move to blor. But even then i could not forgetabout the chance i had with her. I came back home after my first year with full of ideas to seduce herbut was very very disspointed when my mom told that she had got pregnant and had left the job.I regrettedfor not having done something before.After that i came home many times in between i had a new maid but i dint get the guts to go ahead nor was i interested in her.

Again after around a year when i came back home for my semester holidays I was in for a surprise as sudha was there cleaning the hallway of my house.I could not believe my luck as i thought she was gone permanently. I decided that this time i was gonna have her no matter what.So from that day itself I started getting friendly with her. I talked to her bout her husband,asked bout her personal life etc. she too opened up very well.Then one day i asked her whether she was in need of money.she said no.But i gave her 50rs and said u keep this.she refused.So i dropped it on thefloor and said take it.she took it but the next day returned it to my mom saying she had found it on the floor.I thought she would not fall prey to me and stopped talking to her.

After many days when my grandma was in other room she came to me and asked y i was not speaking to her.I asked her y she returned the money.she said she was afraid of getting caught.I convinced her that it was mine and told her to take it.From then on i used to give her small amounts of money everyday.She used to take the money and keep it inside her blouse.She became very free with me.Then one day i jokingly asked her whether i myself could keep the money inside her blouse.She laughed and said y was i talking like that and said no.But i persisted and after around a week when she was cleaning my room i asked her again whether i can keep it in her blouse today.she walked out and after some time came in said that my grandma is in the garden and i should do it quickly.With a huge erection in my dick i put my hand inside her blouse.It was very smooth and warm.I pressed her boob a little and pinched her nipple, Then she removed my hand and said its enough for now.This went on for many days then i asked her that since i have given her much money she should show me her boobs.She again refused.After much persuasion she said that she’ll do it when no one’s at home.

Finally one day my grandma went to our relative’s house for around two weeks.I was very happy as i knew that next day after my parents went for work would be the time when my fantasy would finally come true.Next day sudha came at 7,after my parents left i caught hold of her from behind and rubbed my erect dick against her ass.She said dont do it.what if grandma comes ? I told her that grandma was not at home.She suddenly got afraid and started giving me lectures that she’s a married woman,She has kids,I should not do it etc etc.But i just caught hold of her and said “Please you’ve made me wait two years.Please open ur blouse.” After much talk her resistance faded and she allowed me to open her blouse. She was not wearing any bra.

Her two boobies popped out.They wer black in colour and medium sized and she had small black nipples.She was very shy and covered her boobs and pushed me away.But i pushed her to the wall firmly.I could not control myself and began pressing them.Then i sucked her boobs and bit her nipples.It was as if i had heaven in my mouth, after 5 mins i moved down to her navel area and started kissing it and licking it.Then i turned her around and began perssing my dick against her ass at the same time pressing her boob from behind.Then i started kissing behind her neck area suddenly she let out a sigh sayin “aaaaahhh madan” and put her arms around my head.I said kiss me.Within no time we were smooching deeply and my tongue was exploring her mouth.We smooched for some time.Then i took my penis out and said take it in your mouth.She said no and started dressing up.She said this was bad and what we did was enough.I pleaded her but she said no and before leaving the room kissed my penis on the tip and went out.I took my frustration out by shagging many times that day.

After that she allowed me to touch,fondle and smooch her many times but never gave a bj or even showed her pussy.Then After around a week there was only one week left for me before going back to college.So i decided i had to do something.Next time when we were caressing i told her atleast give me a handjob.She said ok to that, when she started doing that i smooched her simultaneously and then suddenly put my hand from inside her saree and to her pussy area.she was shocked and asked what was i doing.But i didnt answer nor did i remove my hand out.I pressed her firmly against the wall and said i had to see her pussy today.She said dont do this but i didnt listen.I felt some of her pussy hair then i found a wet area and started rubbbing it.she was pleading me to stop.After i rubbed her pussy for around 2 mins she started moaning slightly seeing this i got mad and rubbed fastly.she was moaning like “aaahhh madan… aaa my pussssyyyy.. dont do it please..”

After some time i asked her to show her pussy.she was very reluctant and tried to convince me not to do this.She said that my parents trusted her a lot and she should not be doing this.But i did not agree.Finally She said ill do it only this one time and said that no one should come to know about this.Finally my dream was coming true.She removed her saree.Her panty was torn at some places and i could see her public hair.Then she slowly removed her panties which was one of the most erotic things to see.

Finally my dream came true as my sexy maid was nude in front of me.Her pussy was black and hairy.She was totally nude in front of me.
Then i went ahead and started kissing her pussy.she again said dont do it.But by now it was just for formality.I initially kissed her
pussy lips, sucked all over her area then i opened her pussy lips and started putting my tongue deep in.She said she wanted to lie down on the bed i put her on the bed and opened her legs wide and put my head between her thighs i started kissing her from her ankle all the way to the pussy i began fingering and sucking her pussy at the same time. she was moaning loudly and started pulling on my hair.I kept on sucking her pussy,by now she had closed her eyes and was moaning and sweating heavily.She was pushing her pussy against my mouth and was moving her hips up and down.After some time she pressed her thighs tightly agaist my head and said that she was coming.After some time she moaned loudly and her liquids oozed out.They were kind of salty in taste.She had a smile of satisfaction on her face.

Then i smooched her and kissed her breasts. She was sweating heavily which made me even more horny.Then i said now its ur turn to give me wat u’ve been sayng no to all these days. She was more than willing to do it.She took my cock in her hands and started kissing it.It ws the most amazing feelin to feel the warmth and moistness of her lips and tongue on my cock.she took it in out and used her tongue like a total professional. It was the best feeling ever.Finally i could not control and said to her i was cumming but she caught hold of my penis and pressed the underside stopped me from cumming.Then i pushed her onto the bed and said “now for the main thing” i told her to lie there as i went and got a condom from my dads secret storage area.

When i came back she started saying that she was not a sex maniac to sleep with a much younger guy.Her husband was a total drunkard who stays in her mom’s house with her and she has not had sex with him in more than a year.She started telling that this was wrong and we should not do this.Immediately i jumped on to the bed and gave her a very rough smooch and i said that i understood her problem and that there is no point in wasting her life coz of a old husband.Sayin this i took out the condom and put it on my six and half inch rod.She spread out her legs.As it was my first time i was finding it difficult to get into position and penetrate her.I said this to her and she took my cock and guided it down her hole.I felt a pleasure like never before as i pushed up and down.Slowly i got my rhythm and started humping her forcefully.she started moaning loudly saying “aaahhhh madanaaa.. tear me today…. i ve wanted this for a long time.. ooohhhh ammmaaaaaaa do it harder do it harder…..”Her legs were around my back and pushed tightly against my body.She put her hands around my shoulder and was pressing tightly.

After some time i told her to get on top.She told me she always wanted to do that but her hubby never allowed and also he never sucked her pussy.She thanked me for that and said that she’ll give me good pleasure in the next ten mins.I lied down on my back she got over me and guided my cock down her love hole then she started moving up and down on my cock and made a variety of motions.I felt as if my cock was goin to explode from the extreme pleasure.Also the sight of her boobies goin up and down made me more hornier.She bent down and gave one of her boobies to my mouth and finally i said i was goin to come she said she was near orgasm too.I started smooching her while she was moving up and down vigorously.after 2 mins i shot a load of cum and she too moaned very loudly and threw her wet body on me.We stayed in that position for 5 mins then she got up.My thighs were covered by our body fuids and sweat.

Then she washed herself and started putting on her clothes. I said i hope to have many more sessions like this. She said you will have it as long as u dont tell anyone and give me a small amt of money everyday. I gave her one long smooch and She left saying that she’ll have to find a reason to explain at home as to why she is more than two hours late today and is goin to be everyday from now. I fucked her everyday of that week before i left for college. From then on everytime i go home i send my grandma to realtive’s house and have the house for myself and sudha. We ve done it in every room of the house.. kitchen,dining,bath,toilet,bedroom,hall and in every conceivable position. My two years of pursuing my maid did not go waste and i have a permanent fuck always awaiting me at home

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